Thursday, April 27, 2017

Boden: Marina Jersey Dress Review.

Hey, all!  Had a long day yesterday, and as soon as I got home I went to sleep, so I figured I would post twice today.

Yesterday I wore the Marina Jersey dress to school and Winesday, and it is such a pretty little dress.  Today I'll finally get the chance to wear the Phoebe Jersey dress.  (I've wanted to wear this but the weather was not compatible for most of March, but today it will be 80 and sunny, exactly right!)

I wrote three posts (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) this week in conjunction with the diminishing discount going on right now at Boden.  It does end tonight, hence the reason I will post now and later today.  :-)

I also hope to respond to all the comments that have been left (many which have questions), so if all goes well I can do that later today.

Marina Jersey Dress.  Size 6 Regular.  I went with my regular jersey dress size, but went with the shorter regular length since the long is at around 42 inches, which falls below my knee, and which is a length that would be a bit too dowdy on me, especially in this silhouette and print.

The print is very pretty, but from far away it looks like a floral ditsy print, and it isn't until you get closer you see how interesting and detailed it is.

I like the shape, especially the cap sleeves.  The one thing that would be a great addition would be pockets, but they weren't added.  Oh, well.  Maybe if they bring it back, they can think about that in the next version of this dress.

The morning I took this it was a bit overcast and the greens of the trees were very bright, so the colors of this shot are off.  I color corrected as much as possible, but the whole photo seems a bit "verdant."

The green sheen of the photo is worst here.  Wowza!   Anyhow, the side view shows how full the skirt is, without being too twirly.  It is a perfect dress for anyone who teaches or needs to look dressy while staying comfortable.  The fabric is a viscose/elastane jersey, so it is soft and stretchy.  The bodice is lined in a solid colored viscose/elastane jersey as well, so it is not see through and will hold up well to wear and tear.

Here is the print, taken by me away from spring green forest.  You can see the print is a delicate daisy print with littler white florals behind the yellow ones.  The background is grey and a super dark grey.

Close up you can see the details a bit better.  The waist is positioned where mine is, so pretty high, but since the jersey stretches in multiple directions, if you are a bit longer in the torso, it should still stretch to work for you as well.  The waist pleating is the one fault I can find with this dress.  I think a plain dart would have worked better here.  The pleats are small enough to not be an interesting detail, and large enough to be noticed.  Hmm.

Okay, this dress is in stock in the long lengths, but from what I can see the regular lengths are sold out or in low stock status.

Last day!  Remember to use code 5N3R to receive the 25% off.
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