Thursday, April 27, 2017

Boden: Phoebe Jersey Dress.

Hey, all.  Well, there are about three hours left in the 25% off diminishing discount over at Boden, so I knew I'd better get this one last review in before it ends (west coast people, you all have around 6 hours left!).

Before I do the review, I had a few comments over the past few days who were wondering what the Boden Preview 20% off code is...and it is AP7X and it expires on May 18, 2017.

Also, I did a written review for the Phoebe Jersey dress way back when, so you may want to check that one out in addition to the review I am writing here tonight.

Phoebe Jersey Dress.  Size 6 Long.  I am glad that I have this in this size.  Though I would have been happier with it being a touch shorter, it really isn't as frumpy as I thought it was initially.  I did order the green vine version in the regular, and it does hit right above the knee, which makes it a bit less conservative, but still long enough to wear to school.  The size 6 is a good fit, nowhere too fitted, but definitely not too loose.  The 8 would have been too loose for what I was looking for in this dress.

The pockets are wonderful, super deep for whatever comes your way (including acorns found by Angus and placed in there quietly at some point during today--I see him from time to time in the hallways--definitely a benefit of teaching at the same school as your kids).

As I mentioned in my original written review, this fabric is lovely, a nice stretchy cotton slub jersey that is comfortable, but in no way stretches out during the day.

These shoes are the Joanna flats, and I believe they must be all sold out.  I can only find a pair or two for sale over at the Boden UK site, and nothing at the US site.  I like them, and hope they can bring flats out like this again.  I love patent leather for our rainy days, and don't feel like enough retailers carry them.

The necklace is the Lena Longline necklace (in gold) and I really like it.  It reminds me a lot of the Scattered Glass necklace from J. Crew.  Now it's not the same exact look, but it a long necklace with variation in bead size, and in a neutral color, so it serves a similar purpose.

Back and the side show it works fine on my curvy lower half/smaller upper half.  I am beginning to think I should just move onto exclusively buying stretch fabrics.  LOL.  No, but still...stretchy is so wonderful!

Okay, that's it for awhile.  This weekend is set to be crazy (we have our school auction and I am wearing this handmade dress to it), and I am not sure when I'll be back (likely later this month).  But I definitely will be at instagram until I get back here, so check that out if you want to keep in touch.

Okay, less than three hours now left to receive the 25% off (use code 5N3R)!
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