Sunday, April 23, 2017

Boden: Terese Jersey Dress Review, Diminishing Discount Sale, and Fall Preview 2017!

Hi, all!  Happy Sunday.  :-)

I received a postcard in the mail when I returned home that announced that Boden was going to start a diminishing discount sale today (as did many of you, including Keilexendra, thanks for the tip in last post's comment section).  From today until Thursday, Boden has 25% off all current season items.  After that, it reduces to 20% off, and finally tapering off to 10% off.  You do need to use the code 5N3R.  There is a link to it in the sidebar, as well as the bottom of this post.

I have plans (hopefully not best laid and gone to waste) to publish daily until Thursday with reviews of items I have purchased but have not reviewed.  I always wear all my Boden items immediately (or when the weather becomes appropriate to wear them), and can get them onto Instagram easily enough, but doing any sort of in-depth reviews, well, meh, life happens and it gets pushed down.

Before I do the review, I also received an email telling me that I could order from the Fall Preview 2017.  I plan to do a picks post (as per usual), but since the 20% off code doesn't expire until mid-May, I'll do the picks post a bit later on.  :-)

Today's review will be for the Terese Jersey Dress, which I bought when Boden had the last big sale (the one where we could take the additional % off, I wrote about it here).  I was attracted to it, but wasn't sure what it was I liked about it.  It probably is the color more than the print, but after wearing it today, I definitely am glad I purchased it.

Terese Jersey Dress.  Size 8 regular.  I decided to go for an 8 (one size up from what I normally wear in their jersey dresses) and in the regular length (I normally wear long in their dresses).  I know that the lyocell fabric is very clingy and I just prefer it not be insanely skin tight (just fitted, thankyouverymuch).

I was having issues editing these photos this morning. I think the combo of the deep pink/red of the dress and the light green of the trees meant my camera's white balance was thrown off.  I tried my best, but I think this photo is the best at showing the colors of the dress the best, but be aware that the flowers are mint green and light blue and that is not showing at all in these photos.

I love the length of this dress.  It would have been three inches longer in the long, and I don't think I would like the dress that long.

I do also really like the detail at the waist, it really nips everything there, so if you like details like that, you will definitely appreciate the way they do it here.

This is a dress that shows off your curves, so buyer beware if you prefer a looser fit, especially from the back.  This is only balanced looking on me because the sleeves are longer, so it fools the eye into thinking the top half of my body even comes close to matching my lower half (the bane of the pear shape, ugh).

This dress is sold out in some of the sizes in the blue colorway, and some of the pink/red sizes are in backorder status.

One of the reviews mentioned how nice it would be to have this in some solid colors, and I definitely agree.  I'd love this in a green, red, or teal.

Okay, that's it for today.  I think I may wear the Classic Shirt (I purchased the beach conversational one) or my Richmond 7/8 pant (I bought those in the crazy floral colorway).  It's meant to be raining and raw both Monday and Tuesday, and both of these will keep me warm and also allow me to feel sunny and colorful, even if the weather here doesn't agree.  :-/

Remember to use the code 5N3R to receive the 25% off until Thursday.
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