Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Boden: 7/8 Pants Review.

Hi, all!  It's day three of my five day review post-a-thon (or so I hope).  :-)

Yesterday I review the Classic Shirt here, and the day before I reviewed the Terese Jersey Dress here.

As you likely know now, there is a 25% off all current season items over at Boden, so I figured this is the best time to used reserve energies and review as much as possible.

(Yay for early quarter less pressure to get grades done asap.)

Richmond 7/8 Pants.  Size 10 Long.  Yes, I am the person who saw this floral explosion and was all, "oooooooh."  LOL.  I know I am not alone because at school today, the after school enrichment teacher said, "I WANT THOSE PANTS."  YAY!  My kin are around!

Anyhow, I didn't choose them because the name is Richmond, either (favorite city on the whole planet).  I genuinely love this cut, especially in the shorts.  I tried the pants last year in a gorgeous teal green color, but the 8 was too tight, and the 10 way too loose.  I am pleased to report the 10 this year fits perfectly, and though the waist is a bit big, it isn't so big I can't wear them.

The 7/8 length is such BS, though.  They say it has a 29" inseam in the long, and that on me is at upper ankle length, so not full length, but in no way is that 7/8.  I would say if you are 6 feet tall, it would be 7/8.  Lou, my blog friend I met in London while I was there, tried these on and decided she needed a petite to get the 7/8 length.  I agree, and would need a regular if I wanted 7/8 length.  I don't want 7/8 length, so I am cool with these being this long.

I needed to wear a tee today because we were having Greek Day at school and I had to wear a large piece of white fabric over the outfit (like this) and I was told I would get warm.  I did, so glad I wore the tee.  I do want to see it with a short-sleeved summer sweater in a navy or dark blue shade.

Side view shows it fits my curves nicely.  I would highly recommend this to other pear shapes.  I think the waist could potentially be too tight on an apple shape, and the hip portion too big.

I think I will try it in a solid.  Maybe the brighter green?

There are a lot of colors here in this crazy pattern, so it does make matching easy.  I worked well with the J. Crew jacket I own in blue.

The pencil skirt may be a better option for those of you liking the print but not as willing to show it off to the extreme that I do.  LOL.  I am assuming there are at least a few others like me out there, but I totally get this is not for everyone.  :-)

Talk with you all tomorrow!

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