Monday, April 17, 2017

Boden: Visit, Reviews, and a Bit of a Sale.

Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you likely know I have been in London for this spring break, and have already managed to get myself to the Boden store, of course.  But I knew that my visit to the Boden store would be most incomplete if I couldn't visit with my favorite blogging partner in crime, the beautiful Lou (of What Lou Wore 365).  She and I have been blog friends for seven years now (wow!) and have finally had the chance to meet.  It was utterly wonderful to spend a good portion of my day with her on Saturday, and am grateful to her for finding time to spend with me.  I hope that I can get back here to see her again!

We got quite a look around and the two of us took nearly an hour just pecking and hunting.  After we tried all our bits on and that took yet another hour.  The time was well worth it as we have both assessed our desired purchases against the reality.  I found some I really wanted just wouldn't work, others that I would like would suit more in a different length (longer), and seeing items that caught my eye that I tried on just for the heck of it, which ended up being the best of the bunch!

The weekend trip coincided with a 20% off coupon that Lou had received and the shop happily honored it.  I did the math at the end, before the actual purchase, and found that most of what I chose would be substantially less expensive than ordering at Boden USA, even with a 20% off code (which I have in an email, and there is an online sale this weekend, as well).  The exchange rate for the dollar to pound is extraordinary right now, with one pound being equal to $1.25.  When I lived here in college the rate was AWFUL, with one pound being equal to $1.60.

I got home and did more hard math and found that the five items I had purchased (two for me, one for CW, two for the two boys, and one baby Boden for a friend) ended up being $80 dollars less overall than had I purchased at the Boden USA site.  Wow.  :-)

The ladies who worked in the shop mentioned that there would be a US store soon, but they didn't know where.  I bet NYC, but would love a DC shop.  (Of course, lol.)

So this online sale is for the Easter weekend, and ends today, I believe.  It is on selected items (dresses, baby playsets, and boys and mens trousers) and is for 20% off.  I have a link to that in the sidebar as well as the bottom of this post, but remember to use the code FST4 to get the 20% off.  If you need a 15% off code, that is also in the sidebar and bottom of the post, and that doesn't expire until later in April, and that code is 8C3H.

Okay, so enough blathering are some reviews (mostly from the Boden shop, but a few extra from the past two months).

The items that did not work first:
Josephine Dress.  Size 8 Regular.  So I tried this on in the size 6 Regular and ooh boy the waist was wee.  I have a small waist and I though it was teeny.  The rest fit great.  The 8 regular fit better, especially in the waist, but then the bodice was far too large.  I discovered if I were to pinch out an inch or so from the shoulders it fit better, but the dress didn't look good enough for me to spend (even with the awesome exchange rate) money on it.  I briefly thought about it in clearance, but have changed my mind, as I found a dress that literally was made for my frame, and is very very pretty on (that will be shown later).

Not even close to being sold out.  (Not enough super wee-waisted ladies out there, I suppose?)

Martha Dress.  Size 8 Regular.  I knew I wouldn't like the length on this.  I have this one from a couple of years back and I find it too short to wear comfortably, especially when at school and when seated (it hikes up to around mid-thigh).  So my plan is to purchase the 8 Long, which is in stock.  Love this color, love the print, and like the overall fit.  So not a win for an amazing price, but I think I can wait a bit (maybe a 30% off catch of the day?).

CW wears the Summer Applique Dress here.  Very cute!  I love the applique at the top.  We decided on holding off on this one as it is more fully in stock.  You'll see what we got her in a few photos.

Most Martha dresses seem in stock and readily available, barring a few shades in the long length.

Talia Dress.  Size 8 Regular.  I liked this one a lot, but it felt just a bit too snug, so I think I will just have to let it go.  I suspect if I buy the 10 it would fit wonderfully through the hips but be too big up top.  It's okay.  I'll enjoy it on others (especially Lou, if she purchases it!).

This one is closer to selling out.  It is a good dress, nicely lined, and of a great fabric.  If you can make it work for you, enjoy!

The items that did work are to follow:
Bella Jersey Dress.  Size 8 R.  What a beautiful jersey dress.  The colors and fabric (lyocell jersey) are sublime, and it is nicely lined.  It also has a bit of modesty, in fact, the regular fits in length for my frame better than the long, which is just too long at 44 inches.  This 41 inches is a much better length.  I did purchase this, btw.

CW wears the Embroidered Party Dress.  It is such a girly dress, but of the old school style.  I ended up getting this one for her as the sizes are nearly sold out at the online site.

The Bella is not sold out, fully stocked in fact.  But maybe they'll go quicker after you all have seen it in real life on Lou in pink/red and me in blue/green?  It suited both of us and she is a different shape, so that says something to its loveliness.

Elena Dress.  Size 6 Regular.  And here you see the reason I immediately gave up on ever caring about the Josephine Dress.  Isn't this dress just spectacular?  The fit, the length, the swishy skirt, the trailing flowers...perfection.  Okay, its bust is a touch big in the very upper part, but not anything so dramatic.  The price on this was especially different in pounds to dollar rate over buying it at the US site.  It was an absolutely easy choice to bring this home with me.

I lol-ed at this photo, but I do actually like it, at the same time (thank you for the unexpected capture, Lou!).  The length on this dress is midi length, and I am 5'8", so bear this in mind.  It will likely be very long on someone shorter, especially if you are in the petite range.   The petite is still at 41", though, so not especially petite friendly.  The petite might work very nicely as a regular length dress on a tall lady (though the bodice may be too short on some tall women), or as a shorter midi on a average height lady.

The measurements on this are similar to the Josephine, so I smell some miscalculation on Boden's part.  Either the Elena is much bigger than the stated 30" (unlikely as my waist is right at 29" and 30" often feels comfortable), or the Josephine is actually wee-er than the stated 30" (more likely).

Oh, it has pockets, too.  It is an all-around win!

Also fully stocked, except in the solid navy shade.

Reviews from recent wears:
Georgia Jersey Dress.  Size 6 Regular.  I really was unsure upon wearing it the first time if it actually worked on me.  I think I had been having a bad day, and it usually is unwise to try on fitted clothing when feeling crappy.  Anyhow, the next time I wore it I felt better and I have decided this is one of my favorites ever.  I really hope they reissue this dress in other patterns and prints.  Big hearts and swoons to it.

From the side you can see it flares out, which definitely works for pear shapes.

The back is not horrible, which means it absolutely must stay in my closet.  LOL.

This one is very fully in stock.  One of the commenters asked why it has no extra solid colors, and I get her point.  This print is unlikely to be everyone's cup of tea (clearly I am not one of the naysayers), so issuing it in a solid green or yellow seems a good choice on Boden's part.

Upon looking at this again, I realize in my original instagram my daughter's most untidy room was cropped out.  She cleans it once a week, clearly this was the day before her weekly clean up.  LOL.  Oh, kids...
Cordelia Ottoman Dress.  Size 8 Long.  I have given up on all my other solid red dresses (damn you, hips), so I needed a replacement.  This called my name because of the tomato shade, the yummy stretchy ponte textured fabric, and the shape.  And it works.  Admittedly I look like a flight attendant, but I can look less so by choosing no stockings and a necklace next time.  (Though one of my students JUST LOVED it on me as a flight attendant, lololol).

This dress is definitely sticking around, and not sold out.

Okay that's it for now!  I love that I had a few moments to share some reviews and the visit with you all.  I am loving England, and do wish I could get back her more often (between 1995-2005 I visited 6 times, in total nearly two months of vacation time).  It is good to be back, but I hope it won't be another twelve years before I do!

Talk with you all soon!

The sale for those random selected items ends today, so to make sure you are up to date, I also included the link for the 15% off that extends into later April.

Sale that ends today is here, remember to use the code FST4:
20% off Dresses & Baby Playsets, Men's and Boy's Trousers, valid 4/15-4/17 with code FST4

After today, use this link for 15% off, but do use the code 8C3H: Boden USA