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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

OOTD: Halston Heritage and Retro Boden.

Good day, and Happy New Year, everyone!

Trying to start the new year off right by actually posting an ootd on the day I wear it, let's see how long this lasts.  LOL.  I give it a week.  ;-)

Find this darling "i heart Virginia" necklace here.  Read more about why I wanted this necklace from tru.che's etsy shop and not urban outfitters here.  I was so annoyed for tru.che that I immediately told my husband that this necklace would be a great Christmas present.  (He listened!)  I know the story of tru.che versus urban outfitters is old, but I feel like you can still show your support years in the future.

Day: Wednesday, January 1, 2014.

Where: Brunch at Louisiana Kitchen (home of the yummy Cajun martini) and my hubby's favorite comic book shop.

Ease of Wear: (4 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear) Felt great in all the pieces.  Was a bit concerned that I wouldn't fit into the Boden dress since it had been years and one full grown baby boy since I had last worn it.  All fears were quelled once I found it slipped right on without any puckering or uncomfortable pinching.  Yay!  I made it a goal to not gain weight in Mississippi (no particular goals to lose weight, though) and was glad to find that the scale showed that I had kept my goal. 

The Halston Heritage coat is sublime, made from a cashmere/wool blend and lined in silk.  I found it at Mint Condition for a LOT LOT less than it originally cost at Net-a-Porter, so woo and hoo for a pretty, unique coat that keeps me warm, too.

Cool Factor: (3.5 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest--for both outfits.) Lovely, perfectly put-together ensemble.  Bit mumsy overall to be "cool," but the coat and sunglasses help a bit.

Anecdote from the Day:  Not much to report, really.  There is this guy at the comic shop that basically hates children, especially mine, since my husband often goes in there without me, and I am the "disciplinarian" of the two of us.  Anyhow, the owner is fine and has really started to enjoy the kids, and kind of laughs about it with my hubby, but the other lovely fellow had words with me today since I chose to sit with my darling girl on the floor (in my dress and heels, natch) and *carefully* read a book about the Miyazaki's art in the film "Spirited Away."  (Tell me that's already not kind of over-the-top nerdy of us.)  Anyhow, he was like, "NO...NO!  NO!!! Please NO!"  And I just looked at him like "really, fella?"  Anyhow, we even *more carefully* looked through it, the whole time he bore his tiny little angry man eyes at us.  And then of course I *very over the top carefully* put the book back.  I am not the one for karma, but a little part of me would like to hear that he went over to see if we had inflicted any damage on the book with our pedestrian fingers (we did not, btw) and in doing so dropped the book on the floor damaging the cover.  That would have me lol-ing.  But then I remember I {heart} the owner of the shop a ton and don't wish that fiscal damage on him.  But, still.  ;-)

By the way, my husband will purchase so many comics from this shop, I am somewhat sure that this fella's salary is paid for in large part from my husband's stupidly huge comic collecting.   That in no way means I condone my children acting like crazy fools, but they were very well-behaved today ('cause Momma disciplinarian was in the house).  Ah, good times!

Okay, that's it.  You all have a great rest of your start to 2014!

Friday, January 4, 2013

OOTD: Hotchpotch, Blakeley, and a Toggle Coat.

Happy Friday night, all!

I saw that today came and went and no Spring 2013 new arrivals at Boden, but I am sure that they will be coming soon.  The new arrivals always have been dropped on Fridays in the past, but this past year or so has been a bit different overall over in Boden-land, so I am not 100% surprised that the new arrivals didn't drop today.

Anyhow, I have been trying to find my way back to normal after a nice week and a half off of school runs and errands, etc.  It's been fine, but as you all have seen here on my blog over the past five months, the dinagideon household is in constant motion.  ;)

On New Year's Day we headed out to Bethesda as a family to grab some sushi and allow Mr. Dina to grab his comics from his favorite comic shop for 20% off (they have that sale twice a year--like all of us clothing aficionados, the comic aficionados have their "OMG, must buy all my comics TODAY" moments, too). 

I needed to be warm since it was definitely frigid that day, but because I was feeling a bit lazy, I also knew I wanted something easy to put on and something easy and comfortable to wear.  I also wanted to grab something old from my closet that I hadn't worn for a while, which seems contradictory for the start of a new year, but, eh, it's been so long since I wore this dress that it *felt* new.

Dress was last seen here (way way back when).  I definitely prefer this styling to my initial styling.  I think this dress is too short for me to wear with heels, but we all learn from our past, it's trying to remember it in the future that's hard.

The Blakeley Riding Boots are so great.  I am beyond thrilled that I decided to give these lighter colored boots a chance.  I am trying to wear them as much as possible before our warm spring comes, since that usually means I put away boots in off-season storage.

This stadium cloth toggle coat is from the winter of 2007.  I didn't buy it back when it was available, since I had a few extra pounds on me from Rex's pregnancy and birth, and then when I decided I needed a navy coat, it was all gone.  So I bought the double cloth Carlin coat in navy instead.  And then I got bored of that one (plus the collar wasn't working for me), so I sold it.  Last winter I needed no new coats (warm winter plus Angus pregnancy--no thank you to outerwear), so I didn't even bother looking for a replacement navy coat.

And then I saw it--the toggle coat in navy--and for a decent price.  I bit, and haven't looked back.  It is much better on my frame than the Carlin AND it is super warm.  This is a size 6, so true to size (just in case you want to find one for yourself).  It also came in yellow as you can see on the lovely Vanessa here in this shot from the Scotland catalog.

The only thing about these toggles is that they do all have to be done up or not done up at all.  If only one or two are buttoned, it looks silly (even if you can't really tell from the previous photo).

Anyhow, that's it for the night.  Really should hit the hay asap.

Tell me, though...what old item in your closet are you looking forward to wearing?  Is it truly old (sitting in your closet for way too long) or is it "new" old (old but new to you)?

Have a great evening, all!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Boden OOTD and Review: Favourite Jersey Maxi and Tee Ball.

I am of the desperate sort that really enjoys dressing up time, but in my life two things work against that desire--I have toddlers and our summers are vicious, humid, over the top hot, and crank-making.

So last Saturday Rex had another tee ball game (in really "warm" conditions) and then we were going to go to Bethesda to get some yummy Cajun food at our favorite Cajun restaurant, Louisiana Kitchen.  I wanted the perfect outfit that would allow me to:

1. Stay cool.
2. Look nice.
3. Be casual enough that all the people at the park wouldn't wonder what the heck I was on.
4. Allow me to bend and move with ease to shuttle various babes wherever they needed to go...
5. Allow me to breastfeed (with a cover, natch, I am not that daring!).

Not too long of a list, right?

(Stay with me here with this anecdote)...well, a couple weeks back I had to go to Rex's kindergarten open house night, and again, needed dressy enough but also nursing friendly and I realized last year's Boden maxi dress was the perfect solution (seen on me here, I had got a pic from this year, but the card was corrupt and poof--!!!--all the photos disappeared).  The straps can be pulled down to allow easy access for Angus, but with the overall conservative feel to the dress, more than proper for the Catholic school Rex is attending next year.  (It is also my former grammar school so I have a reputation to uphold...)

I had wanted to give this year's favourite jersey maxi dress a try as I do so love the print, but it was sold out a LONG time ago in my size and colorway preference (4L/pink pansy).  One day the 6L in pink pansy popped back and I figured it was worth a try.  It eventually came (from BRITAIN on the Moldovan boat they send to get stuff to us in America), and I had my first chance to wear it out for reals to Rex's teeball game/yummy Cajun food getting.

Mr. Dina indulged my other fantasy, taking shots of me while I am "in action" versus posed.  If he has the time and the mood (he had both!) he will happily play along.  I know his limits, though, and don't go asking him to do it when he is on his way to work or I am on my way to preschool.  We have (fairly boring) lives, people!  :)

The dress is not all that long as you can tell from the photo.  I am 5'8" and it is at my ankles which means the skirt portion is only 40 inches from my natural waist (I am 42 inches from natural waist to the floor for reference).

If you are exceptionally tall with long legs, this will likely be even shorter on you, even in this longer length.

Many women are reviewing saying they are thrilled they finally have found a maxi short enough for them (it comes in petites and regulars, too).

I don't need a super long maxi, not especially practical for my life, so this suits me just fine, but the regular would have been too short.  (I got the regular last year after reading the long was really long, but this year Boden made them too short overall, they were likely overcompensating for last year's mistake?)

Back view.  It was hot last Saturday and the sleeveless, dipped back helped to keep me cool.  Bear in mind the weight of the dress is heavy (all that jersey weighs a lot), but it flows over the body (skirt area) helping keep air circulating.

Detail of the print.  It is the same as the print in the textured cotton skirt I last wore here.  I am a sucker for these bold, super feminine prints.

The sunglasses are the Gramercy Shades from Anthropologie (yay for a sale, I had been "eyeing" them forever) and the earrings are from J. Crew.

I actually added this crewcuts (Factory girls' french terry zip-up) jacket for sun protection, not because I needed to keep warm.  With my skin, I have to be VERY careful with sun exposure (many relatives of mine have had skin cancer--fortunately no melanomas).  (I also wear a lot of sunscreen, as do my kids.)

The sandals are a really old pair from Banana Republic.

We live on the edge of a forest, but the kids will take any opportunity to play in any forest they find.  This one is at the edge of the teeball field, and they happily and merrily switched between the grassier areas and...

Playing on the logs at the edge of  the forest.  Now I personally know what is in the forest (yummy poisonous spiders like the black widow, awesome poisonous snakes like the copperhead*, and big ole birds of prey like the hawk**) but I can't stop them from going outside, so I just let them know what they could see and have told them that if they see those critters, they need to come and find Momma and let her know they saw those animals.

Upon which time I am sure I will suffer a heart attack.  LOL.

*I have quite a tale about sitting down next to a copperhead--while pregnant with CW--four years ago at the end of summer.  Rex saw the whole thing from his stroller.  Mr. Dina used words I have never heard from that man's mouth.  So, yeah, I have a bit of history with scary things here in this area.  No, I wasn't bitten.  We would have had to rename CW Vipera if I had.

**Speaking of hawks, just yesterday one attacked our playroom window with its TALONS.  I am not even joking.  Then it realized that Angus was not going to be its dinner and moved on to harassing our neighbor's animals/living creatures with its SQUEEE-EEEH call and scary big wing span.  Yeah, we are all Animal Planet up in these parts.

CW didn't try to get on the big log, she was content to stay on the little log.  That's my dainty little girl.  ;)

I watched the game (this was before my "photo shoot") from the last row in the bleachers.  Angus still feels like he had the best seat.

Okay this photo shows both the best and worst parts of my day. 

Best--Umm, that is a cajun martini I am holding, and OMG, it is amazing.  Vermouth, Absolut Peppar, and a pickled okra.  YUM.

Worst--See the bags under my eyes?  Angus wouldn't let me sleep the whole night prior cause he was hungry...and I ended up getting a migraine from it.  Now I am not normally one to bother with martinis and migraines (there's a blog name for you all, lol), but I couldn't resist.  And for about forty minutes, while at Louisiana Kitchen, I felt a bit better.

But then I got home and looked at myself in the mirror.  Those bags you see up in the photo?  That is carry-on baggage.  Two hours later I had the full on "ma'am you'll have to pay extra for those oversized bags" eye bags.

So again, for forty minutes I felt great, and besides the OMG cocktail of awesomeness, I indulged in my most favorite mid-Atlantic treat, the soft shell crab po'boy.  If you have never had soft shell crabs, it is is a Maryland institution (that a few of us from Virginia will admit to loving) and are really only available fresh between May and August.

The construction of soft shell crabs for actual eating purposes is best left described by the experts, but be warned, if you are a bit nervous about "unusual" food, this particular dish may be a bit much for you.

Okay, that's all.  I am heading off to spend time with my Grandpa and won't likely get to the Boden Weekly Review Roundup until tomorrow, so if you have a review for me, and you think I may have missed it, go ahead and leave a comment here or e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com.

Talk soon!

Monday, November 15, 2010

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear When Faced with the Infamous Beltway?

"Oh, dear, Will...I believe our meeting will have to be delayed as I am stuck in just the most terrible traffic ever...the Beltway has beaten us."

It is incredibly fortunate that Emma and Will and their singing teen acolytes are in a suburban high school in Ohio and not in Northern Virginia. See if they were, they would never make it to regionals or nationals because they and their school bus would be forever trapped in the never-ending cycle of traffic that makes the DC region so (in)famous.

Here is how my conversation went with my dear bloggie friend Suzy:

"Suzy, I know that I was planning on meeting you in Montgomery Mall in Bethesda later this morning so you and I could meet up, I could give you your Arbonne catalog and samples and that gorgeous Madewell necklace that I sold you on the exchange, but I am afraid the traffic is too insane to even bear. By the time I got to the mall, I would have to say hi, throw the bag full of goodies at your hands from my open car window, and yell good-bye as I race off to catch the light so I can get back on the highway for my insane return back home. I believe, Suzy, that if I were to try and meet you in Richmond I could get to you faster. (Suzy laughs, and agrees.) Next time, I will take the hour and half trip to Richmond (100 miles door to door) to see you and not the two hour trip to Bethesda (20 miles door to door)!  I will resign myself to mailing your package to you instead."

I had been so excited to see her...I wanted to show off my babies, hang out in the mall, check out the new arrivals at J. Crew, and show off my Emma Pillsbury inspired outfit. Sadly this was not to be. (SHAKES delicate, glass-beaded bracelet wrist at the back-up on 495.)

Anyhow, this is the polyvore of an Emma inspired outfit that only my kids and a WHOLE bunch of random strangers were able to see at Tysons (le sigh, it seems I always end up at Tysons for shopping).

Emma Pillsbury wore a similar outfit a few weeks back and WWEPW blogged about it soon thereafter. And then the cardigan went on sale...whee!

And on me...before I realized what my day was to hold. I would have been better off in an orange reflective vest and a green utility jumper. At least that way I would have been better dressed to help the construction workers out...

Cardigan: Pick A Bunch Cardi, Anthropologie, Size Small. Very fitted and short. Definitely size up if you are long-torsoed.
Skirt: Double Serge Pencil Skirt, J. Crew, Bronzed Ochre, Size 6. The 4 fit, but way too closely...I felt like an extra in the secretarial pool over at the Mad Men set in the smaller size. LOL.

I did buy a blazecoat at the Tysons J. Crew. They were running a 25% off special, so I bit. I bought a 2. That coat runs really large. A lot of you all will probably be sized out.

I hope you all have a great day...just so you know, I have some stuff on sale...go ahead on over to my polyvore and check out the pieces, sizes, and prices.  :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

So this is What Mother's Day Looked Like this Year!

If you have spent anytime at Polyvore this week, you have seen my outfit for Mother's Day. Somehow it was one of the most "popular" this week because it hung out in the "popular" section of the various groups I published it to. Well, yay!

I actually loved wearing this outfit last Sunday. It was AMAZINGLY gorgeous here. In this area we typically go from yucky, cool, rainy weather to HOT AND HUMID overnight. If we are lucky we squeeze in two or three days of perfection. That was what we had last Sunday. It was 75 degrees and sunny. I think God was blessing all us moms in the DC area. So, thank you, God...we totally appreciated it!

Here is the polyvore:

Mother's Day 2009!
Mother's Day 2009! by dinagideon featuring J Crew Clothing

Here is the full-length. I am standing next to my brother. We are at my church. Peter and I and my dad have been going to this church since I was 10. I even went to grade school here. One day maybe my own kids can go here (we are still members). I would even love to teach here one day. We'll see! :)

I loved this outfit because it was the right amount of color, fabric, and accessories for the day. The one warning I have is about the shoes. Rex decided to sit on the poor sandals and the turtle fell off. Sad! They are not put on the sandals quite in the same way as the starfish from the other Miss Trish of Capri for Target sandals I own. So I have had to buy some heavy-duty glue to place the turtle back on...

The dress is older, from last year J. Crew. It is very comfy. I bought a medium because I wanted it to fit longer. It is like wearing a really long polo shirt.

The necklace is the very pretty vintage daffodil necklace made by DianaP. The dress was the perfect backdrop for the necklace. I received a million compliments on the necklace from people last Sunday!!! (DianaP.--you have yourself a great idea here...)

Here I am with the kids in Bethesda. After church we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Louisiana Kitchen (which replaced Louisiana Express when it closed). The current Louisiana Kitchen is in a different location but serves almost the same menu. If you LOVE Cajun food, this is the best place to get it in this area. It is very similar to the food you can find in the New Orleans area. Mmmm. I do spend quite a bit of time down there as that is where Mr. Dina is from (actually SW Mississippi--but pretty darn close). Our favorite restaurant in New Orleans is Mother's and although Louisiana Kitchen doesn't have the menu of Mother's, it is almost as good!

After Louisiana Express, we went and explored the Bethesda Arts Show. We even ended up buying an original piece of art...a 3D Robot Face (it is too hard to explain--I'll just have to get a pic up at some point).

All in all, a great day!

You all have a great Sunday, too!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I love this blog...not mine, silly!

Modern Capital is THE blog that turned me on to this whole "blog" thing. You wonderful J. Crew bloggers only furthered my desire to have one of my own.

So Modern Capital is a blog solely devoted to mid-century modern architecture of the DC region. The site owner really knows his stuff and seeks out real estate listings for cool, funky, mid-century homes in this area. He doesn't limit it to one part of the region, instead it incorporates all of what would be considered DC metro. He has on his blogs many listings from Alexandria, Annandale, Bethesda, Rockville, DC itself (especially Southwest), and Reston. Since it is mid-century modern, he doesn't include (for obvious reasons) any of the bungalows in Arlington or beautiful townhomes of Alexandria. You will see on his site more one-level houses with expanses of glass filling the front of the home to vertical-sided two story homes with cathedral ceilings and clerestory windows.

I check his blog got so bad over the summer that my husband said, "you read this guy's blog more than his own mother." And to that I say, Damn right I do! (My husband has since admitted that he is glad I know all about this architecture style...he enjoys taking walks with me and having me point out the most obscure features of all the modern homes in our neighborhood.)

Anyhow, I let the owner of Modern Capital know that I saw a cool contemporary home for sale in the neighborhood I teach (I have been swooning over this house for years), and he posted the info on his blog! WHEE! (Okay, very nerdy that I am excited by this...but for crying out loud, people, what did you expect...the name of my blog is my superfluities!) You were warned when you clicked on the link that said "my superfluities," and not some more easygoing name like, "rex's momma" or "teachswimparentlove."

So head on over is totally worth it! And let the site owner know if you find anything mid-century and cool for sale in your 'hood. I am sure he will appreciate it!

I heart you, moderncapital blog!