Friday, January 4, 2013

OOTD: Hotchpotch, Blakeley, and a Toggle Coat.

Happy Friday night, all!

I saw that today came and went and no Spring 2013 new arrivals at Boden, but I am sure that they will be coming soon.  The new arrivals always have been dropped on Fridays in the past, but this past year or so has been a bit different overall over in Boden-land, so I am not 100% surprised that the new arrivals didn't drop today.

Anyhow, I have been trying to find my way back to normal after a nice week and a half off of school runs and errands, etc.  It's been fine, but as you all have seen here on my blog over the past five months, the dinagideon household is in constant motion.  ;)

On New Year's Day we headed out to Bethesda as a family to grab some sushi and allow Mr. Dina to grab his comics from his favorite comic shop for 20% off (they have that sale twice a year--like all of us clothing aficionados, the comic aficionados have their "OMG, must buy all my comics TODAY" moments, too). 

I needed to be warm since it was definitely frigid that day, but because I was feeling a bit lazy, I also knew I wanted something easy to put on and something easy and comfortable to wear.  I also wanted to grab something old from my closet that I hadn't worn for a while, which seems contradictory for the start of a new year, but, eh, it's been so long since I wore this dress that it *felt* new.

Dress was last seen here (way way back when).  I definitely prefer this styling to my initial styling.  I think this dress is too short for me to wear with heels, but we all learn from our past, it's trying to remember it in the future that's hard.

The Blakeley Riding Boots are so great.  I am beyond thrilled that I decided to give these lighter colored boots a chance.  I am trying to wear them as much as possible before our warm spring comes, since that usually means I put away boots in off-season storage.

This stadium cloth toggle coat is from the winter of 2007.  I didn't buy it back when it was available, since I had a few extra pounds on me from Rex's pregnancy and birth, and then when I decided I needed a navy coat, it was all gone.  So I bought the double cloth Carlin coat in navy instead.  And then I got bored of that one (plus the collar wasn't working for me), so I sold it.  Last winter I needed no new coats (warm winter plus Angus pregnancy--no thank you to outerwear), so I didn't even bother looking for a replacement navy coat.

And then I saw it--the toggle coat in navy--and for a decent price.  I bit, and haven't looked back.  It is much better on my frame than the Carlin AND it is super warm.  This is a size 6, so true to size (just in case you want to find one for yourself).  It also came in yellow as you can see on the lovely Vanessa here in this shot from the Scotland catalog.

The only thing about these toggles is that they do all have to be done up or not done up at all.  If only one or two are buttoned, it looks silly (even if you can't really tell from the previous photo).

Anyhow, that's it for the night.  Really should hit the hay asap.

Tell me, though...what old item in your closet are you looking forward to wearing?  Is it truly old (sitting in your closet for way too long) or is it "new" old (old but new to you)?

Have a great evening, all!