Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Giveaway: Celebrate. Good Times. Come On!

I recognize that a photo of Johnnie Boden in a bathrobe would probably be more fitting for my blog's fourth "blog-o-versary," but I figured most of you would prefer this gif of DJ Lance Rock doing his thang on Yo Gabba Gabba instead.
Okay.  So this is year number four.  Wow.  This blog baby of mine is as old as my daughter.

I have lots that I want to write about, everything from gratitude and appreciation for those of you who read this little corner of the internet daily to my near daily amazement that this is what I ended up doing (even partially) with my life.  If you had asked me at twenty (the height of my "I don't care how I look, only how smart I am" period of my life) if I would have ever had anything at all to do with fashion, I would have snarkily laughed in your face.  I am glad I found my way out of my know-it-all self and stopped taking it. all. so. seriously.

(I was that stick in the mud girl in college that sneered at people when they dared to be louder than a titmouse in the library.  Yeah, I was not especially pleasant.)

It has been interesting to see where these years have taken me, my blog, and my family.

I feel so happy and chill right now.  I think in the beginning, I didn't allow myself to just enjoy the process of this blog and let the overwhelming, nagging voice in my head that kept saying, "what in the world are *you* doing writing a personal style blog," take over far too often.  Now that I have four years gone, I don't even hear that voice anymore, I just think, "I have a personal style blog."  It's just a bit of fun and fluff that I do nearly every day and for the foreseeable future, anticipate continuing!

(But even with the fluff, thanks to this blog and all you great readers and your suggestions, I found out that my debilitating migraines were in fact mini-strokes caused by a hole in my heart.  So in some truly awesome bit of serendipity, I needed this blog to help me fix me.)

Anyhow, as per usual, I just had to go on and on...


Since it is four years, I have FOUR gift cards to give away to four followers of this blog (one per follower, lol, let's be clear).

1. Each gift card will be for $25.

2. The gift card can be from these stores: Boden, J. Crew, Madewell, and Anthropologie. 

3. Although I mainly have American readers, I have a definite set of followers from Canada, the UK, and throughout Europe.  You all are welcome to enter, but clearly you will be unable to receive the Madewell gift card.  I can work out the arrangement of getting you a gift card (same value, just in your currency) from the other three somehow.  But please do enter!  I have a strong feeling a lot of my high view numbers on the Boden posts are from non-US people.  :)

4. The giveaway will be closing on January 22, 2013 at 11:59 Eastern Time.  I will announce the winner on January 23, 2013.

5. To enter, make sure you follow this blog either at Facebook, at Bloglovin', or through Blogger.

6. Comment directly below this post with a link to your favorite item at one of these four stores.  (If you can't make the link work, you could also just say the name of the store and the name of the item.)  Also make sure to tell me how you follow this blog.

You all are the best, and I cannot wait to give out these four gift cards to the lucky winners!

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR A GREAT FOUR YEARS!  Here's to a {few} more...