Thursday, June 10, 2010

Short Sleeve Cashmere Tee for Summer!!!

Sorry about not posting or talking to anyone at all yesterday. I barely managed to talk with my kids. Yep, I got a killer migraine and basically laid on the couch while the kids watched hours of TV. They loved it. I felt bad. Oh, well, I guess that is what you do when you are their only "daycare." LOL. Thank goodness Mr. Dina came home a little early.

BTW, they are getting worse. I used to get 4-5 migraines a month but the medicine would stop them. Now I get two max a month but they are miserable beyond belief and the medication barely dents the pain. Sigh. Any thoughts, doctors? :)

Above is the polyvore of TODAY's outfit. Yep, today (I got an actual IRL outfit on the day I am wearing it--woohoo). I wore the short-sleeve cashmere tee because there was some talk over at JCA yesterday about whether short-sleeve cashmere was even a viable choice as it would be too hot in summer and too light in winter. Umm, guess what? It is perfect for today. :) This is a featherweight blend and I feel quite comfortable, and I tend to run "hot." The high, btw? 85 degrees!!!

Top: Size small. I bought this Cashmere stripe scoopneck tee on sale a little while ago and I love it all, the texture, the color, and the bit of silver sparkly edging at the neckline.
Shorts: Size 10. From the Loft, last summer.
Shoes: Size 10.

Once again I am wearing the crystal coletto necklace. I think I wear these necklaces the most out of my whole collection. They just seem to go with everything!

Have a great day!