Monday, June 7, 2010

Mommy Style Monday #6--Girls' Night Out!

A little over a week ago, a good blog friend named Carrie wrote to me and asked me for some ideas for an outfit to wear for going out with a good friend on a proverbial "Girls' _____ Out." In Carrie's case, it was a daytime event, but often girls go out at night (hence the post's title)! :) I loved that I was able to give Carrie some ideas, as she already has a fab closet full of great items from our very favorite retailer, J. Crew.

Armed with her desires (specifically which items she wanted to wear the most), I created two separate polyvores for her Girls' Day Out.

Above is the polyvore that shows off a great option if you are going out with the girls and it will be fairly warm. The silk cargo dress, which you saw on me here, is a fab option when the temperature is very high, as the silk dress is airy and lightweight. I like that this option will be effortlessly chic, especially if you pull your hair back in a ponytail and just "go." :)

The next polyvore I created for a day out when it isn't super-warm, but still spring or summer. The zebra-print cardigan can be taken off if it gets warmer during the day, but often, especially in the summer in movie theaters, the AC is on super-high and all of a sudden, the cardigan is a great item to have stashed in your purse (especially if it is a big one like the Andie bag--what mom doesn't have a ridiculously oversized purse). Plus the pops of color are a lot of fun, and will really help you stand out on your "day out."

Now, I didn't go into Carrie's conundrum without some insight to it myself. In fact I have recently started FORCING myself to go out with the ladies more often. I love my kids (clearly) but I started to feel like my socializing skills were atrophying, and that is just kind of uncool. Do I expect to turn into the 22-year old I was, partying with my friends until 2 am, drinking a lot of alcohol, sleeping it off at some one's house in the city? No, and frankly, I have zero desire to go back to that (hangovers are a B****).

That said, I have a closet full of incredible clothes that I DO try to wear out regardless of whether or not I am with the kids (you all know I love a bit of sparkle for my preschool runs), but I can't 100% get all glammed up with the kids. For one, is it really practical to have a full face of makeup, a lot of jewelry, sequins, and some kick-a** heels while toting CW to the coffee shop and Rex to McDonald's? Even I have to admit "probably not." ;)

Okay, so I had planned two separate girls' night out, and here is my attempt at giving it my all, sans kids. I think I did just fine. Maybe not 22-year old clubbing fine, but for my nights out, it was just what I needed.

Above is the insanely popular polyvore I created about a month or so back that was based on an Anthropologie catalog look. I love this shot, and I thought my "copy" did it justice. Definitely not as many frills (but really, who outside a few Anthropologie models can get away with that many ruffles), but still pretty awesome, regardless. I knew in the back of my mind that if the top came in good shape and it worked with my skin tone that I would definitely be trying this look out.

I got the opportunity when the ever-awesome drewablank and kater invited me to chill with them in Friendship Heights (upper DC, almost MD--I know, I went almost to MD, I think I really love these gals--haha, just kidding, Maryland). It was a simple night of shopping and dinner, but to me it was like feasting on the forbidden garden's fruit, so very tasty, and a bit criminal (how dare I have this much fun)!

Cardigan: Size small. From J. Crew last summer.
Top: Size 4. Definitely sized down and it is perfect. Love this color, too, like a precious honey that costs a lot more than the honey in a bear. ;)
Pants: Size Tall 6. Umm, these freaking denim leggings from J. Crew are so amazingly comfortable. I had tried them in a size regular 8 and they were all wrong--too short everywhere and just not the right ones for me. A tall 6? Plenty of length everywhere and plenty of support, too. I bought them in black, too.
Shoes: Size 9.5. These Alecias are getting more and more comfortable the more I wear them. I am almost at 4 hours now!

The necklace is by Fiona Paxton. Anthropologie sold it as the "Aerial View Necklace." I had been salivating over it for months and months. Then I sucked it up when Bloomingdale's had a sale and got it for 20% off. But then I felt guilty and returned it (so sad). But then, I saw it on ebay for nearly 100 dollars off, and I jumped at the chance to grab it...and have not looked back. (BTW, I would think this kind of necklace would be very hard to replicate, it is intricate! I am in no way worried about it being a fake.)

And, yes, baby looks happy for me, so that made it easier to face the red line on Metro. (However, as anyone in DC can attest, that doesn't mean that the red line is at all friendly or comfortable or even worthy of any other label than "a special circle of hell.")

Close-up of the Oscillating Folds Top and the Aerial View necklace (called the Sylvia on other websites). Cannot say I will be wearing this necklace with the kids, I think it may be for adults only nights! Can you blame me?

I again had the opportunity to go out with just the girls thanks to drewablank last Wednesday night as she invited me to hang with her beautiful friends for drinks at a local watering hole, and I am so glad I did. Obviously I loved wearing extra-special clothing, but I really loved being able to just chill...and that is all...just chill (doesn't that sound NICE?).

Size 6. This is the Sequined Starland Tank, and I believe Michelle Obama wore this a few weeks ago with a red pants-suit. I definitely took it down a notch, but still a neat top. The 6 was the right size as the length of the top is long and I needed to accommodate my hips (it runs narrow through there) but I believe a 4 would have fit better through the bust. That said, I love the way it looks on so I guess I did right!
Pants: Size 8. I love these pants, regardless of popping buttons. LOL. I think Jenna Lyons would like the way I paired the more manly capri pants with a very girly blouse. (Maybe?)
Shoes: Size 41, which I believe works out to a size 9.5. These are the Boden snake-print sandals and I cannot say enough nice things about them. I find that these adjustable type sandals make for happy feet...even when you have a narrow foot, the buckles allow you to tailor the width to what you desire. Again, Johnnie Boden, SWAK!

Look at how lovely drewablank looks. So pretty!!! Love the belt!

And CW? Umm, hello, even holding Fritos the girl looks super-feminine! :)

Close-up of the tank. LOVE IT!

On that note, let's review! I have a list of four things to remember on your next night off from being a mommy:

1. STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. I am already comfortable with sequins, obviously, but mixing accessories with sequins, and make-up, and special shoes is a whole new world for me. Being willing to take the whole look on rush-hour metro is definitely worthy of "out of my element!" For some of you, stepping out of your comfort zone may translate to wearing a sundress and sandals and straightening your hair. And that is great...try it and find what your new "zone" might bring you!

2. BUT NOT TOO MUCH. You know, I couldn't have added a newsboy cap and 15 necklaces to my sequined starland tank outfit, and here is why...I would have felt conspicuous. I like people to look at me, but if I have people staring, I immediately would think, "it's the hat, right, it's too much, right?" LOL. Each mommy has their own comfort zone, so some of you could rock the newsboy/15 necklaces/sequined harem pants, but others of you would find that even my outfits take you too far. You DO NOT want to spend your night off thinking about some minor part of your outfit that by you choosing to wear it has turned into something major. If you only have a few hours a month to enjoy yourself, make that your VERY FIRST PRIORITY, not looking edgy/chic/whatever. ;)

3. WEAR THOSE ITEMS THAT ARE NOT KID-FRIENDLY. Don't really have to explain this one, do I? Hahahahaha.

4. MAKEUP IS FOR MOMMIES, TOO. I normally wear a bit of lip gloss, some powder, and maybe mascara. You can tell that I wore a lot more than I usually do in the Anthropologie-inspired look. I wanted to. It felt weird at first, and I thought it might be too much, but at the end of the evening, when just a touch was left, I just had a nice glow. And really, isn't that the goal of the girls' ____ out? To get that feeling and that look?

You all have a great night! BTW, don't be shy! I loved hearing from Carrie, and would love to hear from more of you!