Thursday, May 20, 2010

She's Alive...and in a Silk Cargo Dress, Too!

I'm ALIVE! :)

1. Went shopping and had fun with Drewablank on Saturday, right after I posted the "new" arrivals here at My Superfluities. You can see Drewablank and CW in the first photo.

2. The next day, yours truly gets a virus and cannot do anything. Headache is so bad I stay in bed the WHOLE. DAY.

3. Talk to Drewablank on Monday, and she says she is putting on a brave face, but that yes, she, too, is suffering. Hmmm...

4. Backlog of things to get done...therefore blogs suffer.

5. CW now has the "fever." Really? Dear Lord, you know it is May, right??? She'll be fine, but ooh, it just makes me hurt feeling how hot she is!

Onto my post:

Here are Drewablank and I at J. Crew in Pentagon City. I had an insane amount of returns to do. (See this post for more info!) So you know, I did re-order the ruched v-neck dress in abyss blue, and yep, the hem is all wonky again, curses!!!

You all are gonna love this--I walked out of that J. Crew having returned everything and only spending 60 dollars on the outfit you will see in the bottom photo. Yay for restraint. :) (Gotta love a sale, too!) I even have money on a J. Crew gift card!

I am wearing the Silk Cargo dress in this photo, and it is love.

Dress: Size 6. I got the measurements directly from my PS for the 6 and the 8 and here they are for you:
Size 6:
Chest – 40
Waist – 38 7/8
Sweep - 43 ½
Size 8:
Chest – 41
Waist – 39 7/8
Sweep – 44 ½
The 6 is perfect. I would say that you could even size down further if you wanted. :) I love the easy elegance of a cargo dress done in silk. As you can tell, I went dressy casual with the Fenton Fallon necklace and Gladiator sandals, but you can really pump up the volume for a date or be very casual for pre-school or the dog park. Great news--it is machine washable--score! Check it out on the model in the tan color in the June catalog over at Slastena's blog.
Shoes: Size 9.5. I confess, I bought these Circa Joan & David Lalia gladiator sandals right before we went to J. Crew. I am heading to NYC soon and wanted a pair of sturdy sandals that were kind of hip yet comfortable so that I could walk miles in them. These definitely fit the bill. I had a coupon and a gift card, so I got them for nearly half of the asking price. Wilson at Macy's really liked the shoes with the outfit, he was very excited. I love customer service like that! :)
Necklace: Fenton Fallon for J. Crew Tassel Necklace. I bought this during the BIRTHDAY promo because I fell in love with it on Suzy, aka Bichonluvr. It does not disappoint. It may be a bit much for some of you, but well, that's cool, to each their own and all.

Shot of dress, sandals, and necklace in the dressing room. The dress crumples up from when you sit in it, but I don't hear or see the word "cargo" and think State Dinner, so I am okay with that. :) (Remember, I was an archaeology major, so this dress sort of brings me back to the time in my life where getting dirty on a dig was an amazing day!)

And above is a polyvore for all you PV addicts. :)

So what did I get for 60 dollars? Well, the two above pieces. Since there is a SUMMER promo on right now, I thought I would show off these two items to you as they are lovely and fit very well.

Tank: Size X-small. I have this tank in two other colors, the moroccan spice (rust red) and the natural (ivory), but while at J. Crew I decided to get the tissue ruffle tank in the heather stone color. I returned the paris pink a while back because it had issues with seaming (what is it with me and J. Crew's seams--am I just that picky or is this happening to you all, too?). I think I prefer the stone color, as I know it will be a great layering piece in the fall with cardigans and jackets. Still full price, by the way, but the 20% takes some of the sting away. Oh, just so you know, this color is super-soft, which is weird. The others are soft, but the stone feels like butter...
Pants: Size 6. These are the faded denim minnie pants. I love these for the unusual detailing on the legs, nothing at all like what I have in my closet right now. Best part besides being super-comfortable and perfect for my SAHM lifestyle? At the store they were on sale for $39.99! They are $59.99 still at, but if you don't live anywhere near a store, and/or your store doesn't have them, the 20% off could help you feel a bit better about the cost difference. So you all know, I wore them on Tuesday with my Dauphine jacket and the spray art tee in chartreuse. I would say that would mean they are a keeper. (BTW, eventually you will see that outfit. Sigh, I am so slow!)

Have a nice day. Enjoy the weather, I hope! :)