Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shh...It's A (Sort of) Secret...

Hi! I have some fantastic fun things to share with you this lovely weekend!

Stripe Sequin Boatneck Tee--My #1 favorite from the items I saw this morning during my hunt. Yes, I did place this in my shopping cart (see below the polyvore for more info on ordering it).

Swann Ruffled Shirtdress--More like hot mess, in my opinion. Wow. That is a lot of ruffles. I guess if you really wanted to wear this wedding dress, but you were already married, J. Crew is now giving you the opportunity of a lifetime. Snicker.

Okay, now onto the real stuff...

Please don't mention this set or the blog post over at the Mothership...aka J. Crew Aficionada. Yesterday, the lovely Silver Lining let us know about some items that were hidden at and then not fifteen to twenty minutes later, they were gone from the site. Because I had read her comment, I knew of their "existence," but had not seem them myself. So this morning, I did a couple of minutes of hunting, and these are all items I found.

They say they are in "pre-order," but I was very much able to add the items to my shopping cart. I placed the neon pink striped sequin top in the cart, as well as the knotted starfish dress. After added to the cart, it said they were "in-stock," so who really knows? :)

To view all the items, click on the polyvore and then on the individual items and it should take you to a link to get to the actual item at

Have fun browsing!