Monday, May 3, 2010

Mommy Style Monday #3--Fashionable Maternity Wear for Those Last (and REALLY HARD) Weeks of Pregnancy...

I have a real soft spot for all women who are in their last five weeks of pregnancy. I am that woman who will run ahead to open the doors for them, give up my seat, ask them if they need water, etc., etc. I am like this because I remember JUST. HOW. HARD. it is to be pregnant those last five weeks. Unless you are some sort of exceptional super-hero pregnant lady, you will have any number of issues...varicose veins (and not just on your legs), swollen limbs, hip wrenching "OMG, I can't walk" pain, and to make it all the worse, all of those "oh, look how cute your belly looks in that top" clothing now make you and your belly look like you are dying to be in a Spice Girls video from 1996. ;)

So, I commend you, ladies of 35-40 weeks. You are carrying a burden (no matter how blessed, it is still a burden of many, MANY pounds) and the whole world does seem out to get you. Why are there so few elevators and why are they always located on the a$$-end of the mall? Why do teenage boys and girls feel it is okay to slam the door on you at Panera, can they not see you ginormous belly?

Here is my solution...treat yourself. I did, happily, with both of my pregnancies, and God bless Mr. Dina, each time he was more than willing to pay for the treats. And of course since I run a blog (usually) geared towards fashion my treats were obviously in cotton, silk, or linen. :) LOL.

I know that money is tight for all, and I am in NO WAY suggesting that anyone go out and buy maternity wear specially made for Heidi Klum, no I am simply recommending that you take your sweet patooty and your special package out to the mall (or the on-line mall) and find some pieces that will work for you RIGHT NOW...between 35 and 40 weeks. Since most pregnant ladies do outgrow their "I thought this would fit the entire pregnancy" maternity clothing right at the end, and because if you are anything like me, you have a tendency to fall into fits of rage over it all, just a couple of extra pieces of clothes, as frivolous as it really is (5 weeks of wear, maybe?) can do a whole lot for the expectant mom's soul.

So please do enjoy these polyvores...they have some BEAUTIFUL options that are current and in style, and if you buy the right size, will make you feel like the wonderful person you are. (And you are wonderful...helping a life into this world is an amazing calling!)

This first polyvore showcases options from Belly Dance Maternity. If you click on the polyvore, and then the individual pieces, you will get info on each of them. I chose three dresses (don't these women look sleek and sophisticated?), two tops (LOVE LOVE LOVE the asymmetrical top), and two bottoms (yum on the nod to my fave look from 1987--skirt with leggings).

The second polyvore showcases Lilac Maternity's line. I had never heard of this company until an awesome reader of this blog, Christy, told me all about it. She was 100% right, they have some really neat pieces, and if you are being a bit frugal, Lilac Maternity is right up your alley as most of the pieces they sell are for both a full belly and no belly (or a small one--heehee). LOVE the maxi dress, SWOON!

Above is a pic of Mr. Dina, Rex, and me at a friend's wedding in the Summer of 2008. I was about one month away from the end of pregnancy, and it was hot, I was bloated, and pretty tired of it all. I took my own advice before we left and splurged on me and lil (LITTLE but felt BIG) CW with this beautiful smocked halter dress from a Pea in the Pod (very ridiculous their prices, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet). I even managed to wear that dress AFTER I gave birth, it lent itself to that just based on its flattering shape. :)

You all have a great Tuesday. :) I hope to have some outfit posts up soon, and my Arbonne giveaway soon.

P.S. Check this blog out: Ain't No Mom Jeans. I used this blog as a stepping off stone for a lot of my research and I love this blog. Definitely get over there...a lot of fun and really sound advice for all of us with a few rugrats running around (even if they are still brewing). :)

P.P.S. I officially finished writing this post at 11:50 p.m. on Monday, May 3rd. That counts, right? ;)