Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day...

Although ubiquitous, I feel I needed to have a Mother's Day post, even if it is only a post for me (and for mothers out there who feel similar)! :)

There are times I look at you both, Rex and CW, and I just desperately wish that I could grow up with you and be a peer of yours. You both are so much fun, so sweet, so smile-y, I KNOW without a doubt you both would be amazing to hang out with...

And then I remember...I needed to grow up and be a product of mothering (or fathering, in my case) myself to be the sort of person who would be capable of raising children who would be the kind of kids other people want to be around.

So even though I won't grow up with you, you both are the proof that good things exist in this world, and it comes from the passion only parents ever understand. So to that end, I thank you, Dad, for raising me to be the sort of mother that has allowed both Rex and CW to shine.

Happy Mother's Day!!!