Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Meh...

Thank you Cinco de Mayo for allowing me the opportunity to entitle this post "Cinco de Meh." This is my homage to five meh outfits that I have worn in the past month.

You all have been so sweet these past few weeks loving a whole bunch of the outfits I have put out there for you all to see. (I think, though, you all have a weakness for sequins and since I have been "sparkle-happy," you all have been very very receptive to this.)

So to prove that I definitely don't always get it right, here you go...


Isn't it sad when you know something will work, but because of accessories or just overall feeling, it just ain't happening? Tis the case of the lovely Boden dress. So perfect and pretty, and I let it down in a BIG way. I couldn't even bother to take the photo with my hair dry for crying out loud.

I know silver/gold accessories work with everything, but I truly believe this outfit would have been chic-er with a pair of blush pink heels, a smaller bag, and a simpler necklace. No, I definitely over-did in the accessories, and the beautiful Boden dress suffered. So very sorry, Johnnie!

Size 8 (or UK 12).
Shoes: Size 10.

Not only did the Boden dress suffer, the GORGEOUS stone garden tote by J. Crew Collection suffered. This bag is made to be worn with a Chanel-esque outfit. My Dauphine outfit would have been perfect, eh? :)

Onto a good concept, not so good in reality outfit. I even created a polyvore for this, and it just didn't come together properly. Ugh.

My dad and CW look great, though!

Size 8. Very comfy and a lot of fun. Don't worry, I do plan on wearing something else with it in the future, a cute little lilac tee, a belt, and a pair of sandals.
Top: Size small (I think).
Shoes: Size 9.5.

Yes, that is the Claudette tote. I HEART this bag so much. The appearance of this bag *almost* made this outfit better, but alas, even its loveliness couldn't save it! :)

BTW, it is sold out, but I supplied the link just in case it pops back some day.

The outfit did get better with the untucking of the shirt, but it still was off, you know. I blame the shoes. Maybe wedge flip-flops?

Okay, overall this is okay. But just not exciting.

Top: Size small. This is from the Liberty of London for Target line.
Pants: Size 8. I have since decided that size 6 in the Minnies is a much better fit, but it is nice to have these for my big meal days, lol.:)
Shoes: Size 9.

I love when CW mixes stripes.

POP THE COLLAR, DINA! (Why did I forget to do this? It looked so COOL!)

Size 6.
Cami: Size Medium (I like the length, although WAY TOO LONG for this particular outfit. Sigh.)
Pants: Size 8. Yep, I am wearing the navy (excuse me, Blackberry) Minnies again.
Shoes: Size 9.5. These are the Galaxy leather ballet flats that went on sale today. I bought them at the Lynchburg Clearance Center for way less, $85 or so. These are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE at full price. I mean...they are all leather, but come on, now.

CW is obsessed with taking her shoes off. Drives us nuts. Rex did this, too, A LOT when he was her age. Must be developmental? ;)

Okay, it gets better when the cami is tucked up a bit...but still.

I then tried to button it up, and it was fine, but MEH. MEH!

BTW, the necklace is the lilac colored crystal Colletto necklace. This is a beautiful necklace and is bling-y enough for me and all my need for sparkle, but understated enough for all you ladies who desire something less show-y. :)

Oh, you. This outfit could have been so much more if it weren't for the stupidity of cotton sateen and its ridiculous "let's wrinkle just cause the wind is blowing," and the bangs of my hair, all wavy from humidity. Man.

Okay, so imagine this skirt ironed and my hair flowing like a Disney princess...then you can see it, right? Much, MUCH better. ;)

Size 8.
Cardigan: Size medium. Bit big, but it is a SHORT cardigan otherwise.
Shoes: Size 9.5.

I hope you enjoyed (or maybe not so much) this retrospective of the almost-suck. :) LOL.

P.S. Thank you all for your SUPER-NICE words about my Arbonne business. I have gotten GREAT feedback from a lot of you, and it sounds like quite a few of you may be interested in learning more...and trying some of these products, so woo-hoo!

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