Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is Why I Should Avoid Any Searches with the Word Sequins...

Yes, I should have just stopped myself. But, no, like a magpie curious about what other pretty, shiny things J. Crew has on offer, I did it...I searched for "sequin."

And up comes this sad excuse for quite possibly the LEAST appropriate thing I have ever seen J. Crew, much less any other retailer out there, come up with for (gulp) our children. You read that right. This embellished glam pair of short shorts is for little girls. Little girls whose mothers wanted to be Mariah Carey but were unable for one reason or another, and so are buying these up for their little ones to wear. You can bet your bottom dollar CW will NOT have a pair of sequined showstopper shorts. And, nope, I will not be putting them into my Spring Into Style class rotation.

This pair of shorts has been out for a while. And a lot of sizes are GONE!

Oh, and so you know, the size 14 is available. I think that means that if you are a teeny-tiny size 0 petite, you can wear these. That may be the only instance of it being marginally appropriate...if you are over 21 and are tiny and are just itching to be "FABULOUS!"

Do you think they had it in a size 4? Or, worse, a size 3???

Or am I just a hopeless, out of touch momma? ;) LOL.