Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Day, Another Dauphine (Jacket)...

In the annals of blog-writing, this will certainly not be my most scintillating, however, because I am in a rush this morning (yes, it is 5:30 am), this will be one of my shortest! :)

I am off to the Virginia Historical Society today to view a leck-chore (lecture for those of you not schooled in the Richmond accent) and because my dad is a bit of a nut, we are taking the train to get there and back. It will take twice the time as the car would, but hey, at least we can drink wine at lunch thereafter. ;)

BTW, the title of this post is for HeidiG. who clearly LOVED my last post's title of "These Target Finds Really Hit the Spot." Gotta love a little pun action, eh?

Above is a polyvore of an outfit worn a couple of weeks ago. I am only bothering to show it because every other day or so someone over on the Mothership will ask what to wear with the Dauphine jacket. So here is another way I have found to wear it. I still prefer the first way I wore it, but since I have to be practical when taking Rex to preschool (Alecias and running around after him--not so much).

Size 2. Still some Dauphine jackets available!
Tee: Size Small. This is the Spray Art Tee. I think this is well made and lovely. I have no idea why it hasn't been snatched up. (Oh, yeah, because J. Crew tees have a bad rep. Don't worry, this one is a good one, ladies.)
Pants: Size 6. These are the faded denim Minnies. Very comfy. Unlike the denim minnies, where you have to size up, these denim Minnies you should be in your normal minnie size (i.e. size down from your normal J. Crew pants size). Oof, my goodness...the head spins.
Shoes: Size 10. Cole-Haan has an UBER clearance store RIGHT across the hall from the J. Crew outlet at Potomac Mills. Can we just spell H-E-A-V-E-N? ;)

This is a sneak peek of some jewelry that I will be highlighting tomorrow in a special post over here at My Superfluities. Lucky me, I get to meet some incredibly talented people. Ruth Barzel is a lovely lady that I know through coaching swimming. Turns out that we are two peas in a pod when it comes to fashion (in other words, Ruth is a definite JCA). Except, get this, because I show up for swim coaching in (gulp) sweats and a swimsuit, Ruth had NO IDEA that I was all into fashion and accessories, or that I even had a blog (well, okay, I totally get that--I am not exactly Dooce, am I?).

Well one day we got to talking and it turns out that Ruth is amazing jewelry designer. Look at the GORGEOUS "rebel" oxidized silver chain bracelet that she made. Umm, Fenton Fallon for J. Crew? You have some serious competition.

For those of you looking for something a bit simpler, Ruth has you covered. More on her other designs tomorrow, but if you want a quick sneak peek, take a gander here. :)

P.S. Because you all are SO FAB, Ruth says that we can have a discount of 15% by putting the code "super" during checkout. All her designs come packaged in an elegant box, AND there is always free shipping (yay!).

Talk soon. Wish me luck on our trip today!