Friday, May 21, 2010

Yummy New J. Crew Outlet Items!!!

I heart you, J. Crew, for opening an outlet only 20 miles away from me and Drewablank at Potomac Mills Mall. I already go to Potomac Mills at least once a month, so when you all CALLED me to tell me you were opening a store there and I should check it out, umm, you better believe I was there in a New York (or Dale City) minute.

And then, when you called me for a second time (after I had already visited you the once) to tell me that you were having a new arrivals "10% off your purchase of $125 or more" party, yep, I was there again. And I even had a $34 J. Crew gift card. YAY!

One question, though, how did I get on your list? Drewablank and I are confused. She actually lives closer and her J. Crew obsession is as intense as mine yet she received no phone call. (Don't worry, she is firmly on the list now! Phew!)

Here is something else I heart about you, dear take lovely patterns and shapes from years prior and make them into something just as delectable as when they first appeared in the J. Crew catalog! And often for much, much cheaper.

And though you are still 15 miles farther away than my closest are still almost 35 miles closer than the outlet in Leesburg, and for that, I thank you!

And now for the goodies:

Large Ikat Cap-Sleeved Sheath Dress. I fell in love with this print in the blue colorway after seeing the ever beautiful Summerilla wearing it in the Maxi Halter Dress. I was tempted last year, but knew in my heart it was not really practical for my life, so I passed. And now I am glad I did...this dress is so lovely and is perfect for hot days. Cotton, lined, and in a size 4 (it runs large), I couldn't ask for a better SAHM fun dress.

I bought this one last night at the new arrivals party.

Floral Paisley Cap-Sleeved Sheath Dress. I love you, darling print! I decided you were worth it in a button down and in a dress for CW, and I have decided that I need you in this design, too. :) Cotton, lined, in a size 6 (runs a bit narrower, but I didn't even think to try the 4) you are another shining example of a perfect SAHM dress.

I bought this the first time I visited the outlet.

Cotton Gingham Checked Drawstring Dress. Ema had something like this over at her blog last night, and I am surprised that the outlet has a version of this dress. Maybe the outlet does similar items the same year? I always thought of it as a "let's re-visit the past" kind of a place. This is cotton, unlined, and I bought it in a small. Very cozy and perfect for playing outside with the kids.

I bought this the first time I visited the outlet.

Regal Paisley Print Cafe Capris. I LOVE this print, and had bought it when it came in a twist bandeau swimsuit. I think the swimwear was all that J. Crew made in this print, so when I saw it last night at the party, I picked it up in multiple items. I would never wear the items together, but these pants paired with a olive green top or a white tank and a blazer could be fun, preppy, and summery, all at the same time. This is a cotton sateen material, and I bought in a size 8. (I have found the outlet bottoms run fairly true to size, but the tops and dresses typically run large. Do be warned that the waist is a wee bit big, but nothing terrible.)

I bought this last night.

Regal Paisley Print Cap Sleeve Top. I own this type of top in other prints, including the Fresco print, and the Trastevere Print. The cap sleeve works well on my frame as I have narrow shoulders. This cotton they use is also really nice for the insane heat and humidity we get here in the summer. I bought this in a small, but I think the extra-small was only a smidge smaller, so if you are tee-tiny on top, this top may be too large for you even in the extra-small.

I bought this last night.

Jakarta Print Mini. They had this in the retail stores last summer, right? I have this print in the brown colorway in the halter dress, but I don't remember what came in the blue colorway? Regardless, I tried this on in a 6 and a 10, and the 6, while it fit, was very "hot momma," not necessarily the look I want in the grocery store. The 10 was loose enough to fit low, low on my hips, but that is fine because it turned the mini into a less "mini." I would have likely bought an 8 if they had it in the store. This was in a cotton.

I purchased this one last night.

Gladiola Print Pencil Skirt. I know for a fact they had this as a retail only item, because I can remember Slastena taking the dress from on-line and manipulating Polyvore to make it a skirt. :) I love this gladiola print, but I had issues with the dress, and WOULD NOT pay 88 dollars for a thin cotton cardi, so I pretty much said no to this print (I did buy the garland cami for 20 dollars or so on sale, though). I am glad I waited, I really like this skirt. It is a cotton sateen and the yellow is very vibrant. I bought this in a 6.

Purchased at the first visit.

Crawfish Embellished Tee. I know this was popular last spring, and I was glad to see they had a few left last night at the new arrivals night. All of the sizes were gone except small. The small fits, but it is long. I believe if I ever get pregnant again, the crawfish will be able to be worn well into the last trimester. Definitely size down unless you have any thoughts of being pregnant again, or you have an especially long torso.

Bought last night.

You want to know the best part of all of this? Even spread out over two trips, and with 8 items, the tally was well lower than even one J. Crew Collection piece. YAY! It makes me feel fairly frugal. (Now I just have to figure out what I am going to sell to make way for these in my closet!)

Have a great Friday!