Friday, May 7, 2010

Shorts, Shorts, and a Pair of Dina Sandals (Because It is Fridays are for Feet, Of Course)...

Hi!!! How is everyone this fab Friday? I am substituting for the first time in ages. The kids have been a bit nuts, but it is May, they are in middle school, and it is Friday. I have seen it all before...and I can handle it, so all is good.

Onto the post...

There are two outfits, one mini-review of the Bling Button cardigan in Warm Peacock and one review of the "Dina" sandals. That's right, there are a pair of sandals with my name "written all over it." Well, woo hoo! ;)

You see this outfit? I wore this to the JCA get together at the Friendship Heights store on Saturday. Always such a good time hanging with the ladies. Summerilla and Slastena both did write-ups, so I will let their write-ups stay as the go-to source for the day...but do please look at the photo of all of us at Summer's blog. In it you will see that CW is kissing me. MELT! (What a perfect thing to see right before Mother's Day. I didn't even realize that it had been captured on film--or SD card--whatever!)

Size small. This is the Bling Button Cardigan in Warm Peacock. Umm, yummy color!!! And yummy fit. Just the right thing for covering up when it is warm outside but there is lots of AC in the buildings. (We have entered that time of year here in the DC area.) I saw this cardigan most recently on Ema and she looks great. Definitely give this one a try if you want a summer cardigan in cotton. The warm peacock is selling fast at the stores, supposedly, so bear that in mind.
Top: Size small. This is the giraffe print Hayworth cami that was hugely popular in the spring of 2009. The outlets did a version over the holiday season and I definitely did right by buying it. I see very little difference from the original (this one also ties in a bow in the back). Also in silk!
Shorts: Size 10. These are from J. Crew, spring 2006?
Shoes: Size 10. Aerosoles from last summer and super comfy!!!

So I often have pics that I don't publish because they are silly or over the top...but this one, I couldn't resist. You see what is in baby's hands (also in the prior photo)? Well, those are Rex's 3D spiderman "glasses." And you bet your bottom dollar that Rex was NONE to happy about it! That's him there in the back FREAKING out and running over to get them back. And that is me rolling my eyes. The next photo would have baby crying, except we stopped the camera at that point. Sigh. Little children. :)

Okay, this is the outfit with the Dina Gladiator Wedge sandals. :)

I was off to Rex's preschool yesterday and it was warm and yet because it was "Mother's Day" at school, I wanted to wear something special, yet comfortable, but nothing that would cause me to overheat. (Tall order!)

Size 6. I reviewed the Thicket Floral Perfect Shirt here. It appears to be selling fast on-line.
Shorts: Size 10. Same as the above shorts (which is how I justified putting these two outfits together).
Shoes: Size 10. Thanks to the wonderful AudreyBella, I discovered that there were a pair of sandals at Banana Republic with my name. Thank goodness I love the gladiator styling. (You already know that I LOVE wedge sandals--see last outfit for another example of that!) These are a bit edgy, and since most of my clothing veers towards sweet, there was an actual need for these. (Which is why I got the Alecias!) These fit TTS, in other words, they are what my size used to be (size 10). I could have gone with a 9.5, but I knew they could be adjusted, and since feet tend to swell in the summer, I knew that the 10 would make more sense overall. They also come in Brown, but I feel like I have enough brown sandals (again, going with need and not "want").

P.S. I am wearing the Colletto necklace, again. LOVE. Gigiofca did a great post on this necklace today.

P.P.S. Yes, baby is wearing a thicket bubble top, just like me. Yes, we were kind of a hit. I love doing this...and I am going to be sad when she stops wanting to do this. :(

Remember how I mentioned it was Mother's Day at preschool? It was so cute--they sang songs for us, they gave us yummy treats, and they even gave us a flower made with their cut-out hand print and decorated it with their fingerprints. So sweet!

This is a pic of me and Rex taken by his teacher. I LOVE IT! (I also love my tiara, even if it barely fit!)

And here is baby enjoying the treats. :) She even managed to keep her top clean! Awesome.

You all have a great Friday, and we will talk soon!