Friday, April 30, 2010

Fridays Are for Feet, Dani Neon/Cherry Blossom Style!

Wow! I received so many positive comments yesterday on my outfits, especially the Dauphine jacket one! :) THANK YOU! (I sort of feel like I should be wearing that outfit 24-7...heehee, just kidding, but I am definitely going to keep those proportions in mind when I want to be chic-er.)

Because April was CRAZY, I was unable to publish my two "cherry-blossom" themed outfits this year in a timely fashion. So you all know, the two-week Cherry Blossom festival is HUGE in the DC area, and this year it ended on APRIL 4, 2010. Yep, I am almost a month late in publishing these. Oh, well, better late than never. :)

It is "Fridays Are for Feet" day here at My Superfluities, so I figured I would highlight the Dani neon peep-toe heels today. I have already discussed how they fit (in the last Fridays Are for Feet post), but wanted you all to see just how cool the Danis are with the neon strap. SWOON. I love that pop of color against the ochre leather. Even better--if I tire of the neon strap (right, like that will happen)--I believe the strap could be removed by a shoe repair place and not ruin the integrity of the shoe (the other strap kind of secures your foot, if that makes sense). I took my new J. Crew size of 9.5 and it is perfect.

I wore these heels last week, also, and for a long time, and they were pretty darn comfy for heels. When I get a moment, I will post that outfit, but let's put it this way, expect to see me playing indoor "football" while wearing these heels. (And, no, I am not kidding.) :)

I love this outfit because head to toe I felt very put together. I also love the way the neon pink and red and ivory and ochre look together. Plus that Milla tank is so luscious. Yum. If clothing were a food, the Milla tank would be my first choice to eat.

Top: Size 8.
Skirt: Size 10, altered to fit like an 8.
Shoes: Size 9.5. Currently sold-out, but look for popbacks, this shoe is worth it.

Here I am with CW. We were headed out to Bethesda this day, and it was H-O-T if I remember correctly, like in the 80s (and this was EARLY April, so that is quite hot).

The next outfit was for the VERY first day of my "Spring Into Style" class, and I had no idea what the other teachers would be wearing, so I pulled this outfit together. I figured it was: business-like enough, stylish enough, special enough (that cardi is so, so pretty), and celebratory enough (yay for Cherry Blossoms--the petals on the cardi reminded me of cherry blossoms).

And here I am. I love the overall look, but next time I may opt for a denim skirt or a lighter colored pencil skirt. I feel like this pencil skirt, while very versatile normally, is a bit dark for the top and the shoes. Ah, well, was still fine. The kids in the class LOVED the cardigan, and that works for me.

BTW, isn't CW precious in that Gymboree patchwork onesie? I love LOVE their kids clothing lines. :)

Cardigan: Size small. To see a mini-review of it, look below the next photo.
Skirt: Size 8.
Cami: Size medium.
Shoes: Size 10.

I believe I had written over at Gigi's Gone Shopping and at Sum Sunshine that I could never envision buying the forget me not cardigan from J. Crew as I was sure its very delicate nature plus my darling overactive toddlers could not go together, and while I still very much believe that, I do have a few times a week where I am away from them, so I went ahead and got it. I love the very girly nature of this cardigan, and was surprised at how well made the darn thing was (I am comparing it to the chiffon hot messes of J. Crew's "embellished" cardigans and tees from last spring).

It is currently sold-out, but I found mine on ebay for a really, REALLY good price. I have no idea how some of these sellers can sell these items for so cheap, but I assume they are either re-sellers and they go to the clearance centers A LOT or they are J. Crew employees who "turn" their "clothes" on the black market. Hmm...

Okay, enough said. You all have a fab, lovely day. It looks to be another hot one for us here in the NOVA area, so I look forward to wearing a floaty Liberty of London for Target dress tonight. Talk soon...