Friday, April 9, 2010

A Tank Two Ways!

You all! I am so busy...and truly sorry for taking so long to publish. It has been a LONG time since I have taken such a break. :P At least I have a cool, stylish reason for this break, but still, I have missed you!!! :)

Spring Into Style is going well...the kids are fab and all very sweet. I even have one little boy in my class, and he is very passionate about creating looks for both men and women alike. To see such creativity and expression at 8, 9, and 10 years old is amazing!

Above is the polyvore from an outfit I wore on a Saturday a few weeks ago. It was still a bit cold out and I knew that no matter what, I would need a coat and tights. :) I love this tank, and found it the perfect pick-me-up on that day. Plus, it looks fab with grey and denim, so the overall look was very lovely.

Here is the tank with the jeans, constellation cardigan, and the animal print flats. Very comfy, but with that bit of bling on the cardi, a little special, too!

Tank: Size small.
Cardigan: Size small.
Denim: Size 30.
Shoes: Size 40. (These were the shoes that ran REALLY big by Boden.)

And I had to make sure CW matched!!! ;)

Too cold to wear the outfit on its own, so I paired it with one of my favorite spring coats, EVER. This is an Anthropologie find, brand Elevenses, that I bought 5 (???) years ago. LOVE this color, print, fabric, cut, etc. Unfortunately, I had to put it DEEP in the closet until I lost all the way...this coat is cut very close, and has only recently fit again. I am wearing a 6 here.

Does anyone remember what catalog or season this coat is from? Or even better, know the name of it? I would love to find an image of it...

And here is the other way I wore this tank, paired with the short, full indigo skirt by J. Crew, and the tie-front cashmere cardigan in black. The tights are grey, and make the skirt seem less revealing.

Cardigan: Size small.
Skirt: Size 8.
Tights: Size Medium/Tall.

Have a great day, all. Hope to get back and publish soon...there is A LOT ready to go! :)