Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Best (Times Two) Plus a Snowscape Tank for a Spring Day!

Oh, the insanity! I start my "Spring Into Style" class tomorrow, and I am crazy busy. In fact, right now I made the informed choice to STOP moving and sit down and do something unrelated to tomorrow. My kids and hubby are at a BBQ. Yes, that is how busy I am, I SKIPPED A BBQ. :P

For those of you wondering, the "Spring Into Style" class is for 3rd-5th-graders at a local school that has an extended spring break. Instead of having the kids twiddle their thumbs the last two weeks of vacation, people like me can suggest classes and if enough interest is there, your class is a "go." I guess mine piqued enough curiosity! :)

Untitled by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Above is the polyvore of our Easter Best (well, mine, but you can see CW's in the photos). I was fortunate enough to locate the Tessellated Shirtdress that I had been in love with for years by simply doing a google search for it, seeing that lilaccupcake (yes, she who runs the J. Crew Aficionada polyvore group) had tried to sell hers over last summer, private messaging her, and then lo and behold, she was willing to still sell me it! :) This is such an amazing dress, very mid-century inspired (and you know me, gaga for mid-century things).

Dress: Size 8. This Plenty Frock by Tracy Reese seems to run one size too small, a lot like some of the J. Crew dresses. It's weird, the dress will be fine in the bust and hips, but the ribcage is too tight in a 6. I am really glad lilaccupcake was selling an 8. :)
Cardigan: Size small.
Shoes: Size 9.5.

Look at CW!!! Gah. I found that dress at Target for $18!

And here we are without cardigans. We kept the cardigans on at church, but were able to take them off later because it got pretty warm here today (highs in the 70s and full-on sunshine--yes!!!).

And here is a totally random outfit from Thursday! :) I figured I could at least tie the two outfits together with the fact that both have lavender cardigans.

Size 4. This tank is fits really well overall, but the bustline seams are really high high up enough that they seem sort of useless (and I have very little up top, so I get "useless"). Other than that, I would say size down if you find this top. I normally wear a 6 in Anthro tops, and this I had no problem with the 4.
Pants: Size 10. I love you, Target pants.
Cardigan: Size Medium. I own this featherweight cashmere short-sleeved cardigan in four colors (there were A LOT of them left over in final sale for really REALLY good prices)...lavender, slate, navy, and spicy olive. This proportion goes with a lot of my outfits so the cost per wear is really low. And since this area has 6 months of hot, insane hot, or crazy fiery hot (started here last week), the cardi is great for when you have to be indoors in the AC, but need something lightweight enough that you won't swelter in the humidity.
Shoes: Size 10.

I had spent this day with Rex, just doing mommy/son things. It was amazing. He really is a very well-behaved boy when it is just the two of us. I truly believe he acts out more when CW is around (which is just something he will have to learn to deal with). :)

I love this photo because they decided to impromptu dance, a la the Minuet, while I was having the photos done. So sweet! (Rex must have known that it was a mommy/son day because he is not normally so nice to his lil sis...)

I hope I can post tomorrow, but I would doubt it. The backlog of outfits begins anew. Sigh. They will be posted, promise...just like my two posts for mid-Century mom will get posted.

You all have a great Sunday night, and HAPPY EASTER!