Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some (J. Crew) In Store Only Items--IRL Photos and Info!!!

Let's jump right in, shall we? :)

Armed with a bunch of returns, and a 20% off new store opening coupon, I ventured to Fair Oaks mall (in Fairfax, VA) to check things out at the newest J. Crew. (Which, as an aside, is quite beautiful, bleached wood, wide-planked wooden floors, bright lighting, and clean white walls.)

Here is what I found (some of which I decided to keep)!

Above is the polyvore of the four items I kept. When you see the IRL photos, plus the explanation, you will see why I kept them and not the other things I tried...

Ooh, JCA is all a-buzz (bzzz, bzzz) over this Jaipur Paisley Helena skirt. Yes, I totally bought into the crewlade on this one. :) The colors are perfect for spring and summer, and the pattern is like nothing I have owned before. The fabric is lightweight and linen, meaning that if it is 100+ degrees outside, I won't swelter if I wear this skirt.

I bought an 8. There was no 6, but I know the 6 would have fit. I liked the 8, though, because I can scooch it down on my hips, making the length longer (this is a short skirt if you wear it at your waist and you are 5'8").

This skirt reminds me a lot of the linen skirt I bought from J. Crew last summer (and wore all the freaking time).

Here it is with the tank layered over it (don't worry, I am not really planning on wearing this color top with this skirt). I did this so you could see that the waistband isn't too bulky, so if you like to untuck, you can.

This skirt retails for $88.00, and is in store only for now. Hopefully it makes it on-line at some point.

Next, the celosia cardigan in cool breeze (CBR?). I have the celosia in papaya AND honey. I love this cardigan. I think it is the collar. It is not overdone, yet gives enough drama to elevate it from being *just* a cardigan. I love to button up my celosias, especially with a printed pencil skirt. Supposedly this cardigan color is in store only, but my, it certainly looks an awful lot like the aqua one that was for sale (now sold out) on line.

It was on sale for $69.99. I believe this was the last one in the store, which is why I bought the medium. I would have preferred the small, but the difference between small and medium is very hard to see. (In fact, I bet it is only a wee bit bigger through the waist and I bet the medium is a bit longer...the smalls I own fit EXACTLY the same way through the bust, shoulders, and hips.)

All right, I did NOT buy this skirt. I thought it was SO pretty, and so that is why you see it on me. If you have the right body for this skirt, GO FOR IT. Basically, if you are 5'5" or shorter, have narrow hips and a bigger waist, this is your skirt.

I tried this J. Crew Collection skirt on in a size 8. It fit, but poorly. It was far too large in the waist and just a bit too tight in the hips (which is why you see the lines across the front). Plus the fabric is terribly unforgiving, so I would have had to size up and really take in the waist to make this skirt work for me. Such a shame. That said, it must not have worked for a lot of folks because it is on sale for $49.99, which if you do look good in it, would be an incredible deal!

Oh, this gorgeous strapless dress. So beautiful. You break my heart, my pretty. Yes, I know it looks good in the photo. Some of you will call me crazy for leaving it behind. My hubby even liked me in it.

I tried this strapless, body skimming sheath dress in a size 6. It definitely fit in all the right places...except in the ONE place where a strapless dress should fit...yep, the bust. If I kept my arms at my side while wearing this dress, I would be set...except who does that? I raised my arms in the fitting room, and well, gave myself a little show. SHOCK!

The only way I could conceive of paying for this dress is on a STEEP discount. I would then take the money I saved and purchase some grosgrain fabric ribbon in brown and have my tailor add straps (wouldn't that be pretty?).

Why, oh, why, J. Crew? Couldn't you have made this into a strappy dress? Sob.

Okay, ladies and gents...I listened. Now that I have a 20% coupon, I bought the purple checked blouse you all went nutso for when I wore it last. Turns out it does look good buttoned up...when I wear it with minnies, all classic and 1950s like. :)

Now, no one has talked about this coat. Why? This is the Beene coat, and is a very retro, pretty spring coat. Even though it is white (usually the nemesis color of any mom), it is a very durable fabric so it can withstand the toddlers.

It was originally $178.00, but must have been overlooked by everyone, so now it is down to $119.99. I bought this in a 6. The 4 fit fine, but the back blouses out, so it looked a bit too blousey in the 4, and more slimming in the 6. Does that last sentence even make sense? (I confess, I am drinking a glass of wine while penning this post--I am also outside amongst the pollen-friendly oak trees of our neighborhood--maybe I should have made a warning--"Do not mix pollen, wine, blogging and Dina." LOL.)

I didn't capture any pics of it closed...but I prefer it open. :)

And, yep, I wore an outfit to shop, so here it is.

Top: Size Small. This is the strewn leaves blouse in red by Anthropologie. Very pretty, even if I do have to fuss a bit with the collar. :)
Pants: Size 8. I have recently purchased the minnies in the tall size (the khaki color) in a size 6, and they fit well. Hmm.
Shoes: Size 10.

There is CW, mixing patterns again. ;)

Have a nice Sunday, all. I have three more days of Spring Into Style left. Wish us luck!