Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A One Day Early Sneak Peek into J. Crew's May 2010 Catalog...

There must be armed guards around these catalogs now if I am the first person doing a sneak peek of a J. Crew catalog. Normally I am one of the last to receive them, either through mail or the store, so for me to receive one from the nicest, most pleasant SA in the world (no joke, either, she is AMAZING with my kids--worth everything to a mom) was just awesome.

But I still had the feeling that someone, anyone out there in the JCA universe would have scanned the images from this catalog by now. NOPE!

Okay, fine, I can at least scan a couple of images for you all. *Note* I say a couple, because that is all I can do. 1. The catalog comes out tomorrow on-line because the new arrivals come out on-line tomorrow, or so says my very capable and hard-working personal shopper (on-line), so I didn't have the energy to scan the whole catalog knowing that in less than 20 hours you all could see all the images for yourself. 2. But I love a good sneak peek, so here goes...(10 images my kids let me scan before they had some sort of toddler crisis, lol).

Front Cover: GORGEOUS SHOT. Taken in the Turks and Caicos, which based upon the copy in Jenna's picks, was where she and her fam took a vacay earlier this year. That backpack is silk satin. :)

Umm, I guess I am saying good-bye to my Poppy Liberty Jacket from last spring. I can get one that fits correctly and is green and pink paisley? Umm, yes, please. :)

I went ahead and bought this tank in three separate colors during the tee/tank promo a few weeks back. This is a great tank to wear on its own, but more importantly, can transition to fall and winter as a layering piece under all the great cardis J. Crew comes out with.

Oh, wow. I am seeing double. Didn't Target's Liberty of London collaboration have this exact suit? Oh, wait, yes it did. See here. I do like the J. Crew version, too. I have a feeling this one will stay up easier, but it is almost $80 more.

I have had my eye on this racerback jersey gown for some time. And now I am officially smitten. Oh, and the one on the right is sure pretty, too. AppGal, are we in love or what???

Jenna's picks, page one. I do have to say that sequined jacket is sure pretty. And expensive. One of you go and enjoy it for me, please!

Jenna's picks, page two. Doesn't do much for me, but maybe someone else out there...

I love this look. The subtle sequined top, the cardi, the necklace, the pants, the shoes, and the purse. Now if I only had over $600 to put it all together. Oh, wait...except for those purple pants, I can replicate this is called "shop your closet." :)

You all know the lovely, gorgeous Suzy from her blog, right? Well, lucky me and CW got to meet her last night at Tyson's for an outing. Suzy is in town for a couple of days and polyvore messaged me to get together. Of course I said "you betcha!"

Here is a photo of us at J. Crew all happy and excited because CW looks just darling in her headband, she and I just scored the Tweed Dauphine jackets in our "sizes" (quotation marks because she and I both went much smaller than we normally wear--me, a size 2--I know!), and we had just received the catalog you all are spying with your eyes right now in this post.

Oh, and p.s., look at her Fenton-Fallon for J. Crew necklace. Isn't it just really, really cool?

Suzy, thank you for such a great night!

And here is my outfit I wore...

Jacket: Decade Dot Jacket, Size 6. Bought from a very cool JCA. It was in PERFECT condition. Thank you! :)
Shirt: Size Medium. A bit baggy as this is the perfect fit tee from 2005, and these stretch out a lot (great for pregnancy, not so much for me right now).
Pants: Size 31.
Shoes: Size 9.5. Only pair of Sergio Rossi shoes I own and they are them off ebay in EUC condition for a song.
Necklace: From Target. It is a necklace of shells, fish, and turquoise beading. Came out recently and is on clearance now. Does anyone know what collaboration line this is from? I must have missed it.

Have a great day, and enjoy the new arrivals tomorrow.