Friday, April 16, 2010

Cleo and Dani Make an Appearance on Fridays Are for Feet!

Oh, I feel so timely writing this post. I think if it weren't for the fact that I have seen NO reviews of these shoes, I wouldn't even bother writing these up. :)

Yesterday was fab. I loved it! Hung out with my kids for the first time during the workweek since I started my awesome Spring Into Style class (which is now over--and yes, the runway show was amazing, and yes, my outfit for the show will be presented to you all at some point). Since it was just the perfect temperature to hang outside with the kids yesterday (high in the 70s and very sunny), I took them to a park near us called Huntley Meadows, which if you live in the NOVA region and have not been must go and stat. It is a protected preserve with both abundant forests AND a wetland (complete with a boardwalk). Sadly, we didn't make it all the way to the wetland (the kids were a bit tired by the time we got there), but we did take a quick jaunt through the forest. :) Baby CW was really mad when we left...I guess I know who I have to take there more often.

Above is me and Rex after the walk. He ACTUALLY wanted to pose for a pic with me. Yay, Rex!

Above is the outfit I wore...all oldies but goodies, except of course for the Cleo Platform Shoes.

Sizes and info (no time for a polyvore):
: The infamous Coccodrillo printed cardigan from last summer. Compared to what J. Crew is churning out now, this print almost looks sort of tame. :) Size Medium.
Tee: I forget the name, but I find this shade of caspian blue very flattering, and I love the black silk floral applique on the front. Proof that you can and should wear navy and black together. Size small.
Pants: Scout Chinos (in regular length). I own these in the tall length, and it adds about three inches to the inseam, making them the perfect ankle length pants. These are just regular capris in the shorter, normal inseam. Size 8.
Shoes: Size 10. And they are a bit too short in length. SHOCK! I actually have a pair of shoes from J. Crew that fits me in a size 10...just like old times.

Close up of the Cleo Platform Sandals. 1. Get your normal, pre-vanity foot size J. Crew size. For me this is a ten. I have been wearing 9s and 9.5s 2005 I almost exclusively wore 10s or 11s in J. Crew shoes. Admittedly my feet have shrunk a bit, but not enough for me to be wearing 9s, for crying out loud. 2. These are just wonderful shoes. I love the comfort, I love the color, and I love how they are pretty on the feet. 3. I was 6 feet tall in these. YAY. Eye to eye with Mr. Dina. (And Jenna Lyons, in flats. Heehee.) 4. I walked all over God's green earth yesterday and did not feel it. They are perfection for a mom on the go!

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago, but since I did the review of the Dani Peep Toe Shoes in this outfit, I thought I would at least show you how I styled it.

Sizes and Info:
Shirt: Mushroom Printed Button-Down Nehru collared shirt from the outlet. I bought this off ebay. I love this print, but missed out on it when it was at the "real" J. Crew back in 2007. Now does anyone have a mushroom printed skirt in a size 10 that they want to sell me???
Pants: 7 For All Mankind Bootcut Jeans. Based on this pic, it appears these need to go into my postpartum closet. Size 32.
Shoes: Size 9.5. Perfect fit in my "new" J. Crew shoe size.

One shot of the Dani suede and leather heels in Irish Moss. Love the cone heel and I adore the stretchy bit there on the side...great for expanding feet (especially during pregnancy and if you are on your feet all day).

Another view from the other side. Very pretty and girly, eh?

And a front shot. I wish I had the time to get a pedicure. My toes are all bare and sad looking. :( Mother's day gift, anyone???

Some thoughts on this the color, love the retro details, and appreciate the cone heel, as that makes this a very comfy shoe. Here is an odd thing, though. I bought these about two months ago and on sale for...$105.00. It was on sale for $150 and J. Crew was running a 30% off all sale items promo, so there you go, $105.00. Now this heel is back to its original (and slightly insane) price of $215.00. Huh???

I also have the Dani neon leather heels in the neon pink color. I will be doing that review when I finally get around to showing my cherry blossom themed outfits (the pink in the strap was perfection with the ochre pencil skirt and bright pink silk top I wore that day). The Dani heels in neon have NEVER been on sale, so I had to grab (probably their last pair of 9.5s) those at full price. Yes, I know, it hurt me too. (But they are amazing!!!) Oh, and I provided that link at the beginning of the paragraph because they may popback one day, and you all should make grabby hands towards them...

Have a great day. Coming tomorrow? A new blog/business venture for My Superfluities (grand launch is happening between 4 and 7 pm Eastern time). Wish me luck!