Thursday, April 22, 2010

Casual Sequins Times Two!!!

Hey, you all. Glad you enjoyed yesterday's preview of today's J. Crew roll-out of May 2010 items. :) I woke up all ready to go and may have spied a few items I just love...including the Liberty Floral Daze Cardigan (how pretty and I think even though it is similar to the Target print, the colors pop more on this one) and the pants and shorts in the orchid shadow color. That color is divine!

I have for you tonight two very recent outfits that are me to the core. Very sparkly, very fun, somewhat dressy, but still has a very distinct casual edge to it.

The first outfit was worn by me on Tuesday for a day with Rex. I knew it would be a busy, crazy day, but I still felt like dressing up a tiny bit, but I knew the day's activities meant I had to be comfy. Enter my newest purchases (actually one is REALLY OLD, but was on a waitlist forever), plus my standby black resin wash toothpick ankle jeans by J. Crew from this last winter.

Top: Jaspé sequined slouchy sweatshirt, Size small. I waited for this for over four months. I bought this on a super promo back in December and waited and waited and waited... The wait was worth it. This has a lovely combo of both cozy and special. BTW, you know I have sequin OCD and if sequins even look like they will come off, I freak out, right? These sequins are applied in a random pattern and in such a way that they are all stitched in a continuous line (if you look on the inside of the sweatshirt you can see this). The workmanship is there, and definitely deserves Collection status, in my opinion. I also love the scoop neckline, so flattering.
Pants: Size 31. These are good workhorse denim pants.
Shoes: Lux shimmerveil ballet flats, Size 9.5. I would NEVER have bought these at full price, or even the current sale price. They had been on promo for $198, and then came along the awesome 30% off sale items, and yep, these guys went down to a much more reasonable $130. These are all leather, and well made. The do run a bit tight, but I know since it is all leather, the shoes will kind of become one with my foot. By the end of the day, these felt way better to me than at the beginning. I personally love the shimmerveil leather, just a hint of shine, and a very soft feel. I have the shimmerveill charmed mini-bag and it is the same exact leather. I think they are Collection worthy (came in a silver box--woo!), but even still, the original price was CRAZY!

I guess CW was shy that morning. ;)

I wore the above outfit on my RUNWAY show day of my Spring Into Style class. I figured if the kids were going to be dressed very swank and pretty and strut confidently, then so must I.

Size small. This is the slub cotton v-neck long cardigan from January 2010's rollout? Anyhow, I remember this cardigan selling out pretty quick, I think if J. Crew prices things well and they are well-made, they will sell out.
Top: Size Petite Medium, which in Ann Taylor Loft world means a regular size small. Huh. Great top. I know a lot of you out there own it and love it...consider me a member of your club. No sequin OCD, btw, this top, like the jaspe above, has very secure sequins. Phew.
Pants: Size 30 Tall. I love LOVE these stretch toothpick ankle jeans in the twilight wash.
Shoes: Size 9.5. Love how the spearmint pops against the neutrals of the rest of the outfit.

The kids and staff at the school loved the outfit, but at first many, many people were all, "what is she wearing?" Then, seeing me on stage as the MC for the fashion show, little light bulbs went off. :)

Baby matches, too, all pretty in peacock.

Have a great night. Talk soon!