Thursday, April 1, 2010

Since it Now Appears We Have Tank Weather, How About a Review of the Perfect-fit Swirling Petals Tank?

And with the world's longest blog title, comes the world's shortest review of a J. Crew tank, ever.
One word for this tank: AWESOME.

Okay, I kid. I have more to say. (It is April Fool's Day and have been unable to fool anyone...until now...heehee.)

Size: Small. I happen to also own this tank in the light grey (or stone) color. Interesting story about me and customer service. If you suck at your job, then I won't buy from you. I had really wanted this in the brown color when this tank came out, but when I went to Tyson's, I asked one of the young ladies that works there to please see if she could find it for me in the brown in a size small (all they had out were x-smalls and mediums) and she sort of huffed, "yeah, but I am going on break, so this is me going out of my way for you." Then I, taken aback, told her, "well, okay, thank you, I will be over there waiting for you." (Keep in mind I was with my testy kids that day.) After five minutes and she had not returned and my kids were ready to kill me or each other, I went ahead and said, "fine, I will try on the light grey and forget about the brown." Well, I did like the light grey, and it works on so many levels, by itself, under cardis, under button-downs, I justified it as an acceptable extra purchase, knowing full well at some point I would buy the brown.

When the people behind the counter asked if anyone helped me, I said, "no...not really." (I worked in retail, and I LOVED it, so I don't want to hear I am not sympathetic...I have been there, and have my lunch-time taken from me, too.)

So while I am at the J. Crew in Vegas, I spy it, in the small in the brown color!!! Woop-woop! :)

I love this color, as well, and can see it working just as well as its lighter sister (or brother???).

So you know, I am wearing a bra-cami under the tank, and it is hidden completely. Awesome. How many tanks can you do that with?

Oh, and I love the embellishments. Under a cardi they look especially pretty.

And since tomorrow is supposed to be JUST. AS. GORGEOUS. as today...well, my winter-sad shoulders will be able to see the sun when I wear this out to take CW to her dr. appt. (HeidiG., I will wear sunscreen, promise.)

Have a great rest of the day, you all! :)