Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jaipur Perfect Shirt and a Mystery Gingham Shirt...Plus a Little Sunshine (Award, That Is)!

I did NOT buy either of these two shirts, but honestly, I was tempted. If they go on sale, ever, I *might* pick one or both of them up. But at full price, no way, Jose.

First up is the Jaipur Perfect shirt. This is on-line and retails full price at $88.00. That is a chunk of change for a shirt I am only somewhat interested in.

I wore it in a size 6, and it fit well. The only reason those last two buttons are unbuttoned is because I was in too much of a hurry to do them all up. Lazy! :)

I found this to be a BEAUTIFUL pattern, and in real life, it has a stunning mix of off-white, lilac, and a deep rose color. What bugged me was how transparent this top was...seems if you have a lighter-colored top, it would make sense to use a thicker fabric than silk-cotton, but who am I to judge? It is way more transparent than the sunshine peonies top, for reference. This will bug a lot of you, I have a feeling.

I did appreciate that the pattern lined up. That shows a nice amount of care went into the creation of this shirt.

Next up is the in-store only color of purple in the gingham shirt. I really REALLY liked this top layered over the tank and with the collar turned up, but I felt like for $69.50 I would need to love it both opened and closed. And I definitely did not. Had this top been $40, I could have swallowed that cost for a top I only wear open and with the collar popped. Not for almost $30 more.

See! I am like a big ole block when it is buttoned-up. NO way, Jose, double time. :)

I am wearing a size 6, very comfy, but no definition through the waist.

I doubt I would be able to get this on-sale. For one, I rarely get to the store and it is in store only, and two, I think this is an insanely popular blouse and will be sold out well before it goes on sale. But if any of you ladies ever in the future get tired of yours and want to sell me in EUC shape, then drop me an e-mail. Thank you from 2011!

Last, but certainly not least, I received an amazingly cute blog award from two sweety-pies, Suzy and Peggy. Their blogs are sunshine to me, so I really am honored to have been honored by them.

If I follow your blog, you have won this award. Seriously. I have something like 100 blogs I follow and every single one of you all bring me joy whenever you publish a post. So thank you, and I expect to see at least some of you accept this award (I doubt, though, that my favorite mid-century modern architecture blogs will be accepting them--LOL). :)

Have a great day. I have two outfits created from a tank and a pair of shoes to show off later today!