Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quick Thoughts and Styling Advice on the Liberty of London for Target Line...

I feel like I am doubly fortunate this morning...not only did I get to get the first batch of Liberty of London for Target on Wednesday morning as they were putting out the items, I was able to do the same darn thing this morning. Even though the Targets I visited are only about four miles distance from each other, the Target at Skyline was VERY determined on not putting out any Liberty of London items until this morning.

Well, as you know, we SPRUNG FORWARD in time last night which means that if you are lucky (haha) enough to have a toddler who doesn't give a rat's patooty on whether or not you are ready to be awake, you will be up in time to get to Target as they are opening. (At 8 am, or as your body feels, 7 am.)

When I arrived at (new time) 8:15 am, we were amongst the first people in Target. WHOO-HOO! And as we walked in, there they were, just like Wednesday, gleaming rods of steel and floral prints. But this time there was MORE. :)

So I am going to now link you to the website links for the items, tell you a bit about them, sizing advice, and even throw in some girls' (!!!) pieces that you may want to know more about.

I want to remind you to look at my IRL photos for the first few that I found on Wednesday. I have been in a chaotic state of mind all week (I feel like my 15-year old self, ready to write down all my angst in my dina's dramatic diary), so I haven't retaken any photos of me in the rest of the Liberty of London for Target stuff, but once I just get over myself, I will. Promise.

Also, I am having a giveaway later this evening or tomorrow of a Liberty of London for Target housewares product (one of the pillows) be on the look-out for that, as well. (I hate doing clothes--those with sizes--giveaways because I feel like I am not allowing a good portion of my readers to participate.)

One more thing, Naomi Watts was at the grand opening of the Pop-Up Liberty of London for Target store in NYC. There are a lot of really cool images of her, the store, people buying lots and lots of floral printed items, etc. at this link. (Also, did you notice that she is wearing the black peocock print tunic that I wore in my IRL post? I know! Fun! Of course, she must be small, it was really long on her!) It was a lot of fun to look at...and it really helped me focus on what I really, really wanted. :)

Okay, so enough jabbering, dinagideon.

1. Liberty of London for Target® Sateen Shift Dress - Yellow Dunclare Print I love this. Super-high quality for the low, low price of $34.99. Made of Cotton sateen, with a bit of Spandex for stretch, this is forgiving, classic, and versatile (hello, Church, dinners, and PTA meetings). I bought a size 6. This is another example of this line being generous in the hip area. The bodice fit beautifully, and I am a size 32B/C. I am 5'8" and the skirt hit right above my knee.

2. Liberty of London for Target® Halter Maxi Dress -Turquoise Isis Print This is simply beautiful. Unreal that this is $34.99. A lot less versatile than the sateen shift dress, this is still a lovely piece for nights out or day weddings (maybe with a shrug or shawl--it is backless). It is a poly piece, so if that bugs you, this one is out. I bought a size 6, and it is the perfect length, just skimming the floor in the back of the dress, with the front hem of the dress hitting right around my knee. The halter strap also has two button holes, so if you are like me and don't have a long neck to bust length, you are not forgotten! You can use the second hold to make the halter a bit tighter. (Thank goodness!)

This also comes in petite sizes, which is great, because it is a L-O-N-G dress. :)

(No image.)
3. Liberty of London for Target® Ruffle Halter Dress - Multi Color Sixty Print I actually bought this on Wednesday, but I couldn't get the camera to stay still, so the IRLs are extremely blurry. I bought it in a small, and I definitely recommend going your size to one size smaller if you are a bit tinier on top. This has a full skirt, so there will be no worries about clinginess there. You definitely don't want to have any issues with the top, so bear that in mind when buying on-line or in store. There is an adjustable halter strap (tied, not buttoned). This is the piece that the lady was wearing on the boat in the ads, so it could be a sell-out for that reason (people saw that image over and over, so it may be stuck in their minds that this is the item they really, really is pretty, but is not my very favorite piece). This is a great casual sundress, pretty and fun.

4. Liberty of London for Target® One Piece Swimsuit - Turquoise Isis Print OMG. This is such a high-quality piece of swimwear, I am blown away. I know swimwear, too (hello, many years of coaching swimming). It is a nice blend of nylon and spandex, plus it is lined in the coziest fabric (that is also teal). The size small fit well. I am short-torsoed, so I knew that the medium would probably be too long, and it was (a bit). They seem to be sizing their swimwear on chest size, so go with that measurement. Oh, and my pet peeve, if you will allow it...never, ever buy your swimwear too large. Swimwear will stretch out, eventually, and you will be left with a saggy, awful looking mess on your body. Trust me on this. ;) Okay, rant over. There is a halter strap with it. I plan on using the halter strap, but I suppose if you have more up top you may not need the strap.

(No image.)
5. Liberty of London for Target® Tiered Ruffle Keyhole Tank - Multi-Color Fairford I had the same thoughts on this piece as I did on the other version of it. So click on over to see that! :)

Okay, I had promised you links to girls clothing, but upon searching the website, I can't find them. Irksome.

Here is the deal (I will take photos later of the spoils from the girls' section)...the x-large dresses and tops fit me PERFECTLY...even in the hip area. One of the dresses is so flattering, in fact, that it may be my very favorite item from the line. Love it. I know that some of you have been finding the girls' Liberty of London for Target stuff to be a great fit...let us know what you are buying and what size you took. I have a feeling many of you smaller ladies could wear a large in the girls sizing and no one would be any wiser. :)

My Target did not have much in the way of housewares (just some pillows and the bedding). There was NO bags or accessories or men's clothing.

Some links you may find helpful, as well: Gigiofca posted on this line, as did Target Addict (of course!), kittykat of I Can Boil Water, LindseyB. of Objects of My Closet's Affection, and Kathy at Two Hands Full of Daisies. Sweet Tea in Seattle and Peggy of She Hath Done What She Could have both posted like other words, multiple times. :) So get thee to their sites for more info on this awesome line. Did I neglect to add someone? Could you please add a link to your site in the comments? Thank you!

I hope that helped some of you this morning. Talk soon!


Anonymous said...

I went to Target at 9 this morning. And there was NO ONE. Ohioans are so ill-informed about clothing opportunities! I tried on just about everything in the ladies section and nothing really fit my fancy UNTIL the swimsuits. The peacock one piece is gorgeous! It is so soft and so flattering (covers my whole derriere!)! I also liked the really colorful tankini. Then I moseyed to the girls section for kicks. I was in love! I found this darling green-yellow-pink patterned dress with plaited straps. I bet this is the dress you are talking about! It's beautiful and only $17! I fit in a large (5'3" 115 lb 33-23-25) and it fit like a dream! I got two adorable girl tops as well. If you are petite, check out the girls section! Can't wait to see the IRL, Dina. Without you and your love of Liberty, I never would have looked at Target in the first place.

dinagideon said...

Anon: YAY! Oh I am so happy for you! :)

The dress you described from the girls' section IS the dress I just LOVE. Isn't it super-flattering? And the plaited straps, plus great construction, for only $17? SWOON!

(I also got one for baby CW when she is older...had to!)

tastymoog said...

I went to 3 targets this morning, between 8am and 9:45. There was one other young lady at the first one, and we chatted a bit about how lame the selection was.

Sadly, I was outsized of the floral sheath dress. :/

It was at the third Target that we found men's and a large amount of accessories and housewares.

Anonymous said...

These prints remind me of Lily Pulitzer--which don't do much for me! The one print I do find interesting though is the Peacock Print and the Halter dress looked CUTE CUTE on you!

dinagideon said...

Tastymoog: Go to the girls' section. Try on the large dresses and tops. They will fit you! (I can see why the sheath dress would be too large...a 6 fits me perfect...length, etc. If you wear a size 0 or 2 in J. Crew dresses, these will be too large in a size 0 or 2. So sad!)

Yogagirl: Thank you. Wait till you see the peacock print halter maxi dress I picked is glam and special. You will LOVE it!

tastymoog said...


yea, I saw those, but the sheath was more my style. I did try on a skirt in the girl's section, but the colors weren't doing it for me. Alas! (Like I need another dress, hehe.) :)

At all of the stores I have visited, it seems like the housewares have been selling the best.

Pamela said...

The one store I went to this morning didn't have the sheath in the yellow motif- only pink, and of course I bought it! Although, if I can find the yellow, I'll get that one too. The style is perfect and work appropriate. My store didn't have the coat either. Oh well! Just means more fun searching later!!! There were a few women at the store specifically for LoL at 8am. It was actually kinda fun!!! I'm doing IRL pics later or tomorrow. Can't wait to see yours!!

ashley said...

i stood in the pouring rain and was one of the first to get to the Liberty stuff. my bf and I had a strategy for him to get the cart while i ran over to the racks. i got a few things but i'm glad i tried stuff on because some of the fits were a bit off. people were going crazy for the patterned covered boxes it was sheer madness. my fav item is the umbrella, i love it!

Anonymous said...

I ordered both of the halter blouses and the pink knee length halter dress online. I was worred they wouldn't have my size at the stores. Then I visited the Skyline Target to see what else they had. As it turns out, they had plenty of everything.

I picked up the ruffled keyhole top and another ruffled halter dress in the yellow print. I tried the one piece swimsuit in peacock and it is truly gorgeous and such a great deal. Even though the dresses and blouses are polyester, I was surprised at how good the fabric felt. It was definitely on the thicker side, similar to silk twill and the quality was much better than normal for Target. I really love this line and I hope LofL collaborates with Target in the future! Thanks for your IRL pics. It really helped me with sizing for my online purchases!

Stephanie said...

I went to the Target in Rockville MD around noon today and the Liberty racks and shelves were almost totally empty all over the store. I assumed since the stock was so low that they must have put stuff out early. Well I found two girls on the other side of the store with their dad. They had three carts completely full of Liberty stuff. They had taken it ALL. They were talking to their dad saying "Mom just wants us to buy it all and then return what we decide we don't want later." So disgusting! I of course left with nothing. :-(

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I meant to say 33-23-35. 25 is an impossibly small hip size! The girls dress is such a fabulously constructed garment. I can imagine how cute you and CW will look in your matching dresses! It's such a shame that people are loading up their carts just to sell it all for an inflated price. But hey, when the commodity is hot, might as well give it a try! I can't believe nearly everything is wiped out online.

HeidiG said...

Looks like I will be out of luck since I prob won't get there until tomorrow mid-day, but ah well, guess I'm not meant to add this to my wardrobe... Although I am curiuos about the comforter sets since we'll be re-painting E's room later in the spring...

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

I actually ordered the 2 main pieces I was interested in (the Keyhole Jumpsuit and Smocked Top Tiered Dress) this morning online in case they were sold out before I got to my Target. Well, when I did get to Target about 1pm it looked as if EVERYTHING was STILL there! No looked as if they hadn't sold any of the merchandise yet. The SA told me they put it all out yesterday and hadn't restocked, either. Too funny, huh? I can see some greatly discounted Liberty of London in my future. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Liberty Fabrics are kind of loud so the general population of different areas might not be so fond of it. I found lots at my store and did not like the quality at all and/or the fit. I did not buy just b/c...Maybe on super sale but not even Targets full price. I just don't get the over excitedness of some on this line. (maybe it is b/c I own some pieces I bought in London and these just don't compare???)

Jen said...

I checked out Target at about noon today & saw a bunch of really cute dresses - unfortunately, I was with my husband on a supply run & he was in NO mood for dress shopping. I did slide in an adorable pair of pink floral Liberty wellies, though. With the mud in full blossom in these parts, it was a no brainer.

Em said...

I bought from the girls' dept too and I am NOT petite... 5'9", 4-6 in J.Crew sizes. I bought a dress in XL and it fits perfectly. Sooo cute and it was like, $15 or something ridiculous like that.

I was at a Target in Bristol, VA and NO ONE ELSE was looking at the Liberty stuff... hello people! Oh well, that leaves more for us aficionadas!

Beth said...

I finally found some things at my Target here. I hardly found any of my sizes in the clothes.. so I came home with only some pink picture frames...but oh so cute!! I wish I would have bought more for gifts.
I tried on the tunic that I liked on you in the yellowy pattern with some sunflowers I think. I almost got it... It was biggish when I turned sideways :(
You look great in all your new stuff. Thanks for all the great posts on Target and Liberty!!
Hope you all are doing well! Looks like you are are close to under water up there??!!


Awakening my Wardrobe said...

I purchased some of the same items that many of your readers have already mentioned. The fabulous yellow shift dress, pink halter-top and black and white teapot, all sporting the same floral pattern as my J.Crew liberty arts perfect shirt in light grey tones (I purchased last summer on sale).
The peacock one-piece bathing suit and shift dress fit beautifully and are impressive for the money. I usually wear tall sizes (JCrew-size 10T or 12T) but this collection seems pretty generous in the right places and even ran big. At 5’11” I am not a candidate for the children's line as many of you are, but I did buy two men's cotton shirts in size small and they are quite nice quality cotton for the money. I bought the peacock halter dress knowing that I don’t really know where I’d wear it, but it is such an interesting piece that I wanted to see if I can make it work. I also got two scarves. The cotton is a bit stiff and the seams are noticeable in a cheap way, but I think that it will look better once it is washed and softens up. Thanks for the great updates and reviews of this fun collection. I wonder if anyone got the bicycle?

Cloggsy said...

Love your LoL reviews so far chickie! I had to size down on a lot of stuff, I found they came up large, or I've shrunk more than I think. Really want to see you in the sixty ruffle dress....I bet you look fab in it!

Emily said...

I just bought the girl's printed floral dress with braided straps + matching cardigan, both in size L. The dress had to be taken up a bit in the chest, as since it was a girls it wasn't shaped right, so I put 4 darts in it and that cleared that up perfectly. My measurements are 30,22,32 and I am 5'7" for reference. I love the dress! i also bought the girl's skirt (in a m) that matches the rainboots I bought (7). Skirt and rainboots run true to size, I am usually an 8/10 in girls and a 00/22/23 in womens. Overall, love the collection- all the xs swimsuits were dissapointing though, they were HUGE compared to tracy feith and rodarte. I want some of the houseware but I have too much of that stuff already! too cute!!!! (rainboots are a must)

Peggy said...

Huge Target and Liberty of London fan here in Texas! I've written a few posts about the acquisitions, including turning a dress into a skirt. Just click on the Liberty of London tag on the sidebar. I'm enjoying your blog and all the comments. It's like a LoL support group! : )