Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Little Johnnie B. Tee for Me!!!

I referenced that along with this beautiful canvas bag (in my post yesterday), I received my very first tee-shirt from Johnnie B., the juniors clothing line from my favorite clothing company across the pond, Boden. I showed you the bag, but was coy about the top. Well I had planned on wearing it to yoga today, but sadly for me, and for Rex, we didn't make it to preschool (he had a yucky, terrible rash, and I was scratchy throated and tired, blegh, come on SPRING, already!).

So I decided to wear it this evening for our weekly outing to Moe's, one of the finest fast food Mexican-style chains out there. It also happens to be Tuesday, which means FREE KIDS' MEALS, and with two very hungry children, well, yum, and yay for savings. (I am still feeling blegh, but at least I got a nap today, so I had the energy to go out tonight!)

Above is what I paired the tee with...I actually received the skirt in the J. Crew shipment that came to the house today...it was a popback and I was so excited because I didn't want to spend $78 on it, but $30? Sure! (And was it ever a popback, the darn skirt didn't even have a price tag on it! I think I suspect something fishy, but here's the thing...the skirt is in PERFECT shape, so I won't complain.)

The leggings definitely gave the outfit a youthful vibe, but I figured, eh, why not? I attempted this look as a twelve-year old (and for sure got it wrong then...I should show you photos), and now that I am older and sort of have some of this fashion stuff figured out, I thought I would try again. :)

Tee: Size Medium. If you buy from Johnnie B., you must be aware things are cut smaller through the torso, shoulders, and hips. I am not even going to try any of their jeans, skirts, or shorts. Those would just be scandalous on me. That said, if you are petite lady (I mean size-wise, not height-wise), then by all means, give the entire line a try. I am only going to be able to get their tops, and that is okay by me. The line is incredibly affordable, btw. This graphic t-shirt was $20 after I applied some discount or another onto the shopping cart (and I got a free bag--$20 for both--shipped both ways for free--is a GREAT price). I like the style of the tee...the bird saying "moo" cracked both my kids up and I could see this being a hit when I substitute! It is also incredibly soft and was made well (no twisty-seams, yes, J. Crew, I am talking to you).
Skirt: Size 10. Had I ordered the 8 it would have sat at my waist and been very very short.
Leggings: Size 2 (?). Hue has funky sizing.
Shoes: Size 10. Love that they gave the outfit a bit of girly prettiness. If ever in doubt, go with a ballet flat...universally an appealing choice for most outfits.

BTW, did you notice that CW has a bird on her top, too? Yes, I planned it that way. ;)

Close-up of the graphic and the color. I cannot wait to wear this in the summer with a pair of shorts and sandals...man, this winter weather is for the (cough, cough) birds.

Have a lovely evening, all!


Pamela said...

What a cute and fun tee!!!

That Johnnie...I tell ya!

Kristin said...

That is cute - I bet it will get a lot of attention when you sub!

Since you like Boden so much - thought I would mention that MiniBoden now appears on the Nordstrom website. I had seen it in select stores before too.

Kat said...

Ahhh - cute tee! Must. Have.

Little CW get cuter every day :)

amy kelinda said...

Cute tee! I like that it seems to have an open crewneck because usually kid's tees tend to have pretty tight "head holes," if you know what I'm trying to say, haha! And I have a big head, so that can be a problem! The little bird is super cute! I typically don't like leggings with skirts, but you really look so cute here!

Summerilla said...

Oh Dina I just love you in this outfit. You look so cute in this tee, it's so fun.

Anonymous said...

I was the Anonymous who (annoyingly) reminded you to check out Johnnie B. I was hoping you would buy something and then display it on your delightful blog. We have very similar torso proportions and I wanted to see how things fit you. I was thinking mediums would be perfect, and sure enough, the look adorable and correctly sized on you! Thanks for acknowledging my tip and posting! I was planning on getting 2 dress from JB, so we'll what happens.

PS I love that shirt, but I have so many graphic t-shirts...what's a girl to do?

HeidiG said...

Ok, so clearly I will be passing up Johnnie B!! And I loved your comment about ballet flats...now you know why I wear them SO often!

Fun outfit - love the color on you - definitely a great source for you for tees!!

monogramgirl said...

Love this tee! You look great!

Alexis said...

That top is so adorable- I love it! And CW is so cute!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Rex looks like a total NINJA in the first picture! I didn't even see him until I decided to look closer.

dinagideon said...

Hi, all!

Pamela: Johnnie should be from here on out known as my "British boyfriend." :)

Kristin: Mini Boden at Nordstrom is awesome...I need to go with the kids sometime... :) Thanks!

Kat: And yes, this tee can be yours for a very reasonable price (you see that, J. Crew?)... :) CW sends her love right back...

Amy Kelinda: Yes, that open crewneck is uber-important. Thanks for mentioning it. HeidiG. picked up a size 14 top for me at the M. Mall J. Crew and even though it would have fit and been a fab color, the crewneck was WAY too high and tight...so it was a no go... ;)

Summerilla: You especially should give Johnnie B. a try...you would definitely wear their x-small or small. Promise!

Anon: There was NOTHING annoying, I promise!!! I needed to do it...and with your persuasion, I did it in a fairly timely manner. LOL. I definitely want to try out their dresses, they look so comfy and pretty. :)

Get the tee, at that price, what do you have to lose???

HeidiG.: After I wrote the review, I went back and saw this tee is especially close-cut...which means maybe some of their other items aren't? I will keep you all abreast (twitters with laughter) of the situation.

monogramgirl: Thank you!!! :)

Alexis: Are you going to go and give Boden some love??? Just saying... (Heehee...I love enabling!)

Anon: I KNOW!!! I saw that later, too, and was dying. My kids crack me up...they are like Waldo, hidden until you *just* find them. :)