Friday, March 5, 2010

Wear Yellow for Chelsea King Today!!!

Modestly Styled, Modestly Me is a FANTASTIC blog run by Debye. Debye lives in Southern California and her niece was a good friend of Chelsea King, a sweet, vibrant teenage girl whose young life ended far too soon. As a way of honoring Chelsea's spirit, Debye put out the call for all of us to wear yellow for Chelsea today.

To read more about why we are all doing this, please visit Modestly Styled, Modestly Me for more information.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I am wearing. I found the top on Anthropologie this morning by googling its name and then clipping the item to polyvore. To get to this point, though, required some doing. I tried all variations in google--"One September (this is the name of the brand of the top), Anthropologie, Chevron (it is a chevron pattern)." Then "One September, Anthropologie, September 2008." No luck! Then, "Catalog, Anthropologie, September 2008." This led to the Anthropologie Addict blog with all the catalog links still working (awesome), which led to the Anthropologie site with all the catalogs still there, which led to me discovering this top was from the JULY 2008 catalog, which led me to the name of the top (Toraya Top), which I then put in google, which led me BACK to the Anthropologie site, which I then clipped, and voila...I have the top for all polyvore sets! YAY!

Top: Size Small.
Pants: Size 30S. Love my Amore Wash Jeans! Yummy and so comfy!
Shoes: Size 10. Don't worry, I am not walking home in them. I have some really ugly Earth shoes that I will wear to walk home.

I am planning on doing another post today, but let's see if I can accomplish it while subbing! :)


Anonymous said...

I like the yellow top, and your outfit. You are always smiling in your pics, it is so nice to see.

ashley said...

I wore ON's ruffle neck henley! It is identical to last year's from JCrew and at a fraction of the price!

gigiofca said...

Super cute outfit. I wore a beautiful yellow buttondown I purchased from Slastena. :-)

Slastena said...

Agree- beautiful soft yellow on you!

dinagideon said...

casual-crew: Thank you! I love to smile, but don't realize how much until I look back on the photos! :)

ashley: I am so glad that yellow was well-represented...although I know you and I have A LOT of yellow in our wardrobe, so our job was a bit easier!

gigiofca: OMG, Slastena has the best wardrobe to buy from...I always like to see what she has for sale.

Slastena: I went subdued in this yellow, but you did see the blue skirt and red pants, right??? ;)

HeidiG said...

adorable outfit - love it on you! I never got a chance to take a pic of my yellow on Friday. ah well, you know how I repeat outfits...

so speaking of you know how to figure out which number on the tag is the style number? I'm trying to find a PV or review of that top I got when we had our JCA outing.