Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Grey Cardi Time!!!

Ooh, I love it when I can tie seemingly unrelated outfits together in one post, even though they were worn four or five days apart. Woo! Score one point for efficiency! :)

This first polyvore is of the outfit I wore today. Yes, I wore this outfit to: take the baby to the babysitter (it was a Rex/Momma day), take Rex on errands with me to the bank, CVS, Starbucks, and Giant, take Rex to the Doctor for his 3-year appt. (he weighs 41 pounds and 39 inches--woah is the right reaction), take Rex to Pentagon City so I can do a return at J. Crew, then to Johnny Rockets (he is obsessed with the ketchup smiley faces they create), stop a minor-major meltdown in that mall (ooh, bad idea to change his pull-up BEFORE he eats), and finally make our way back to pick up the baby and come home. Yes, it was a full day, but here is my secret, as comfy as I felt in this outfit, I immediately went to the bedroom upon getting home and changed into "lounge" pants and a tee-shirt. :)

Cardigan: Size Medium.
Dress: Size 8. This is the Silk-wool watercolor leopard dress from J. Crew that I got on sale. I am glad I didn't return it...I felt special in it, but because of its fairly sturdy material, it held up well to the day.
Belt: Size Small.
Tights: Size Medium-Tall.
Boots: Size 9.

HeidiG. thinks I should have done a "Mid-Century Mom Takes Her Son to the Doctor" post but I totally forgot my camera. Plus I think the doctor, as cool as he is, may have thought I was a tad off my rocker. :)

So even when I have to take the pics of my outfits myself in the handy full-length mirror, the kids still manage to get into the photos. Love that Rex knows how to curl his tongue. Baby CW hasn't figured it out, but since Mr. Dina and I can do it, chances are she will be able to do it, also.

The second outfit's polyvore is from Saturday. I wore this decidedly more casual outfit to go to Costco, the mall (another return--I am trying here), and dinner. Very that for its ease factor, the Scalloped zipper cardigan gives the outfit a little embellishment that keeps the outfit from being frumpy...which would normally be possible in any outfit that includes crocs, no matter how cute said crocs might be. :)

Cardigan: Size Small.
Top: Size UK 12, US 8. This type of top usually runs tight through the rib cage and shoulders, ladies, so please bear that in mind when purchasing these cotton-silk tops from Boden.
Pants: Size 10. Purchased at Target during the awful snowstorm in which we became pack-mules to get our kids and ourselves out of our neighborhood in order to get electricity and heat. :) I had only brought one pair of pants and I realized I just. couldn't. live. with. one. pair. of. Men's (!). sweatpants. Seemed wrong, you know? These are cute and functional.
Shoes: Size 10.

Have a really nice night, all. BTW, I have what I consider one of my cutest outfits coming up...wore it on Sunday, but I have been a bit busy...maybe tomorrow? This post will also include CW wearing--wait for it--leopard print leggings. ;)


AppGal said...

Ooh la la, I can't imagine how cute your cutest outfit will be, since they're always so cute!

Isn't it funny how some of us inherit the "curl your tongue" gene? One of the only things I remember from 12th grade bio class was that the ability to curl your tongue was dependent on a dominant gene. That and the way your earlobes are shaped...tee hee.

Love the cardis and outfits. I just adore the scalloped cardi on you.

OneFashionistaDiva said...

both of your looks are so FABULOUS!!!! i love how you styled the watercolor dress! i am going online right now to look at that dress again. the second look is amazing too, while it's casual, it still has those touches of flirty peices, like the printed shirt and necklace. love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress Dina. I vacillated over that dress for weeks. Now it seems I need it. =D

I also will throw on sweats after a grueling day. You don't hold the market on that one! Have you ever changed into an entirely different outfit twice in one day? Sometimes more? I do it often. I (we all) have so many clothes I can't imagine why I shouldn't....

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love the second outfit, it's so chic!

HeidiG said...

I think you look great in both pics - yes, love the gray cardi tie-in. Looking forward to the Sunday post...and oh yeah, I need to do mine, too.

Sarah said...

Ooo I love the grey zipper cardi! It really dresses the second outfit up.

Anonymous said...

I love the outfit. But please please touch up your roots, it doesn't suit your fab outfits! Have you ever thought of going back to your original darker color?

HeidiG said...

ps - you didn't mention Rex's J Crew comment - I would have told hubby, but I don't think he would have appreciated it. I'm still cracking up over it. :)

Anon@9:30 - I think dina has addressed her haircolor elsewhere, but I'll take a moment. Shocking as it is to believe in today's day & age where just about everyone, myself included, "adjusts" their hair to some degree - dina actually doesn't do anything to hers. Her roots are dark for the same reason as my daughter's - she hasn't been out in the sun as much. I can vouch for the fact that it does look more extreme in the pictures than IRL - maybe angle of the picture? They really don't look as stark IRL.

dinagideon said...

Hi, all! I promise to comment back on all comments tomorrow (just did the ones from last night's post), but I do want to clear up some confusion. I have "virgin" hair. The worst thing I have done is had blonder highlights added to my hair at my wedding and then again this November. (And I did that because I just wanted to try it...and I did like it, I felt like my summer self, but for a bit longer!)

Honestly, I am so tired and worn down from my days running around after toddlers that I have to focus my energy. And my energy right now is focused on my kids (clearly), my hubby and family, my finances, my clothing, my fitness, and my friends. My hair is wash and go...I will wash it four times a week, air dry it, and then brush it. I am SO LOW maitenance it is unreal.

In the summer, my days are spent outside and because I am a DARK blonde (yes, a blonde, just darker) I go a fairly LIGHT blonde in the summer. Check out this pic:

That is from three months of being outside everyday. Yes, I am really a blonde. Seriously.

Can we now leave this discussion alone? I am sort of tired of talking about something I barely ever even bother with!

But thank you for the compliments on my outfits--I do care about them, and they ARE a focus of mine--so COOL! :)

Night, night, all!

Rachel said...

OOOOHHHHH - I can't wait to see CW's leapord leggings - are they from Gymoboree? I am a sucker for animal print. BTW - 2 cute outfits!!!!
I wish I had virgin hair - and right now I bet I would get a lot of comments about my greys showing - cute.
I need you help again one day - I want to try on the Contessa dress and need help!

Rachel said...

OOOOHHHHH - I can't wait to see CW's leapord leggings - are they from Gymoboree? I am a sucker for animal print. BTW - 2 cute outfits!!!!
I wish I had virgin hair - and right now I bet I would get a lot of comments about my greys showing - cute.
I need you help again one day - I want to try on the Contessa dress and need help!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for about a month now and am just coming out of the woodwork! I want to say thank you for doing this blog- I too am a mom to a toddler and love seeing your day to day outfits. So thanks!

I have been reading the comments over the last couple of posts and just want to say that the person who is leaving you those annoying comments about your hair (she is really stretching on this one) and whatever else she can find is obviously very jealous of you-because you look great and are taking care of toddlers at the same time! Which she probably can't manage. She clearly doesn't feel very good about herself.

Anyway, thanks again for your blog- I really enjoy and look forward to reading your posts. I think you look great. :)

Anonymous said...

Those Crocs are so cute! Great outfits. I haven't wore my water color Leopard skirt yet, I will wear it tomorrow with my gray J Crew cotton-cashmere waterfall cardigan ! Thanks!

- S

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
I did not mean to offend anyone by offering suggestions about hair color. I am a dark blonde myself who has virtually virgin hair and often get darker growth in the winter months- that's when I either go in for some low-lights, or a few highlights to touch up the growth so there is less contrast.

I clearly don't quite understand the intention of a "fashion" blog. I thought people post pictures of their outfits to get feedback in a somewhat unbiased, objective manner. Sort of like being in the 360 mirror on what not to wear. My suggestions about hair are what I thought Stacey would bluntly say and are in no way due to jealousy. Jeez, yeah not at all. I was just callin it like I see it, and thinking about how great the people usually feel with a fresh hair cut and color (to me, personally, not having hair that is kept up is tantamount to wearing a cute delicate outfit with Crocs!).

Sorry to offend, I will let the hair thing rest.

Lady Cardigan said...

I really enjoy your blog. You're so good at putting outfits together! Nothing seems to look bad on you. I love the second outfit in this post especially.

gigiofca said...

You look great! I didn't know that was the scallop zipper till you said so. You make it look great.

To the Anon...when 'constructive' comments come under Anon, they are rarely taken as such. People often hide behind Anon and, as a result, it has a bad name. $.02.

Slastena said...

I can curl my tongue too.. I learned it from my grandma.I remember how amazed I was when I first saw her doing it. Now I am a master of tongue curling. Next is to learn how to move ones ears ( my friend is sooo good at it).

Dina, always loved grey for its ability to go with virtually everything. Especially love all sorts of grey/yellow combo. Your outfits are perfection, such a stylish momma!

Slastena said...

Oh, kudos for scarf wearing, chic lady!

jcrewphd said...

I love that dress (I've only worn mine once so far) and you look so cute in the second outfit.

Kris said...

Thanks for the fabulous idea, I'm wearing the watercolor leopard skirt with the gray (le canvas) cardigan and J. Crew studded belt today. love it.

crewlade drinka said...

I really like both outfits, too! esp the one with boden. very cute.
WHOA! you got a LOT done during your mommmy/rex day. I am soo impressed! I always get approx. half of what I plan to do when my lil guy's with me!

Awakening my Wardrobe said...

Both outfits are fun and look great on you! You had inspired me to check out Boden and I bought the Parisienne jacket awhile back. I was waffling on the beautiful Boden top you are wearing I'm sorry I missed out on it, as it looks great on you. I also love how you styled the watercolor dress, kind of modern and low key, verses dressy. I have the JCrew watercolor tortoiseshell skirt collecting dust in my closet because I've been waiting for a dressy occasion to wear it, but you've inspired me to go with the more casual (but chic) daytime look. Thanks for the ideas and such a fun blog! You may already know, but if not, Target is launching a Liberty Fabric line which will be out this month!

Jeannie said...

Love both outfits! You're so cute!

Anonymous said...

Cool outfits. I love the yellow printed top in the 2nd picture!

amy kelinda said...

You are on fire lately with these outfits, Dina! I love the grays with the fun watercolor skirt, and the skinny pants in the second outfit with that printed top! AGH!

Cleo said...

This was totally ripe for a Mid-century Mom post. :) You look great in both outfits, Dina, and with the errands and moving about, I applaud you. I love the dress and am always tempted to buy it when i see it on you (and in my size).

BTW, i love your hair, the cut and color. Wish my virgin hair would wash and go as pretty as yours.

dinagideon said...

Wow. So many sweet comments here. I loved both outfits equally, so it was nice to hear your feelings, too.

Because there are so many comments, I can't answer everyone's comments, but I will at least answer the ones that are most pressing! :)

cdp: I feel like the Queen of many outfit are right, if you have lots of pretty items to wear, and you want to show them off, then multiple outfits in one day is not unreasonable. :) (I used to wear a uniform to school so I grew up doing multiple changes!!!)

Rachel: They are from Gymboree. Mr. Dina hates them, but admitted she looked cute!

I would love for you to get this dress. You can try mine on the next time I see you!

Erin: Hi! Come on out of the woodwork any time you want!!! :) It was so nice to hear from you...

Anon (again): Thank you for taking a rest on the hair thing. I *almost* got to the point where I was going to start cropping my head out of pics, a la A Bigger Closet and Gigiofca. I now get why they do that!!! (I know it is for privacy, but it also means your makeup and hair don't have to be perfection, either!) :)

crewlade drinka: Oh, I only got those things accomplished because I had Rex alone. If CW had been there, I would have only done 1/2 or 1/4 that amount. Those two babies are pieces of work together. With just Rex...well he feels special and because he feels good, he ACTS good, which means I can do more. :)

Awakening my Wardrobe (love the tag, btw): :) I am SUPER-excited about Liberty. Bated breath here in NOVA! (Also, get that skirt out...such a pretty piece!!!)

Have a beautiful Friday, everyone.