Monday, March 22, 2010

Decorative Pillow Giveaway Winner Is...

True Random Number Generator:
Min: 1
Max: 37
Result: 7
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Well, look at that! My favorite number 73 was reversed by the number of entrants into the number 37...and then #7 wins it. Guess 3 and 7 are good for me. Anyhow, Ms. Pamela of the awesome blog Ginger Girl wins the pillow! :) YAY! Pamela, I will e-mail you shortly!

P.S. I loved LOVED reading your comments. I wish I had a beautiful Liberty of London pillow for each one of you. All of you are fab and I feel blessed that you are part of my little corner of the blog-o-sphere.

P.P.S. On that note, I have to take a couple of days off from this blog. I need to watch my STATCOUNTER VERY closely. There is some funny business happening here at My Superfluities and I need it to stop. ;) 'Nuff said.


Pamela said...

Oh man! I'm over the moon about this!! Thank you!!

Carol said...

Congrats, Pamela! I am envious of you LofL loot. Unfortunately, I could not enter the contest because I was out of town and had no ability to check this darling blog!

We'll miss you these next few days, Dina! It seems just when I get back, you have hiatus. Good luck watching you StatCounter, stopping the funny business, and having a blogging break. (PS I am sure Mr. Boden has felt left out these past few days! When will an abundance of Boden reappear in your wardrobe?)

Sweet Tea in Seattle said...

Yay Pamela! Congrats! :)

Beth said...

Hey Dina
Fun giveaway! Cute pillow.
Can't wait to hear about your trip to Vegas.
I have been in the garden all weekend and a little today. Just got back from Target and they just put some more LoL stuff out in house wares. I always think of you when I see it.

amy kelinda said...

Yay for Pamela! I'm going to miss you while you're gone, Dina, so come back to us soon!

Peggy said...

Congrats Pamela! I was soooo close - #6!! ha ha! This was a very appropriate winner seeing how you were so crazy about LoL!! Enjoy.

Cleo said...

Congrats, Pamela!