Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesdays are Dress Days!

First up: A NEW commenting system, Disqus, has been enabled for all posts starting with today's. I will still have commenting on the old posts, but they will be through Blogger, and they will still have comment moderation. From what I have seen of the Disqus system on GingerSnap's blog, Chloe's blog, and Ashley's blog, I knew this was the direction that would work well for this blog. I like free thought, I love discussions, however...I do not really care for downright insulting comments. Sorry, I have feelings, and so does my family. Say what you want about this blog being public, blah, blah, blah...this is still my happy space (I love it most of the time), and I want it to stay happy. Disqus will allow me A LOT more control of how negative or not negative I choose this space to be. And as one of my favorite blog friends pointed out in a recent e-mail (she wants to remain private), the My Superfluities Blog is a lot more fun and delightful when a system of respect is there. I agree. So that is what I am doing by using Disqus, implementing some modicum of respect. Does that mean every comment has to be sunshiney and with rainbows? Heck no! I married a contrarian, for crying out loud. I can handle jibes and jokes and disagreements! And that is why I really fought to keep anonymous commenting for so long...I wanted you all to have your say. But lately, it has gotten out of hand. You have not seen the comments, because I have NOT PUBLISHED THEM. But they have been TERRIBLE. With Disqus, they may get published, but I will be able to have them flagged, etc. Plus you all can DIRECTLY answer a person if you want to discuss a point or counterpoint with them...

So enjoy this "happier, more decent" format of My Superfluities. :)

Okay, so Tuesdays are dress days...this is because I don't have baby CW with me and I am able to wear something that isn't conducive to nursing, in other words, dresses! I love dresses and relish any opportunity to wear them. In fact, the days I wear dresses I feel uplifted, even if everything else is kind of rotten (case in point--yesterday--God bless the little children and all, but boy, Rex was in a MOOD yesterday).

So last Tuesday I wore this oldie, but goodie. Click on the polyvore to see info on the three pieces. Only the necklace is new. Speaking of the necklace, LOVE this one. Made by Urban Outfitters, I think it cost $15. It is a fun piece that is trendy, but at $15, is an expense that I can swallow.


Dress: Size UK 10, or US 6. This dress really is a nice bridge piece for the changing seasons, either from fall to winter or winter to spring. It is warm, but not too cloying. I wore it with tights the last time, but I did really like it bare-legged.
Heels: Size 10.5 Narrow.

Yesterday, I wore a dress that I was reminded of when reading Goldenmeans last week. There was an awesome post on Lil dresses (a brand that Anthropologie carries). I had just been going through my closet of "ooh, I can wear you again" clothing, and I found my beautiful silk Lil dress. Seeing her post reminded me I NEEDED to bring this dress out to play, and that I did...


Dress: Size 10. It is a bit loose, and long, but that's okay. A blue cami fixed that problem. Heels would have helped the length problem, but the below knee length doesn't really bother me too much, in fact, I felt a bit "mid-century mom" wearing this get-up. (I know, I know, my poor sad neglected little sister blog...) I bought this dress for a cruise Mr. Dina and I took in the spring of 2006. He said he would have even bought it for me, but I had already bought it for myself. How sweet! :)
Cardigan: Size Medium. Later in the day I did button it up and it added a bit of sophistication to the outfit. Belted it would have soared.
Shoes: Size 10.

The necklace is the Crystal Devote necklace, currently on promo of $100. That is a good price. I find this to be a fairly versatile necklace, even though on its own it seems a bit scary. I reviewed it here, and yesterday Bichonluvr did a post on it.

You all have a great day. Hopefully I can get back to more regular posting now that I feel more in control. ;)