Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Devoted to the Crystal Devoté Necklace...

Up first, before I get into my utter devotion to the (in my humble opinion) beautiful Crystal devoté necklace from J. Crew's Spring 2010 collection, I wanted to tell you all about something cool that has happened for this blog (and some of my other blog friends)...there is a very neat website devoted to shopping called and it has a few blog off-shoots, including a blog called Carnival of Shopping. Every week (on a Wednesday), they write-up in their post about blogs that consumers and interested people can check out if they have specific needs and/or desires. Well, my blog and GingerSnap's blog were listed in today's blog write-up, as was Roxy's Effortless Anthropologie! YAY!!! So go check it out...I found some neat blogs by looking through their archives, and plan to keep reading so I can see what else is out there in blog-land!

Now, for the much anticipated review of the Crystal devoté necklace...aka "J. Crew's nefarious plot to make anyone who buys it look like they have spent their money stupidly." No, I just kid. But based on many (MANY) reactions to the fact that I (horror) spent near full-price on this (well 20% off) bauble...I have now renamed it for this post at least. After this post I will be calling it my "sweet starburst devotion," because that is what I am...devoted to my devoté.

So why am I devoted?

Here goes why:
1. I like the retro look. The starbursts remind me of a necklace that my grandmothers would have worn in the 50s and 60s to make their outfits sing.
2. I happen to think the ribbon looks fun, like a bit of spun sugar enveloping the chains and glass beads. I also know that they can easily be removed by a simple "snip, snip" of the scissors.
3. The weight is not too heavy, although I can see why many would be worried about that.
4. The size is lovely...can be worn with many types of the silk tiered-cami (shown above), turtlenecks, under button-downs, etc.
5. The crystal colored version is by far my fave. I can't say I can recommend the black version, as I think the black beads are very jarring in this necklace. But to each his own, and if you love the black beaded version, more power. (I am all about people enjoying what they enjoy...)

The price is a bit much, but based on all the haters of this particular bit of jewelry, I believe this will make it to the sale racks. I believe the crystal colored one will sell out first, and the black beaded version will linger.

I am glad I bought it when I did, near full price or no...I love it that much. And that is okay, because it is my neck it is on, not yours. ;) But if you love it, find it here.

And because it is me, I actually wore the necklace outside. Yes, outside. People besides my family spied the necklace. And, get this. Not one single person fell over at the fact that I wore it! No, contrarily, I got many compliments on it. Imagine.

Okay, enough sarcasm. :)

I wore it with the outfit pictured in the polyvore set above. The tie-front cardigan is so yummy and warm, and because it was a "winter warm" day (yay), I used it as outerwear. The novelty was not lost...I miss our normal (read: not so cold) DC winters.

Cardigan: Size Small.
Top: Size 6.
Pants: Size 8.
Shoes: Size 9.

I did this look because I had seen a similar image in the October 2009 catalog (see the polyvore--tiny image is in there), and fell in love with how nicely the tiered cami and tie-front cardi worked together. Plus the model looked super-pretty in the outfit.

And of course, no real My Superfluities outfit post would be complete without baby CW hamming it up. And there she her version of the "mommy outfit." (I did this, as an homage to the prior night's Project Runway--Thursday, February 18th, 2010 episode--seems to have worked, maybe not as "fashionista," but certainly well enough.)

You all have a great afternoon. Remember, too, that I still ADORE all of you even if you HATE the Crystal devoté necklace. is my message of the day...try out the things you may think won't work...because sometimes they just might. Step out of that comfort zone. ;)


Ema said...

I haven't seen it IRL, but like it, it's attention-grabbing but manages to be tasteful. I would even considering buying it if I could justify another necklace (maybe on sale).
It reminds me a little bit of the BR statement necklace from last spring (object of my first post ever) less the bees (and I ended up returning it because of those bees)...

silver_lining said...

OMG, love CW's little pose with the pointed foot! You both look cute as buttons!

DaniBP said...

I think it's beautiful! I like the black one too: a lot! It would be great with a LBD.
It looks like you have an adorable little apprentice there: do I see a future fashion blogger? She's so cute! :)

Lady Cardigan said...

Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition for your blog! I'm not a fan of that type of necklace, but it looks lovely on you. Which just proves that you know what's going to work for you better than anyone else.

amy kelinda said...

I actually love the necklace on you. Sometimes things don't photograph the same as they would look on a actual human being. When I first saw the email that J.Crew sent out about the necklace, I thought, "Wow, that's busy." But on you, it looks much more sweet than a tangled mess! I think the key to wearing a statement piece like this is to keep the rest of the outfit simple, which you've done beautifully!

Pamela said...

I think think you wore that necklace brilliantly.

Rachel said...

I Love the necklace - I saw a knock of at Target I may check out.
Cute outfit

Summerilla said...

LOVE IT - I love the coloring of the one you bought, I think it's beautiful. Now I want it in the exact color. This is the color JCrew should have used as the main picture instead of the one with black beads.

And can I say reading this post made me laugh laugh laugh and well you know why.

Drewablank said...

Good for you, DinaG! Awesome post! :)

I think the necklace looks terrif on you! And I agree with DaniBP, with a LBD? Perfection! I can even picture a mid-century mom rockin' that look complete with white gloves and little hat and booties to match! And of course, don't forget the red lipstick! (My imagination is rocking over time today.)

And bravo on the recognition! 'Love it when people who are positive get acknowledgment and appreciation. ;)

ashley said...

i love your outfit and that necklace looks great on you! that color combo is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

The necklace looks beautiful on you. I also like your sweater a LOT!

- S

Jen said...

I like this necklace. I think I saw the black version over a simple black cardi & was instantly smitten (of course, now I can't find that pic!) I hope it does linger, because I'd pick it up in a minute at $69.99 on a 20% off final sale!!

LT said...

I love that you have a sense of humor about this. But really, why should anyone care if you spent full price or not? For all we know it was a gift- and either way, style inspiration doesn't have a price tag!! And wouldn't it be boring if we all liked the same things at J Crew? Thanks for keeping things postive :)

Anonymous said...

I love the necklace on you! And I must say the color of the top looks so great on you.

Sarah said...

I LOVE the necklace and the outfit Dina!

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty and FRESH in these pics--have you been taking "pretty pills?" smile
Luvee the necklace and the ribbon! Beautiful!

Marietta said...

Dina, the necklace looks great on you! I didn't purchase it, but did get the Devote earrings, ring and bracelet.... although I think I'm going to return the bracelet, I'm not $85 loving it.

CW looks adorable, as do you.... lovely mother daughter combo. :-)

Debye said...

The necklace is definitely beautiful and unique. Sometimes you have to splurge without feeling guilty.

The rest of the outfit is also adorable. I love the tiered cami belted so that cardigan was a perfect match!

crewlade drinka said...

oh, she looks SO cute in her outfit!! how sweet!
you are funny! can't believe that comment about paying too much! HELLO! this is jcrew! we are ALL paying too much for everything, but, we also ALL love it so we buy it!
I am wondering what color the cardi is? I tried it in the ginger color (so pretty) but was not the best for my pale complexion. trying to talk myself out of getting another (ahem, $$$) but I think a nice versatile color is worth it. what do you think?!

GingerSnap said...

There is an award waiting for you over at my blog!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you look fabulous, but I have to make a suggestion. I would never say this to anyone in person, but that's an advantage of a blog right-we can get more honest feedback than we would typically get in "real" life. I think you need to go in for a new hair styling. Maybe try a little darker (or at least touch up the darker roots), with some new layers? It looks a little too light on the ends, a little too blunt cut, and isn't as flattering as it could be.

I keep looking at your fab efforts with your outfits and wishing the hair matched!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I just read the post on Carnival of Shopping :-)
I like the black version of the necklace...hopefully I'll get it once it gets marked down. You look totally cute today Dina

The Outfit of the day said...

I love this necklace!!! Like you said 50s...gorgeous!!!
Thank you for the website, I definitely going to try it out.
Also, your baby looks way too cute!

crewlade drinka said...

Hey Dina
please don't let that "suggestion" from anon make you feel bad!
your look is great, a fresh and natural look that goes great with your style, btw. jcrew styles most of their models very natural, too,and look great, so how can it(hair) not "go" with your outfits? (excepting their recent Over the top styling, of course!) AND your hair looks very healthy!
and no, I don't think it's very nice to say those things, irl, or not, unless specifically asked!

I feel so nosy (not my business, I know) making these comments, dina, and I am sorry.

can I also just say that, as I am a struggling to feel, dress well sahm, you are a great inspiration to me!

HeidiG said...

I like how LT pointed out your sense of humor about the price of the necklace. JC merchandise is like merch anywhere...there are some things worth paying full price...but it only matters if it's worth it to you. Other things may be worth FP to others, but not to you. I do personally find it intersting which choices people make because it helps me determine their level of like (or love) for a product. There is nothing like full-price love, that's for sure!!

And you look fab, as usual.

Patina said...

You look gorgeous!! I love your outfit, and the necklace is a stunner. I haven't seen it IRL, but from your pictures, it's beautiful. I don't need another piece of jewelry and can only justify this one on a STEEP discount. Thanks for posting and for letting me know by way of Bichonlover's blog about this piece.