Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Meh Day...(However It Was Brightened by the Sunshine Peonies Perfect Shirt and Stained Glass Drop Earrings).

You all ever had an ugh day? Or a meh day? Well that was me today. I fear I am just not gonna bring it fashion-wise today as much as I normally try to. Sigh. 'Tis life!

I feel like I did try to try to bring it today, but in the end, I was harder on myself than you all will probably be (well, maybe...)!

I am kind of feeling irritated, tired, fussy, antsy, blegh, etc. Sort of like Rex feels when he hasn't slept or eaten enough. Great, I am a three-year old toddler. Except I have great clothing. Heh.

Okay, 'nuff said! :) Onto the few bright spots of my day!

I FINALLY got the packages that had been sent from J. Crew over a week or so ago (some of my packages were almost three weeks late). I appreciate UPS, but by the time the packages came, I was kind of chomping at the bit to get them. :) They did all arrive, and in perfect BRAVO, UPS. BRAVO.

In the packages were two items that I will (quickly) review tonight for you...the Sunshine Peonies Perfect Shirt and the Stained Glass Drop Earrings. For perspective on when I wore them (not sure if that is even important, but still), the Sunshine Peonies was worn at night, and the Stained Glass Drop Earrings were this morning.

Sunshine Peonies Perfect Shirt--Yes, this is the button-down sister to the much talked about Sunshine Peonies Pencil Skirt. Yes, I have pre-ordered the skirt. With as much yellow and orange as I have in my wardrobe (plus my penchant for any print that is Liberty-esque in feel--and yes, I know, know, know, am very excited by Liberty for Target), I kind of feel that this Sunshine Peonies print will be a perfect addition to my spring wardrobe (or heck, even late winter wardrobe).

I took an 8 and that is my typical perfect shirt size. I could have sized to a 6, but I like knowing that if it (God forbid) ends up in the dryer, it will still fit me nicely.

The fabric is soft and thin-ish, but most perfect shirts are a bit on the whisper weight category (better for layering, I suppose).

I wore this with the Blush Pink Sateen Blazer from last spring. The blazer didn't photograph as well as I would have liked, so I am leaving those pics out, but it is a lovely combo. It could also be paired with hot pink, all yellows, all oranges, and lighter purples.

By the way, look at Miss CW coming up from behind. Didn't even realize she had done that until I was cropping the photo. Showed Mr. Dina and we both just cracked up. :)

I guess she really likes taking photos with me...she literally came running when she saw what we were doing!

Speaking of enjoying taking photos, I hammed it up for the last photo. I felt like if I felt terrible, the least I could do was try to bolster my confidence a bit with a silly shot. It actually *sort of* worked. LOL.

Pants: 30 short.
Shoes: Size 10.

Okay, see these lovely earrings? (They are different from the ones I wore with the Sunshine Peonies Perfect shirt.) They are called the Stained Glass Drop Earrings and are quite lovely. Quite lovely in a long, kind of heavy, yeah, I will only wear these for a few hours at a time lovely. They fill a whole in my jewelry collection...I have a bunch of silver long earrings, but very few golden-toned long earrings. These are the metallic blush color, but come in other lovely colors, as well.

I didn't show my face because it was one of those mornings (you know, it started bad and stayed kind of bad). :)

Oh, and here is what I wore this morning. Yes, I am one of those people who wakes UP REALLY EARLY to go to the very first Ash Wednesday mass. Part of the reason I go to the early mass is because I am (typically) more of a morning person, but also because now that I have the kids (who only go to Sunday mass), I need to go to mass at the time when Mr. Dina is still at home and can care for them while I am away.

I didn't crop my head because I had ashes on my forehead (I actually am really proud of the ashes) but because I did not take one. single. photo. with my eyes OPEN. After the fourth try, I just gave up.

CW had her eyes open...fer cute!

Dress: Size Medium. It is by INC (Macy's brand) and gigiofca has it in yellow. Not only do we share a birthday, we share a love for pretty dresses. :)
Shoes: Size 9.5.

You all have a great night.

P.S. I am doing "things" for Lent, including doing good, and giving up things, but that is between me and God, and I am sure you all understand why I am not sharing my intentions with you! ;)


GingerSnap said...

I really love your new shirt! I am loving that J.Crew has embraced the floral trend - it's just so happy and Springy (something I think everyone could use a little of right now!)

I'm sorry that your day has been rather "meh..." I have days like that too (in fact today was one of them!) So I am REALLY feeling you on that one!

I also wanted to say that I love when your little ones pop in the photographs! They are so darling and they make me smile :)

Have a better tomorrow! Wishing you a happy day!

Cate said...

I LOVE the new shirt, it looks so great on you! Your Ash Wednesday dress is adorable. I remember in grade school (catholic, k-12) thinking the ashes were "cool"- didn't really get the symbolism until I was older.
I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Boden's line for the teen set, Johnnie B? Cute stuff for the no longer Mini, not quite Boden!

kendra said...

I love this shirt!!! I'm sad that my B/M doesnt carry any of the new prints yet! As soon as there is a promo, I'm scooping it up!

Eleanor-Shopping The Closet said...

Love Love Love the INC dress.

And you are totally rockin' it!!!

Julia said...

Wow, Dina I love that dress you're wearing!! It looks great on you and I love the pattern :) Love the new perfect shirt as well, pink and orange are the happiest colors in the world! Today was a 'meh' day for me too and I never even got dressed in real clothes...seriously.

Anonymous said...

That shirt has been tempting me since it showed up on the website. I am worried about the mustard yellow color I do not wear it very well, and I do not like ironing so I passed on it for now, it looks like it is made for you so nice and cheerful.

Cloggsy said...

Shit, seeing the sunshine peony shirt on you reminds me that I pre-ordered the skirt. That should be arriving soon....does RECEIVING J.Crew count towards NO J.CREW for lent??!!!

Looks fab on know I'll always rave about you in yellow!

Genny said...


I did not preorder the shirt. I just ordered it over the red phone on Sat. It came on Tuesday. It is going back. I am just not over joyed at the print on me in person and I have seen hints of a prettier pattern floral blouse from JCrew that may be coming out. I ordered the blouse along with the forgot me not cardigan with the blue flowers (which is what I really wanted and need the $175 to get 20% off and free shipping) Anyway, LOVE the sweater and the little blue flowers. Like casual-crew I am not a fan of ironing and I always find myself cold in blouses. I don't know why; always have since I was a child but wanted to see the pattern in person since my store doesn't get many items in...

amy kelinda said...

Sorry to hear about your "meh" day, but I definitely know what you mean. Some days I just feel so blah! It's not fun, so I hope you feel as smokin' as you look all the time, Dina! Hehe... The shirt is so much fun, and I love how you paired it with those lovely golden pants! It's going to be a great addition to the wardrobe, and it'll brighten up a lot of outfits too! The earrings are also lovely, and so is that dress!

Summerilla said...

Oh pretty pretty shirt, it's so you bright and fun!

I have "meh" days all the time, today is actually one of them too! Today will probably be "meh" too and then Saturday will be fabulous because I'll get to see you all!

Margot said...

I love the "I am a three-year old toddler. Except I have great clothing." So, I appreciate that, even on your "meh" days, you come here and put a smile on our faces. Take care!

JulieStyles said...

I love that the baby runs up to be in photos. It remind me of when mine were that little. They'd see the camera and come running. BTW-very pretty outfits. Wish I could wear the shirt, but yellow is not my friend-it is bad for my coloring. Hoping the new cotton candy blouse (aka scarf) works.

Debye said...

I have been eyeing that top and I have that INC dress, if we lived closer we could just share a closet (although I think I would benefit from that deal much more then you would) :o)

Ema said...

To be honest, I'm not 100% sure that I love the shirt (something to do with the bright pink circles) but I LOVE the dress that you wore to church, sooooo pretty.

My daughter is a 3-year-old toddler with great clothing, too bad that I can't use that line (because sometimes I AM a three years old toddler)

Kristin said...

I saw an ad on TV a few days ago - Liberty at Target starts March 14. I looks so cute! And I read somewhere that they made a bike!

Anonymous said...

I think the print of the Sunshine Peonies Perfect Shirt is so pretty. I like it!!!

HeidiG said...

Love the shirt on you!! (gee, that doesn't look like fall, hehehehe)

Love the dress on you! Every time I see it in an ad, I ooh and ahh over it, but I have such a similar black/white tunic dress from Loft that I just don't really need another one. And I love the shot of turquoise with the shoes!!

Jen said...

Wow - I love that shirt with your complexion; you look like a china doll! And such a cute floral print, too. Sorry your day was meh, but you looked mahvelous!!

gigiofca said...

Hot stuff in the dress! I returned the same one w/the yellow embroidery. I wonder if I ended up w/the white one instead. It's in my Spring dress tote, so I'll be surprised in a couple months...*lol*