Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Adventures As a Pack Mule, Part Two.

First, before I go into part two of the story that I started yesterday, I want to send a BIG HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Dina. He is old today. :) (At his request, I am baking a cake, and some of you may be delighted to hear that I will be decorating it a la Mid-Century Mom.)

Second, we clearly did not lose power in this last blizzard (the one that started on Tuesday night, February 9, 2010 and not the one these posts are about). I know, I have lost count, too.

Okay, back to business. :)

Remember how a tree and a power line got into a wrasslin' match on our street and how the tree won and knocked out the power? Well, Miss Utility got that tree back and good...

Okay, on the slog home (Monday afternoon, February 8, 2010) we didn't have to hike the entire mile back to our place. In fact, my dad and his 4WD got us to the edge of our street with no problem. That said, we still got to be pack mules (yee-haw or should I say hee-haw) for the last 1/10th of a mile...our street, still not plowed and still very deep. My dad, ever the sweety, said he would take the kids and that Mr. Dina and I could be the luggage carts.

Yippee!!! I can see that this foreign thing, dry pavement really excites Rex. God bless this neighbor. This stretch of dry pavement lasted one house...then it was back to thigh-deep snow for us adult humans and shoulder-deep snow for the rugrats. :)

Ooh, more dry pavement...this time on the other side of the street. Clearly we weren't drunk, but hop-skipping our way from side to side and back to the middle made me feel like I was. Except in my oh, so attractive puffer coat, my walk of shame is eminently more fashionable. (Haha.)

Oh, and yes, those are dirty clothes in that HUGE Target bag. Truly, truly a walk of shame.

Now isn't that nice, a place where Rex won't drown in the fresh powder. I think he saw our house and because he is (almost--tomorrow, you all) 3, the view was like something he hadn't seen in ages. Do you remember how S-L-O-W time dragged when you were a kid? To Rex, the two days we were gone are probably equal to two weeks for us adults. I am sure his only thought upon spying the house was, "My bakugan, my sweet triad sphinx bakugan!"

And with his smile, Part two is finished. There appears no need to do a part three and four (thank goodness). I look forward to getting back to the business of dressing up and being sparkly again!

Have a great night, all!


AnneG said...

Glad you survived. One for the ages. Good thing you took all these photos because Miss CW probably won't remember!

Summerilla said...

Love Part Two! These will definitely be great, laughable memories in the future.

Have you seen the link where you can have your blog printed and turned into books? I thought of you when I saw that, because you always said that part of your reason for blogging was for CW in the future. I think having your blog turned into a book would be so fun. I'm thinking about doing it myself. It's a little pricey - $14.99 for the book and the first 20 pages and then .30-.39 I think for each additional page. I know I have over 200 entries this year already so it could really add up. However, I know I would keep it forever and it would be so fun to look back on it. You can also have the comments added to the book if you want too.

Sarah said...

Glad you survived!! That was a lot to carry and manage. I hope the power stays on! Making a king cake for Mr. Dina? Happy Birthday to him!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love the way you were able to chronicle these adventures. At least it seems like the kids had some fun in the snow. And happy birthday to Mr Dina!!!

C said...

ick... we have that shoulder high snow now too and it is like being a mole in a tunnel... a vole in the tundra... poor kids who can't even see around it. The crew that is supposed to clear our driveways never really got here so I got to shovel 19" worth... amazing that my back works. Lucky that this big adventure happened to Mr. Dina before he got too old to take it and really lucky that your Dad had electricity when you didn't. It will be interesting to see if your kids think this was actually fun.

OneFashionistaDiva said...

Look @ all that snow!!!! glad you survived. stay warm!

gigiofca said...

Dina, you have gmail

amy kelinda said...

Oh my goodness, that must have been exhausting! I'm glad that you and your family is home safe and sound, though. Thank goodness for those 4WDs, right? I don't even know how you managed to slosh through all that snow - I would've had to sit down and take a break every couple of steps, haha! Also, I just adore the way you recount these events. The "wrasslin' match" between the tree and the power line - you are amazing!

Oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Dina! I hope he enjoys his cake, hehe!

(I'm commenting under Name/URL because Blogger won't let me comment normally. -shrugs-)

HeidiG said...

Love the walk of shame with the Target bag!! Too funny. And yes, I can't keep track of what snow we had when either!! We're watching the Olympic coverage and all I can think of when I see the snow is BFD.

And Happy Bday to Mr Dina!

Summerilla - I want that link!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all!

AnneG.: Oh, yes, CW won't remember, but I do plan on showing her the proof of my love whenever she tries to pull one over me. :)

Summerilla: I love that idea...definitely going to look into that...maybe I can do my blog in two book for "family and fun times" related things and one book that is strictly fashion. I would probably only keep the comments from the family and fun times posts...let me know if you do it...I would love to see a finished product!

Sarah: Mr. Dina says "thank you" for the bday wishes. You were only one of three people to say it to him today, so he smiled real big when I told him that you wished him a happy "old-age" bday. ;) King cake? Not this year...too many variables with shipping and the weather. Ugh.

Rosa: Thank you for your bday wishes to Mr. Dina, too. So sweet!

C.: I 100% am sure that if the kids were older they would be whooping it up. I remember when we had big storms here when I was a kid (nothing like these, though)...even though I hated snow, I loved having the day off from school, hot cocoa, etc. Never ever even noticed that my dad had to shovel the snow or how hard it was to drive in it...guess that is what is so special about get to be all "id" and no one complains that you only think about yourself. ;)

OneFashionistaDiva: Thank you, hon. :)

Gigiofca: And, clearly, I received it! Good to hear from you, as always!

Amy Kelinda: Thank you!!!

I had to stop. Don't worry, I am not some sort of super-woman!!! I think I brought the camera so I could use that as an excuse to stop--you know, "we have to take a pic, let's stop for a moment!" Heehee!

HeidiG.: I have no idea what BFD means??? Should I??? ;)

Vancouver needs our snow. They can have it, and they can have our snow from the next four years for all I care!

HeidiG said...

The polite version of BFD is Big Freakin' Deal. I'm sure you can figure out the not-so-polite version. :)

And Happy Val Day!!!