Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day with a Pink Sequined Heart and a Little Red Cord Dress...

Hey, you all!!! As the heart on my tee professes, I want to wish each and every single one of you a "Happy Valentine's Day!" Now, I am not the biggest fan of this day...but it sure is fun to have an excuse to wear pink and red and sequins, etc., etc.

And unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know I haven't really gone anywhere for the last week, SO Valentine's Day 2010 is especially awesome because we braved our street (as of this morning still unplowed and slippery) to go out!!!

First up is my lunch outfit. Technically I should show you this second, but I really want the more "holiday" themed one first. :) The polyvore is above (and once again, my sweet set that I entered into a polyvore contest didn't win--sob, sob--just kidding, the ones that won were super-awesome).

Yes, the tee is a girl's crewcuts tee. In a size 14!!! Basically crewcuts size 14 equals a woman's size 4 or small 6. :) Yippee!!! I am now the owner of two crewcuts tees in a size 14...and they both fit very nicely. What I like best about them is that they aren't super, super long like some of J. Crew's tees. I often find that the extra length in the regular J. Crew tees hits at a weird place on my hips, and if I am not careful with the pants I choose, I can look very VERY pear-shaped. This tee hits right at my high hip, which if I had a preference, would be were all my tops would hit!

The name of the tee, btw, is the sequin heart tee. It also comes in black, and it appears that there are still size 14s available (yet they are on backorder).

The sequins in the tee are well-secured, so I have no OCD issues with them. Thank goodness. I guess they tack them on more securely when they put them on children's clothing.

Here is the tee without the cardigan. It is a very close color to my skin tone, but I think it is just a shade or two off, which helps keep it from appearing too close...that said, I prefer wearing it with a cardigan.

And here is the reason why...doesn't it look so sweet with the cardigan?

By the way, I am not trying to be all edge-y by wearing dark socks with this outfit. I was under very specific instructions from Mr. Dina not to take too long getting changed from the outfit I wore to church (see below for pic of that outfit), so to save time I wore the tights under the jeans. It doesn't look too terrible. :)

I love how baby matches but her patterns kind of clash...oh, to be 1 1/2 and not care what is in and what is out.

Tee: Crewcuts size 14.
Cardigan: Size Medium.
Jeans: Size 30S.
Tights: Size Medium-Tall.
Shoes: Size 10.

And this is my "festive" church outfit. :) I bought this in the fall of 2007. Does anyone know what it is called so I can try and find it for polyvore?

BTW, Rex (seen in the background!!!) was FANTASTIC at church today. It was even an extra-long sermon with the priest talking about the Bishop's Lenten Appeal for more time than is necessary at the "family (read: babies)" mass.

Dress: Size 10.
Belt: Size small.
Tights: See above.
Shoes: Size 10.

Talk soon! Hope to comment back appears I have some spare time on my hands (keep fingers crossed)!


Pamela said...

I totally need to keep my eyes open for Crew cuts tee-esp. with free shipping!

some kids are amazing in church. my niece had her confirmation last Sunday and we sat in a two hour ceremony and my 4 year old neices and nephew were amazingly good! I think the service was so long because the Archbishop conducted it, but none the less, I was so impressed and amazed by them. Kids are amazing!!!

Kathy said...

You looked so pretty and festive in your valentine outfit! I love the bright colors on CW, too!

I cannot believe that your street is not plowed YET! And I am not being one of those "northerners", but for safety purposes and it has been quite a few days...or weeks!

dinagideon said...

Hi, Pamela: You should look into crewcuts...they are surprisingly comfy and flattering (if you have the right length torso).

I want so badly for rex to be like your neices and nephews!!! That would be a dream come true!

Hi, Kathy: I should clarify. It has been plowed to 4 inches of packed snow and ice. Meaning that it still can be treacherous to drive on, but we can leave the neighborhood, if we are careful! :)

MaryMoo said...

I think the cord dress is the Linda. Believe there was a wool version too. I stalked this dress and could never get it :(.

audreybella said...

Thanks for the Crewcuts Size 14 tip. I was just looking at the girls tees today. Sounds like I just "may" be able to wear them.

pixelant said...

Very cute! I love pink! Your daughter is precious!

Snea said...

Oooh, gorgeous outfits! Happy V-day to you and the fam! Found a link to a mid-century home that i thought you'd like:

Slastena said...

Happy Valentine's, Dina! I was dying to see that crewcut tee IRL- lovely. I have to try it on. Montgomery carries Crewcuts , but not sure if they carry sz 14 in stores.Cute how both of your kids got in the pics- CW into the first one( she s getting so big!) and Rex into the the bottom one.

IRL said...

I second what Marymoo says, it's the Pinwhale Linda dress. I had it in brown but returned it because my niece said I looked like a "school teacher". :P LOL You look great in it! I don't remember it coming in the color you are wearing. Do you know the name of the color?

Here's a link to the brown Linda on Kaboodle:
Pinwale-Cord Linda Dress

GingerSnap said...

You look darling! And your babies do too! I hope you and your family had a wonderful valentines day and weren't burried under too much snow!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is the Linda dress. It is so cute. My sister's name is Linda and we both got it so I know that for sure. It is so nice looking IMO and not at all like the other poster commented. classic.

Jen said...

I love that Crewcuts tee! Pretty sure I'd look like baby Huey in it, though. You, however, look great

Marietta said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Dina! You look so beautiful and festive! Love the cute heart tee. :)

I wore the heart Francis, black Lea cardi, dark wash Joe's Provacateur, Nike sneakers and my cane.... still recovering from my foot surgery, so no killer heels for me... sigh. I miss my shoes. :)
To give it a pop of color, I carried a great red silk clutch that I scored from AT on sale recently... I got it for around $35 from it's original $125! Also wore dangly Swarovski earrings and the Swarovski crystal stretch bracelet in silver from AT.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's the perfect t-shirt for V-Day!

HeidiG said...

Great Val Day outfits!! But a short sleeve cardi in this weather??? Oh wait, that's right, it's you. :) Love the heart tee on you. Where's CW's matching tee? Couldn't she wear it as a dress right now?

Ema said...

What a sweet outfit, I love the tee paired with the short-sleeved cardigan. I never thought of buying crewcuts for me but I'm liking their tees much more than the women's ones lately, so maybe I will try one to see how it fit (I guess that a 12 should work for me).

amy kelinda said...

Good to know about the Crewcuts tee sizing! I was always curious about if I could get away with wearing some of the Crewcuts stuff (because a lot of their tees are super cute! AGH!) and now I can't wait to try it out! The pinks are so adorable together, I love it!

Also, your red dress is STUNNING.

Drewablank said...

You are abso-ma-lutely luminous in both outfits, Dina! I love the combo of the bright pink and the more subdued peach! Belated happy Valentine's Day! :)

dinagideon said...

Hi, all!!! Thank you for your kind and sweet words about my V-day outfits. :)

MaryMoo: Linda, yes!!! That is it! Thank you! (And I know all about stalking outfits...still hankering for that lovely lovely Liberty top.) :)

AudreyBella: Give it a shot...with free shipping and returns to the store, it doesn't cost a whole lot extra to try it out!

Snea: Swoon over that house. SWOON!!!

IRL: Perfect!!! Thank you...I will keep that until I can find the rust version! :)

Anon at 8:22: Yes, I suppose if a dress was named "Dina," I would for sure know it! LOL. ;)

Jen: There is NO WAY you would look like Baby Huey. NO WAY! :)

Marietta: Your outfit sounds like perfection (even the shoes--I mean you just had foot surgery)! :)

HeidiG.: Baby's tee is on backorder until Feb. 26th. Maybe by next fall she can wear it as a regular top and not a dress??? ;)

Ema: Yes, try a 12 first. But if it doesn't work because it isn't long enough, try the 14 (crewcuts adds length to the tops as the size goes up). The 14 would just be looser on you than it is on me!!! :)

Talk with you all soon!