Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Knitted Boatneck from Boden is All I Need to Brighten Up!!!

Nanny and Pops, aka Mr. Dina's parents, are in town, so I am limited in how much time I can spend on my blog, but I will attempt to publish every day, even if I only say a few words overall (well, compared to what I normally do, anyhow).

So I woke up feeling like CRUD...I think I might have had a small virus, you know the type with headaches, aches, general malaise, ick, ick, ick.

Was totally NOT feeling the whole "dress up and look awesome for everyone," but honestly, I now feel like I HAVE to try, at least. Thanks a lot, blog.

And this is why Johnnie Boden should be crowned the king of fashion for all stay at home mommas. His spring line is FULL of bright colors, stripes, florals, and overall prettiness. I literally spent three seconds deciding on my outfit. It consists of three pieces...Boden's beautiful striped knitted boatneck, the pixie pants in black from J. Crew, and the Rivington kitten heels from J. Crew. Done. My outfit is done...just that quickly and easily.

And even better, my spirits (even if my health wasn't quite there) were LIFTED. I felt good. :) And that is priceless. SO SWAK, Johnnie. SWAK.

Knitted Boatneck from Boden. This is a cotton, wool, cashmere mix and is a nice weight for all seasons outside of summer. This is the turquoise melange stripe, and as you can tell the stripe is a citron color.

I am wearing not a stitch of makeup (well, an eensy bit of gloss), and considering how bad I felt overall, I could look a lot worse. I think this color would make a drowned rat look like a pretty little princess. Heehee. :)

I am wearing a size 10 (UK) or size 6 (US). Yes, this is a loose fit. The size 12 (UK) or size 8 (US) would have been too I am glad I went with the smaller of my two Boden sizes. Only bummer is that this means a lot of you more petite ladies might have a problem. Boden's smallest US size is 2, and that is not all that small. I guess you could get it, wash it, and then dry it in the dryer...maybe then it would be a 0?

Minor pilling by the end of the day...but I wore it ALL day. And I picked up my kids multiple times, I wore backpacks, lugged boxes, hung up clothes, nursed, etc., etc. The pilling is probably more my fault than Johnnie's. And really, this pilling is only a tiny amount if I compare it to a dream sweater from J. Crew I bought two years that is some amazing pilling. :P

Yes, next time I will untuck the pixies and wear them over the boots. If the boots had been taller, I would have been (once again), Miss Horse Hunt Country Virginia. :) (I did untuck them after I saw this pic--not about to re-photograph, I do have a life...seriously, I do!)

Pants: Size 6.
Boots: Size 10.

Okay, I fibbed. I wore a perfect fit tee in citron under the sweater, but that is because I am obsessed with making sure NO underarm antiperspirant gets on my sweaters (am I the only one who worries about this?).

Oh, and can I just SQUEAL, just a tiny little bit? Okay, here goes...


I have a beautiful pic of me, baby CW, and Rex. Ah! Nanny, you are a good photographer. ;)

Have a nice night all.


Leslie said...

So cute! I love the aqua color with the yellow stripes; it's such an unusual and cheerful combination. I hope you're feeling better. :)

ashley said...

oooh i never thought about the whole deodorant thing! now that i think of it... my dove deodorant gets on everything! maybe i'm just kinda clutsy? eh. maybe i should switch to clear? hmmm. now im in a deodorant dilemma! hehe.. love that boatneck! i need that kind of color in my wardrobe! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the color of the sweater and the outfit, it looks so nice on you even though you are not feeling well.

Pamela said...

I love that Boden sweater! The whole outfit looks great, but that aqua just does it for me!

Genny said...

Avon makes a clear roll on that does not get on your clothes. I wear it even with black or navy silk camis. I don't worry about the sweater thing either. Plus, the stuff really WORKS as an antip./deo. There are usually lots of free ship codes around and you can have it sent directly to your house. No Avon lady needed. You will LOVE this stuff!

Jerry Gideon said...


Love the picture, and you have a wonderful smile. :) But then again, I have always known that. ;)



tastymoog said...

yeah, I definitely always wear a tee under sweaters so I don't get deodorant on the sweater! It really cuts down on how I often I need to dryell/handwash my knits.

tres tippy said...

i love all your boden pieces! i just ordered the leopard print cardigan but have to wait 9 weeks to get it! and wow, the kids are growing up so fast! super cute as always :)

Ann said...

Hi Dina--You look great in that outfit! The turquoise is really flattering on you.

I received that same Boden boatneck yesterday (mine is the green with the pink stripes). I love it as much as you know you love something when you can't wait to wear it, right? Glad you are starting to feel better.

(ps--love your dad's comment!)

Summerilla said...

I worry about the deodorant thing too! I always, always layer something under my sweaters for this exact reason!

Anonymous said...

Luvee the colors on your Boden Boatneck!

sweetsy said...

ADORBS..the top AND the super photo! Go Nanny!

Anonymous said...

You like CrewCuts and this line has some serious potential. It's a teen line that I know you and your tiny torso can fit into!!

Slastena said...

My friend is the same way- she would nevere wear a sweater witout a tee underneath. I , on other hand, don't care. I am really weird with sweating, I almost don't sweat at all. Only when I am really really nervous or very very hot (more like sauna hot).

Slastena said...

My friend is the same way- she would nevere wear a sweater witout a tee underneath. I , on other hand, don't care. I am really weird with sweating, I almost don't sweat at all. Only when I am really really nervous or very very hot (more like sauna hot).

A Bigger Closet said...

Ah Dina, I hope you feel better soon! The vibrant top is just gorgeous on you. I love easy-peasy outfits too. :) And fun to see the lovely Rivington boots on another JCA. I have them too but never quite sure how to wear them - tucked in, or just under bootleg pants. Hmmm. They can work both ways I suppose depending on the outfit.

Oh dear JC and pilling yes. At home I can take care of it easily but it's more difficult at the moment without my clothes shaver...and 2 of the 5 sweaters I packed are dream pills!

HeidiG said...

Love the sweater on you!! It just makes you glow. And pixi pants are perfect for a draggy day since they are so comfy!!

Beth said...

So cute! Love that spring sweater!!

Anonymous said...

Genny, I went to the Avon website. There are several of those deodorants. Which one do you recommend? TIA

CheesyGoodness said...

What a great picture! It is the very devil to get such a nice one, with everyone wearing nice smiles and no closed or crossed eyes!

You aren't alone in the quest for no 'rodie marks. When I lived in Savannah I switched to Certain Dri. It literally changed my life! I lived in white shirts (this was many years pre-kid) and had to bleach them due to the type of aluminum used in regular anti-perspirants which cause yellowing. After switching, I never had the yellowing problem, used much less bleach, and I was dry as a bone even in 99% humidity! It is kind of annoying at first, you have to remember to put it on before you go to bed, and if you try to use it right after bathing it can sting the pits a bit. It's a clear roll on, so there's never any residue or white marks. And, it can last for up to three days, sometimes four in the winter, so it saves a good chunk of change, too.

I love all the styles you've been sporting lately! I actually had to break a shopping ban due to the gorgeous pics you shared of the stained glass earrings. So pretty! My willpower was just decimated!

GingerSnap said...


I wanted to let you know I'm mentioning your blog on mine tomorrow! Heads up :)

crewcrazy said...

Such a cute photo of you and your children. I'm a stalker on your blog and love all your outfits. Am starting to wear a little more yellow because of you. I'm also blond and as long as it's a golden yellow, it seems to work!

I have a Boden question and am hoping you can help. I'm ready to buy a boyfriend cardi and like the current one on Boden. I'm a small at JC in most sweaters, 2 or XS is most blouses, small in perfect t's and an XS in painter t's or tissue t's. I like the Boden cardi because it's a crewneck. I have no chest and those deep v necks at JC don't work for me. Any advice on size? I'm thinking the 2. Also I have several Boden fun skirts in UK 10. I'm a JC 4 in skirts. Boden size charts say the UK 10 = US 6. Go with the 6 now? Do you have any experience with Boden now that they have switched over to US sizes?

If nothing else I'll order two sizes and return. They're pretty quick about crediting returns.

Thanks and I hope you are feeling better. This winter has to be over soon!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all. Between my fam coming to town and multiple subbing jobs this week, I have been away from my computer more than usual. Thank you for your usual, I truly appreciate all of you ideas, thoughts, and in the case of this post, your well wishes.

By the time I had published this post, I felt a lot better...something must have been going around. :p

To save time, I am answering specific comments/questions...

Genny: Thank you for the Avon idea...I will definitely look into it! :)

CheesyGoodness: Thank you for that idea, too. I like the "clear" option, for sure. :)

Oh, and I am sort of sorry to have enabled, but you will look darling, so I am happy, too. Heehee.

crewcrazy: Go with the 2 in the cardi. Please!!! Don't want it to be too big.

Weirdly enough, Boden's skirts tend to run small in the waist, so I always order a US 10 Long or UK 14 Long. (I wear a 6 or 8 in J. Crew's pencil skirts...)

Hope that helps!