Friday, February 12, 2010

A Review of the Madewell Jigsaw Necklace and a Starburst Tee for a Birthday!

You all are SO NICE. Rex sends a huge hug and says "thanks" for all the sweet birthday wishes you left him today! :)

I am so BEHIND in commenting back on my last posts, and for that I apologize...but I do want to get back into the swing of things now that we HAVE POWER and WE CAN GO OUTSIDE. LOL. :)

First up is a review of the Madewell Jigsaw Necklace. It was a "Jenna's pick" a few weeks ago, but I had no idea. I picked it on its own because it was on special for 78 dollars, and because of that was able to be part of the 20% off sale items purchase I made. Also on special? The Amore wash toothpick jeans! They are now back to their normal price of 125 dollars. I got the necklace for 55 dollars (appears to be still available, but it sells out quickly and then comes back, so keep checking if you want it) and the amore wash were around 75. Why J. Crew brought the price of the jeans back up to 125 is beyond me, but whatever. BTW, the jeans in this polyvore are the BLACK RESIN wash, and these I got for a REAL steal of a price...$41. (In store, back in December...they are on sale now, but not that low...pricing is all over the place at the Crew. Very very irritating if you ask me!)

Yeah, I could have showed you the whole outfit, but I DON'T like the photos, so this is all you all are gonna get. :)

Anyhow--the necklace is multi-stranded yet attached at the back (near the clasp), so they cannot be taken apart to be single-stranded (at least I can't do that). The color is a muted, almost brushed antiqued gold. This necklace is also surprisingly lightweight for what it looks like it should weigh.

I really think this necklace will help me "edge" out some of my sweeter looks. I would love to try this with some of those almost saccharin pieces I own from Boden. :)

I definitely do not gravitate towards things that look hard in anyway, but in the past year of running this "mommy-fashion (snort)" blog, I have realized that I need to try these harder looks more often. If I take my looks in a vacuum and seal away all my feelings, I do see that the harder looks do work with my body, face, and station in life. No, I am not going to go all Whitesnake on you all, but I do plan to try walk on the edge by accessorizing with a bit more urban looks.

Let's move to the look I am wearing tonight. It is impossible to get anywhere in the DC area tonight (traffic is miserable for EVERYONE--I am hearing of 2 hour commutes just to go five miles--YIKES), so we are going out for Rex and Mr. Dina's bday tomorrow night. Tonight we are having yummy Papa John's here. :)

The tee is the beaded starburst tee from this last Holiday season at J. Crew. I love the color, love the embellishment, but did not "full price" love it. I waited, and scored it on a popback for a pretty good price.

The flats are from Urban Outfitters and are providing the edge for this outfit. (Because Rex and Mr. Dina are so impressed by the same things that Nina Garcia would be impressed by--haha.)

Tee: Medium. I like it a little loose. Bought it thinking I would dry it to shrink it to a small, but now I don't think I will. :)
Pants: Size 8. Scout chinos are awesome for lounging.
Shoes: Size 10...a little wide, but very comfy and lovely.

And the bracelet is the Tangled Treasure that I adore. Watch for that one on popback, too!

Baby is so cute! What's not? Why in the world are my glasses all askew? Huh???

Have a nice night, all!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the necklace, I need it. I might have to stop by Madewell next weekend.

And the toothpick jeans are so cute on you. I have those jeans too and they are my favorite pair!!!

HeidiG said...

Love the edge in both outfits. The Madewell necklace is fab - it does remind me of my BR mixed chain necklace - and I do love the effect of it with the print cardi.

Love the UO flats, too - but if they fit you, I realize they will never work on me, so I will covet them from afar.

Enjoy pizza!!!

Andrea said...

I love the Golden Roses Print Merino Cardigan!!!
It looks very pretty on you.
You know, I got the toothpick in Black Resin wash too for $13.99 in store by the red phone Without shipping (the didn't have my size at the store by that time) and these was still FP online...$125!
That's a real steal of price for sure and I wish the Twilight wash was on sale as well :) I love those jeans!!

Slastena said...

Dina- looking lovely in both outfits. Happy belated Birthday wishes to baby Rex!February babies are the best!!!
I got toothpick denims in Resin Wash fro $13.49 too at store around Christmas, yep, and they were still $125 on-line. Crazy!

Pamela said...

the driving conditions are still that bad!? yucky.

I love that necklace!

I also don't get how J.crew rises and lowers prices on things. it's so frustrating!!! and sneaky if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

I hate the games with the prices too, if the price increase meant keeping the quality the same or better I would be oka with it, however that is not always the case. The difference between the store and on-line just pisses me off.

The sweater looks very noce on you.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add I just received my Scout Chinos this week and I love them and they are perfect for casual wear and running errands.

Beth said...

Hey Dina!
Are you out of the snow YET!?

Cute flats...You really look great!


ashley said...

pretty necklace! you'll get sooo much wear out of it! i wish i would have noticed it during that last sale! but i did happen to get the amore toothpick jeans! great price! and totally worth my $70! :)

A Bigger Closet said...

Hi Dina! I love both of these outfits on you and the new necklace looks great! I LOL'd about your photo comment. I know exactly what you mean - sometimes cropping improves an image. :) BTW, that cardigan is beautiful...makes me wish I had brought along my skirt in the same pattern.

Whew, I had a lot of posts to catch up with on your blog! First, Happy Birthday wishes to adorable Rex.

And oh my goodness, that's some snow you've been having to deal with this winter dear lady!!

jcbellemarie said...

Love the necklace! I wore it last night in gunmetal and just posted a review too! (linked to your post : ) )

The gold goes so nicely with your hair & outfit!

JKW said...

Happy belated b-day wishes to your little one. My oldest son (age 11) is a February baby, too. I wish I had picked up the Golden Roses Print Merino Cardigan -- looks great with the boatneck tee. Stay warm!

AppGal said...

I thought of you today when I was reading my INSTYLE magazine and saw a spread on the Liberty of London collaboration coming to Target. Have you seen it? There are some CUTE things on their way--I'm so excited!

Oh, and a happy belated birthday to cute lil' Rex...Hope y'all had a fun weekend celebration! :)

Janiece said...

so cute! you look amazing! loving that necklace!!!

dinagideon said...

Hi, guys, gonna answer just questions today, but I really appreciate all THANK YOU!!! :)

Beth: Well, lol, if you count being able to get places as "out of the snow," then, yes, we are out of the snow. However, since there are still insane 5 foot snowbanks everywhere, I have a feeling we won't TRULY be out of the snow until April. JK. But still, it is a bit ridiculous! :)

ABC: I will be cropping today's photos for sure...for some reason I couldn't take a photo without closing my eyes!!! :)

AppGal: I am staying up REALLY LATE on March 13th so that first thing on March 14th I can get the items I have seen from that line that I love, like the pretty dresses and kid's clothing. And the bike? Come on, now, what is Target trying to do to me??? ;)

You all have a great Wednesday!