Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little Black and White (and a Dash of Pink)!!!

I have been B-U-S-Y. Crazy busy. Basically I have been nowhere near my computer...between my family being in town last weekend, and substitute teaching twice this week (those outfit posts will be later today or tomorrow), I have had to put the blog on ice for a couple of days. I have responded back to the last few posts, except the one of the review of the Devote necklace (I have read the comments, though).

I did receive an award from some of my blog friends, and to you all, I say "THANK YOU!" I will being doing that award later this weekend...I promise!

Onto this post's, white, and a dash of pink. Yep, I went a bit neutral (for me, anyhow). The first outfit I wore to go out to dinner on Tuesday night, and the second outfit is from Tuesday during the day...I wore it to bring Rex to preschool and to wear to yoga. These two outfits are very much "SAHM."

The above polyvore is for the first outfit. The second outfit has no polyvore...but if any of you have an image of the second outfit's sweatercoat/cardigan, and you could e-mail me it, I would be very grateful (I would love to have that for polyvore).

Cardigan: Size small. This is the papaya colored Celosia cardigan. I have the honey one from this last roll-out, too. This is such a lovely cardigan...perfect shape, just the right amount of frill, and very cozy and comfortable.
Top: Size small. Currently available in store, but obviously I have photographed it and put it in polyvore myself. You can use it if you are polyvore addict, too.
Pants: Size 31. I am so glad I bought them one size too big, makes going out and eating yummy Mexican way easier. :) Ha.
Shoes: Size 10. BTW, these shoes inspired my whole day...take a look at outfit two to see how.

And the sweet that they both wanted to be in the photo, even if they decided not to actually look at the camera.

Oh, and have you ever worn a sweater to a Mexican restaurant and ended up smelling like the food? My cardigan smelled just like fried onions, and it took two days to air the smell out!!! Oh, well, I guess that is a good price to pay for yumminess!

Sweatercoat/Cardigan: Size small. This is the Arlington Sweatercoat made by J. Crew in the Fall of 2005 (I think that is what I read on the tag). I LOVE this cardigan. It is the PERFECT shape and fit and weight for taking the kids to preschool and enough to cover my yoga-panted butt. ;) Does anyone else own this beauty?
Top: Size small.
Pants: Size medium. Love Target yoga pants!
Shoes: See last outfit.

That is all for this afternoon! Have a great day, everyone!


Beth said...


That pink is the color for it with the black pants.. Just wonderful! You look great. :)


amy kelinda said...

I love the pink Celosia cardigan on you! I have the black one but I accidentally washed it (DOH!!) and now it's a little too small. I was really sad about this, especially since I really loved this cardigan so much... Oh well. That'll teach me to blindly dump my clothes in the wash, haha! I love those cute little polka dot shoes! And how adorable that CW and Rex make cameo appearances in your photos, haha!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful with the Celosia cardigan. I tried on the navy one last year but didn't purchase it before it sold out. :-(

- S

Anonymous said...

The celosia looks great on u Dina!
I just placed an order on the aqua this morning :-)

Debye said...

I love the pink celosia cardigan on you and you did a great job of putting the colors together without taking me back to the 80's!

Anonymous said...

Well, if these outfits are stay at home mom I am glad I don't live or hang around people in Virginia. In the area I live it it is very affluent, considered one of the most affluent areas actually and all us stay at home moms wear sweats, ball caps or our hair in pony tails and sweats. I love it. You looked very dressed up to me! I prefer nice sweats. Dashing around kids and not having to worry about my precious JC clothes. Those only come out for special occasions or special meetings and then get taken off immediately. I play and paint and exercise too much with my kids to worry about my clothes.

Cleo said...

Dina, i love the cardigan and tee. Cute outfit.

I missed out on the cardigan in this color. Silly me, i returned it! The newly released version has only 3/4 sleeves, and i prefer long sleeves. I may pick up the tee because i really like it. Should have purchased it at the last outing instead of the jacket that i ended up returning. :)

OneFashionistaDiva said...

these are such cute looks! you are making me very excited about spring!

Slastena said...

Dina- I did not even see the tee in the stores. How lovely! And ballet flats are simply fab. Must run to Target to check them out!Thank you for the b-day wishes and joining the celebration. You, ladies, truly made my day extra special.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dina!

I came across your site, and some other similar ones, while searching info on J. Crew. I love reading about our outfits; and I'd never heard of Polyvore before!

Question: I was thinking over ordering either a Celosia cardigan or Jackie cardigan online (I live in Canada, so it's my only option since we don't have stores up here) and was going to buy medium. But going through your site, and from your pictures, I don't think my sizing is that much different from yours and I see you bought smalls in both these sweaters. Is the fit that much different from medium?

Thanks! Love your site!

- Natalie

Slastena said...

Dina and Anon-
in regards to sweats and SAHM post.Some people are more comfortable in sweats, some are in nice clothes. Not to say that one is better than another, it's just who you are. And to think that one is a better mom because she is in sweats and caps all day long is simply wrong ( just as it would be wrong to look scornfully at someone underdressed). Pleease!
I personally ( and you have to take my upbringing into consideration, we dress to nines even for a quick run to the grocery store) prefer when someone actually cares about their appearance. It is an aesthetic that I try to pass to my kids. My son notices and always compliments me on how nice I look- to me that's precious.

Rachel said...

Well Said Slastena!!!! So much judging in the mommy world, I was shocked, everyone worrying about what make someone a "better" mother. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable. I personally am a jeans and t-shirt kinda mom. (I don't follow some "mommy uniform" of the moms in my area)I like to wear my yoga pants and junky clothes when I paint and play with my kids but truth be told that isn't all i do all day everyday and sometimes I like to dress up to run errands and other times I don't.

As moms lets support each other instead of judging each other based on our apperances.

Dina - you are a brave lady - and a great mama !
You look beautiful btw


crewcrazy said...

After looking at your blog I have decided that I must own more papaya clothing. You look great in that color and we have similar coloring. I've always liked the color but never realized just how good it is. Really like it under the cashmere tie sweater and I think I remember you wearing it under the thin cotton alligator sweater from last spring. Beechwood with whiteish spots. Looked great. Now I think I might need the tie sweater also. I should really stay off the internet.

dinagideon said...

Oh, hello all! I have been away from the computer a lot this weekend! ;)

Great conversation going on here...

Going to have to save time and I can only answer questions, etc., but I know you always understand...

Amy Kelinda: Oops! I have had some success stretching out merino wool when I did that with one of my son's sweaters...have you tried that? Or you could just wear it opened and with a pencil skirt...very retro that way! :)

S.: Get thee a beautiful spring color then!!! ;)

Debye: Haha...your comment made me chuckle!

Anon: If you are happy with your situation, then I am most definitely happy for you! :) I love dressing up, but (and I think this is really important for all my readers to understand) I was raised with NO MOM...for most of my childhood...I had NO FEMININE ROLE MODEL, at all,outside of magazines and TV and version of what it means to be an adult lady was very much influenced by a HIGHLY FEMINIZED version of what ladies should be like. (You know, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Cybill Shephard from Moonlighting, Robin Wright Penn from the Princess Bride--you get where I am going with this.) I do not think that I am less of a mom for wearing more "dressy" clothes...I just do my typical "mom" things in these kind of outfits. That said, I do wear my version of sweats on at least a weekly, if not twice-weekly basis...once to coach (I am a swimmer--so I get a lot of exercise), and once to do yoga.

But that is me, and you are you. :) (And so you know, as much I would love to represent "Virginia," I can't take that title--Rachel is also a Virginian and as is clear from her comment, she dresses differently enough from me!)

Hope you keep reading, but if you don't, I understand.

Natalie: I am sure you are a small, but here are my measurements for comparison...I wear a 32B/C bra size, 28 inch waist and a 34 inch high-hip measurement. I find that merino wool is very forgiving, and the cotton-blend that J. Crew uses in the Jackies is also very forgiving! I hope that helps! :)

Slastena: SWAK! You are my girl...thank you for saying such nice things! I believe my response echoes your sentiment exactly!

Rachel: Can you imagine if there was a NOVA "mommy" code? :) I imagine that all the lawyers around here would have a field day with that if it were the case. The ACLU would definitely get involved, too, I am 100% positive.

Thank you for saying such sweet things, very appreciated!

crewcrazy: Oh, don't stay off the internet!!! Go to ebay and purchase a papaya/coral celosia cardigan! From what I get, it was the more unpopular color from the last roll-out, so I suspect there are still bargains out there! :)

crewlade drinka said...

dina, I second you and your supporters!!
didn't realize about your mom.. your dad must have done a great job, you seem to embrace your mommy and wife roles well!

also, can you please tell me the color of your cashmere tie cardi?

dinagideon said...

crewlade drinka: Thank you! I find it challenging to figure out what a mom/wife is meant to do...but it is a lot of fun, regardless!

The tie-front cardi is the heather natural color, very nice neutral...and the 175 price now is promo priced so you can apply the extra 30% off! :)

tastymoog said...

I think it's funny that anon@11:39 thinks jcrew is "precious" and overly dressy. Umm, it's not Prada. But you stick with your sloppy sweats (I don't care if you paid $98 dollars for them, either), Mrs. Affluent.

Jeannie said...

I am sorry but Anon @ 11:39 on 2/26 was just plain rude and obnoxious. Good for Anon that she live in the "most affluent area" (NOTE: What I've learned in life is if you actually have to brag about something like that, chances are it's not true) and they still like to dress like slobs. Many moms like to dress nice no matter if they stay at home and work and we should NOT be judged for that! I am sorry but that post just really fired me up! I love your blog, Dina, and your style and your PRECIOUS J.Crew clothes! Keep it up! And the other Anon can shove it! Sorry I'm done now. :)

dinagideon said...

Tastymoog and Jeannie: Thank you both for your support!!! I am glad to know that you enjoy my "mommy style!" :) I love this blog and having folks like you here with me makes writing this so much more enjoyable!!!

I think I will shut down commenting now, just to keep things in I think that enough has been said on all fronts that we have a nice sampling of all opinions!!! ;)