Monday, March 1, 2010

Subbing in Style! (Plus a Sweet Peek at a Free Johnnie B. Bag!)

Don't worry, everyone. I promise I wasn't sitting at home this weekend crying because I was told my hair needed to be fixed or because my mommy style doesn't mesh with what others think mommy style should be. (Nope, I was just out A LOT this weekend and nowhere near my computer.) You would be proud of me...I actually read all the comments from the last two posts, laughed a bit, reflected a bit, and was proud to say that I in no way, shape, or form was hurt or offended!!! I actually agree with the commenter that thinks I need to color my hair. You better believe I do!!! I CANNOT stand my winter hair. It is all pretty and shiny and blonde in the summer and a dark, deep shadow, my winter dark hair comes out like the night, slowly, but surely. If I never went out at all in the sun, my hair would naturally be a dark blonde/red combo, which is pretty, but since I do go outside (even in the winter), it never quite gets there. And since I don't anticipate becoming a housebound lady any time soon, I will just have to deal with this winter hair thing (and I have had this since I was in high school). I am going to the salon sometime this week...maybe I will have them do something! (BTW, when stylists see me their reaction is always to blonde me up I think in real life I must appear lighter than I do in photos...does that make sense?)

In re: Mommy style and the little convo going on...I think each mom is entitled to be the best mom they can be...if that means stepping out in stiletto heels and bright red lipstick, then FANTASTIC. If it means wearing your hair in a bun and having a sports bra on all darn day, then GREAT!!! I am just showing you my version, and from what I read, many of you try to do the same in your lives, so bravo for all of us! (More power to us is an insanely difficult job but also insanely whatever fashion we bring to it, then yay!) If you want to hear some of my takes on mommy style, I am *thinking* (very much thinking--not executing just yet) of doing a "Mommy Style Monday with My Superfluities," kind of an advice column on particular needs of moms and their styling particular my passions of postpartum wear that goes beyond frumpy, great maternity wear, and what the heck to wear when you want to step out but you have a crazy and wild toddler (or two or three). :) It is still in its (haha) infancy, so nothing yet, but I know that mommy style is personal, but is something to share!!! So instead of being divided, let us unite and show our corners of the world that we can look awesome, even when the most glamorous thing we do during the day is feed our children rainbow colored cereal.

Okay, enough of that! :)

I subbed twice last week, and because this was by far the most action my wardrobe had seen in a LONG while (thank you SO MUCH, SNOWSTORM(s))...I really went all out to bring it to subbing. Had I driven to school, I would have probably shown up in a tiara. (Just kidding, but I would have for sure worn a dress and heels.)

I walked home on both occasions, and the first outfit does not reflect that well...I changed shoes to get home. There was NO way I was wearing those flats on a two mile walk. The second outfit you see my walking shoes, so that outfit is more exercise-friendly from the start.

This above is the polyvore for the first outfit. There is NO polyvore for the second outfit, because I am lazy. ;)

Top: Size small.
Cardigan: Size Medium.
Pants: Size 30 Tall. Umm, can I just tell you these are now officially my very favorite pair of jeans? These are the ankle-length (in tall--inseam of 30 inches) twilight wash toothpick jeans by J. Crew. I want J. Crew to always offer this inseam in this goodness, it is so flattering, and also very, very comfortable.
Shoes: Size 9.

By the way, I have worn a version of this outfit before. I guess I must have really liked it!

Baby CW looks darling here, but wait till you see the collage. Just wait for it!

Top: Size Medium. This is an Xhiliration microsequin tank in aqua. This is a juniors line, so the medium was my best bet.
Cardigan: Size Medium. I bought this dark aqua jackie from CDP for $25. What a great buy. You are the best CDP...if you want to sell any more of your jackies, you have a buyer. ;)
Pants: Size 10. Umm, SAGGY BRITCHES alert!!! I guess these Talbot's jeans are a bit big on me. Ooops. At least they were comfy! :P
Shoes: Size 10. By a company called Flurt, they are actually very lovely trainers that are lightweight and colorful.

So you know how CW always is in the pictures with me? Well, on Friday morning, she was having a mini-meltdown...and I was none the wiser, UNTIL I looked at the photos in Picasa. Before my very eyes, her meltdown unfolded. And being me, I turned it into a collage...because it is HILARIOUS. The WHOLE time we were taking photos of the teal sequined outfit, CW was having a temper tantrum...I thought she had just walked out of the kitchen to go play in her room. :) CRAZY!

She was fine. Please trust me on this. I wonder how I could turn this collage into a stop motion film?

Man, when she is fifteen, I think I might have to drag these images back out...she is normally all sweet as pie and agreeable...this is much more of a Rex-type thing to do!

Okay, almost done. Wanted to show you a pic of the free "Johnnie B." bag they are sending when you make your first johnnie b. order. I ordered a very lovely fitted tee (has a bird saying "moo" on it) in dark pink and this came with it. I think the bag may be worth more than the tee. This is a nicely made canvas bag...definitely puts the J. Crew canvas ones to shame...all tri-colored and fancy-looking with the Union Jack on it!

LOVE the tee, btw. Very soft, very nicely made. I ordered a medium, and I am glad I did. It would have been too small in a small. It is weird, but the 13-14 mini boden tops are sometimes too large, yet the medium in their junior's line is a close fit. Huh. I guess it just shows ya...follow the measurement guide over at Boden...has never led me astray!

Have a nice Monday. I will share more from this weekend tomorrow (including baby CW's first crewcuts fashion show)!

P.S. Cash from My Closet is updated, and so you know, all of the items in today's post are going to be consigned on Saturday...just a heads-up. :)


ashley said...

lovin' that first outfit! those pants look great on you!

Anonymous said...

The toothpick jeans looks SWEEEET on you Dina! You look HAWT

MCC said...

The toothpick jeans fit you perfectly! I can't wait to wear mine again (after baby). CW is adorable also!

Jeannie said...

Honestly it saddens and amazes me how rude the world has become. Anyone who choses to put picturs of their everyday outfits on the internet for anyone to look at and judge is BRAVE, and I applaud you for it! I love your style and your blog, and I LOVE J.Crew. I'm a working mom in the corporate world so I do have to dress up every day but even if I stayed at home I'd dress's just better for the pysche I think. If you look good, you feel good! (Clearly Anon in her sweats feels terrible about herself.) Just have to say love your blog Dina!

Kris said...

Dina -

I haven't commented before, but I love the idea of a "mommy-style Monday." I think we all have our own ideas of "mommy style," but I like that many of your ideas transition well for my "working days." Keep them coming.

CheesyGoodness said...

Hahahahoohahaha! CW knows how to work that camera. My eyes teared from giggling at your collage!

Love the outfits, the bright aqua looks so pretty on you. Glad to see the featherweight cardi from the first outfit again, I bought one myself last year after seeing your pics.

I guess I missed the thread with the crabapples commenting. Sorry for the random negativity. Maybe spreading the ugly anonymously on the internet is the new going home and kicking the dog? It's a shame. You bring many a smile and many an outfit idea into the world!

RatsOnParade said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first outfit on you! (Not to say the other outfits you post aren't just as fabulous - but something about the mix of gray and pink(ish/salmon?) with the toothpicks + your makeup -- simply put, you look awesome! I can totally see trying to do this look myself (sans toothpicks, because my lower half just won't stand for it...and I wouldn't be able to get the darn pants past my calves....but I digress.). You look fantastic - love the outfit! Did I already say that? Ha! Well anyway...nice work. :)

Margot said...

What a great a idea to get those toothpick jeans in TALL - they look fabulous on you. I like your style very much, Dina, especially because you always bring a pop of color to your outfits (I am somewhat color-challenged). Your best accessory: your smile. On top of that you remind me of one of my favorite actresses, so yeah I may be a little partial to you :-)

Kristin said...

The first outfit is especially awesome. You look so incredibly TINY!! You need to buy more pairs of those jeans - obviously they are perfect for you. And I love the grey and lavender on you.

Anonymous said...

I missed the anon's rude comments, but they're always from anons... go figure.

You look LOVELY in your turquoise cardigan! Dina, I have branched out into the color world more and more because of your bright happy outfits. You make my wardrobe sing!!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Love the first outfit on you Dina...absolutely gorgeous! :)

Cloggsy said...

Girl, I'm a SAHM and I WISHED I looked half as good as you. If you can do it, hell, do it....look nice each day. I fail miserably at the task and tell myself "tomorrow I'll look nicer". I say good f**king job on your look smashing.


DrDrama said...

You look adorable. As a mom myself, I appreciate your commitment to fashion while being a working mom and having young kids. You have your own style, so to quote Tim Gunn, "make it work!". Also, I got the Boden catalog in the mail and immediately thought of you!

Anonymous said...

The toothpicks look so great on you!
I think you are one of the most fashionable moms I have known.

Anonymous said...

Well, the area I live in is one of the most affluent areas in the US and this is not my belief it is fact...recently moved here and have found out a lot about the area. So not bragging--just telling it like it is! Very happy and surprised to see lots of ladies wearing casual clothes.

I never once said I was a better mom as some have mentioned. Where in the hell did you get that from?

All I said was that I am happy to be in an area where moms are free to dress comfortably and confidently in sweats and no makeup. I Dina wants to wear her good JCrew and do her mommy things good for you.

No way could I paint and glue and play outside (Dina said she doesn't go outside in the winter with her hair comment) and I do with my kids daily.

Wear a silk cami and dry clean only sweater. No thanks. I dress nice when appropriate for me which is going out with adults in dry clean only clothes which in fact many if not most of JCRew clothes are.

dinagideon said...

Going to bed soon, ladies!!! Had a great night...and loved hearing from you all.

Definitely plan on wearing those toothpicks again! :)

Kris: Mommy Style Mondays will start soon, I hope!!! Give me a couple of weeks to flesh it out...

Margot: Now I am dying to know which actress I remind you of...that is so funny! ;)

DrDrama: My goodness, I went over to your blog and had a GOOD OLE TIME...what a great thing you have going over there...everyone, go to DrDrama's is awesome!

RosainDC: Since I have seen you, Ms. Fashionable in real life, I am so honored you have said that! Thank you!

dinagideon said...

I think a comment is gone, I could have sworn there was another. Weird.

Well, someone mentioned in the "lost" comment that I don't get outside in the winter because my hair is darker (which I did say in this post), and while I am outside LESS in the winter, I still go out everyday...for instance, in this very post, I mention walking home from subbing at school! So let's see--2 miles walking home times twice last week, that equals 4 miles in the sunshine, plus any additional time outside, hmm, that puts me at least 4 or 5 hours outside last week alone. I may wear fussy clothing, but I don't really stress too much if it gets damaged. My darling dry cleaner is the sweetest lady and always finds some way of fixing any stains. :) She gets to work on them all the time...I remember cake getting all over the silk tiered cami at an outdoor barbeque last summer!!! What a mess...but it is all better now!

I definitely am outside for at least twice to three times that amount in the summer, in fact I have to be very careful with my skin tone, etc., so I don't end up with skin cancer.

Anyhow...I really appreciate all viewpoints, and I really mean it when I say if you enjoy something or some way of living, then AWESOME!!! Seriously. I know though (and this makes me kind of sad) that no matter what I say or do or how nice I try to be, it just won't work for some people. But I can say I tried!!! :)

Have a nice night, all, sweats, heels, silk, cotton, nothing (heehee)...

dinagideon said...

Okay, this morning the comment came back. Good! I am not going crazy! (I think Blogger and its "issues" makes me feel a bit like a nutter on a regular basis...haha.) :)

I would like to point out that as I write this I am in my pjs, and later today I will don yoga pants and my new Johnnie B. tee shirt...hardly the pinnacle of over-dressing. I also want to refer anyone who thinks I don't get out to the "My Adventures as a Pack Mule, Parts One and Two." Trust me if I wasn't fit or active or ready to go outside, I would have NEVER attempted what we did on those lovely days.

Okay, done with that.

I love all moms, everywhere, because regardless of our style choices, we are care about our children first and foremost, and to me there is nothing greater than that love! :)


dinagideon said...

Must drink coffee first before commenting:

This statement: "I love all moms, everywhere, because regardless of our style choices, we are care about our children first and foremost" should have been: "I love all moms, everywhere, because regardless of our style choices, we ALL care about our children first and foremost."


Margot said...

Dina, it´s the danish actress Connie Nielsen.

dinagideon said...

Margot: Wow. Thank you. She is just insanely beautiful. I don't see the resemblence...but I am sure my hubby will appreciate it! (He will also appreciate the fact that she is the girlfriend of Lars Ulrich, Metallica band!) ;)

Have a great day!

Jen said...

Dina - great outfits you have there! That turquoise sequin tee makes me smile. And the toothpicks look fab on you.
I do hope you do the Monday Mom Style post - there is such a wonderful diversity of how Moms 'do', you'll have a wealth of information to plumb.
Re CW: it is funny when mellow kids have the rare meltdown. The first time our son as an infant started to really howl (at about 3 weeks old) I ran to get a camera to document it.
Re Anonymous poster: whatever her issue is, it has nothing to do with you, but you probably know that already!

Anonymous said...

Dina, I read your blog frequently. My reaction is always the same. I think you are an amazingly positive and energetic woman that everyone could learn a thing or two from. Your attitude and your look are inspirational to me (as are Slastena's and other "mommy" bloggers like FFM and Ema). Have a WONDERFUL day looking great and taking care of your beautiful kids!

Debye said...

Good for you on not getting offended....that can be tough not to do! I have been a mom that rarely puts on make-up and wears sweats everyday and I have been a mom that tries to make an effort to look put together (most of the time). Neither changed how good of a mom I was except for the fact that my self esteem was better when I made an effort to look nice. Anyways, off my little soapbox.....

I love those toothpick jeans on you and the idea of Mondays for mommy fashion!!

Beth said...

Neat bag Dina! I have to check out Johnnie B. Thanks for the heads up.
You look fab in your toothpick jeans girl!


AppGal said...

Oh Dina! I just adore those toothpicks on you! You make me want to try them out, although I have been looking upon them with disdain and nervousness.

Also, I must have missed the harsh anon comments but know that you have so many more supporters out there than haters. To each her own, but I personally LOVE your style. Even though I'm not a SAHM, I love seeing what you wear each day and am storing away tips and tricks for that *maybe* someday :)

HeidiG said...

See...I'm bummed that you shut down the commenting on the last post b/c I really wanted to vent about something...the whole clothes smelling like food thing - ugh, so gross - but what's worse is when the smell gets into your hair - I still remember a dinner where the table behind me got fajitas, so my hair smelled like fajita meat the rest of the evening. Ewwwwwww. and you looked gorgeous in papaya...

And you look great in these 2 outfits - and uberskinny in the first one. also, love the Johnnie B bag - too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Heidi.... I LOVE fajitas. We had them tonight. Ok, I might not want a "what we don't wear" list with you. If you can't eat fajitas, let alone sit next to them, what kind of mom ARE you??


HeidiG said...

cdp - I love fajitas - but I just don't like smelling like someone else's food - if it's my food, that's fine...but if I wanted to smell like a different entree, that's what I would have ordered. We actually don't do fajitas a lot at home - but we are all about soft tacos - last time I tried to do chicken instead of ground beef, there was mutiny amongs the ranks. Please be me "what we don't wear friend"! :)

Snea said...

And so it begins! Man, if that's how she is now, I don't look forward to her teenagerdom. 8O

Anonymous said...

Oh alright, we'll keep our list going. =D

Here's a yummy side dish the next time you have your soft tacos (we have it with chicken fajitas). Chock full of protein and veggies... I substituted lite italian dressing to keep the fat down. My kids loved it.

Texas Caviar