Monday, March 15, 2010

A Week's Worth of Outfits...

Between being all "dina's dramatic diary" last week AND looking for the roll out of Liberty of London for Target, I have sort of neglected my whole outfit of the day posts. So to honor the week that was lost to angst and capitalism, I give you the outfits of last week.

They are barely in order, and only one has a polyvore I created, but they are here! :)

BTW, for the vast majority of the week, Baby CW was way more stylish than me. I guess unfiltered emotion plus my style don't work. No wonder I looked so bad in college. Ha.

I always like to start on a high note. I am an optimist at heart, after all. Love this look. I wore this on Thursday (03/11/2010). I actually had a headache on my "headache tee" day. Surprisingly this outfit held up well to the ravages of the mud my kids decided to sling on themselves that day (yeah, I know I was asking for it wearing these pants to preschool). The headache only got worse. Hmm.

Jacket: Size 4. This is the J. Crew Duchamp Print Astor Jacket from Fall 2008. This is a sublime piece of jacket. Bought it off ebay for way way less than it cost when it was full-price.
Tee: Size Small.
Pants: Size 8.
Shoes: Size 10.

Above is the only Dina-made polyvore from last week. Yes, I did include baby's outfit. You'll see why...

Baby TOTALLY brought it this day (Monday, 3/8/2010). SO CUTE. Gah.

I brought it far less. I do want to point out that all I did on Monday (besides coach in the evening) was take a long walk in the neighborhood with the kids (it was BEAUTIFUL that day).

Top: Size 8. It is now just fitting over my hips properly. I hate it when one size 8 will be huge on me and then another size 8 will. just. fit. GRR.
Pants: Size 30 S.
Shoes: Size 9.

Onto Tuesday, 03/09/2010. Baby is still bringing it! I am going to yoga, so these are workout clothes (well, not the top, but I have a tank on under it).

Top: UK Size 10, or US Size 6.
Pants: Medium. These actually are yoga pants. So comfy!
Shoes: Size 9. It was warm that day, so I pulled out sandals...WHEE!

So, guess what? I stole this outfit idea from Slastena, over at About All and Nothing At All (don't worry, I asked before I could wear it). And you know what? I finally wore it last week, and you know what she does today? She posts on this very outfit (and how she wore it on Wednesday, one day after I wore it). I think she and I have a mind-body connection. :) Thank you again, Slastena. What a beautiful outfit!

I know, Rex looks SO SAD. He was. I think he hadn't gotten his way, had a fit, tears, tears, temper, beating the floor, momma pick me up...etc., etc.

I wore this out to the movies with Mr. Dina. This was Tuesday night, 03/09/2010.

Jacket: Size Small. Downtown Field Jacket equals instant chic.
Top: Size 6.
Pants: Size 32 R. These are the bootcut jeans, and I think these are sized pretty small. I am wearing a 30 in other J. Crew jeans, so I don't know what's going on here. Hmm.
Shoes: Size 10.

I believe I wore this outfit on Wednesday, 03/10/2010, when I was trying to find the first batch of Liberty of London for Target.

Top: Size 8. Yet another size 8 that is just now fitting me.
Pants: Size 10. These are the Mahali Dot Capris. I really need a size 8, but am holding onto these until I can trade with a JCA for the right size (anyone interested in a trade?). I love these pants, so cute!
Shoes: Size 9. These are the pale oak Porto tumbled leather driving mocs. In classic J. Crew fashion, I sized down to them. The 10s would have been HUGE.

This is my Saturday (03/12/2010) evening outfit (I wore it to church). My hair looks dark here because of the lighting. I promise, I didn't go and get it dyed to a whole new color. You people would have to think I have way more time than I do to have done that!

I love baby's leg kick here. So cute. You know what wasn't so cute? Their behavior at church. Man. They were TERRIBLE. :P

Dress: Size small. Bought this Anthropologie Whirling Ruffles Sweater Dress from ebay, again for way less than it was originally. I tacked the lower ruffle to the dress better (it was a bit floppy) by using safety pins. Eventually I will sew the bits to the dress. :) Very comfy and cozy. I highly recommend it!
Shoes: Size 10.

Later today I will post three more IRLs of Liberty of London for Target dresses (including the gorg girl's dress). I also plan on doing my giveaway, too, so be looking for that! :)


tastymoog said...

ahh, the Duchamp jacket. I was so torn about it, and definitely regret not purchasing it now. I would have *loved* that print in a mini skirt (the jcrew outlet stores should get on that!).

eep, I love CW's orange jumper and striped leggings! :D

Pamela said...

okay, CW is looking too cute in her polyvore to real life outfit!

I think you looked GREAT last week! Each outfit looks perfect for your listed daily activities!

Slastena said...

Dina -too funny!We are connected for sure.:) And you look amazing in each one of your pretty outfits. I love how you ALWAYS so put together and polished. I know for sure how diffcult it is with 2 small children, so kudos to Super Mommy. Beautiful pics, Dina! My fave is {of course}Plaid Science one, love the heels with it.:))

Real Working Mom of OC said...

So glad to know my kids aren't the only ones poorly behaved in church!! Most of the time, it seems like it, though!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute in all these outfits. Love all the florals. And the kids are just so adorable as always. I see miss CW turning into a very fashionable young lady.

Elaine said...

Oh, my goodness. CW is looking extra adorable in these pictures. And you are looking extra chic! :)

Summerilla said...

Oh look at all the pretty clothes, you look lovely in everything. And of course CW and Rex are always nice little add ins to your pictures, such cuties!!

amy kelinda said...

I love the pants you're wearing in your Wednesday outfit! You really look awesome in those "skimmer" cut pants!

kater said...

Love the outfits dina!

this is totally off topic, but I wasn't sure where to put it and since you're the resident boden expert - so here goes: do returns to boden take as long as the shipping does to receive the merchandise? I used their return label to send some stuff back two weeks ago and haven't heard a peep. I'm wondering if I should be concerned, or if this lag is just par for the course...