Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Oh, my goodness, you all. I took a chance on going to a local Target this morning thinking that *maybe, just maybe* they would have put out some of the Liberty of London items early. (I took that chance because I heard rumors that some folks had seen and bought some items at their stores as early as this last weekend--which, btw, is a full week early.)

As I walk in and look around, I see no Liberty of London items...except a pair of little girl's flip-flops. Exuberant, I think, "Well, at least I have found one item, perfect for CW eventually (a little big yet for her to wear this summer)."

Yes, my pretty, I do want you.

And, then, like an oasis, I saw it...the gleaming stainless steel hanging rod of beauty...two WHOLE racks of Liberty of London clothing, just waiting for me to touch, and peruse, and better yet, try on...

I took the items I liked in both size smalls and mediums, but because I was with the kids, I had to do the whole "try on over my tank" thing at a mirror outside of the changing rooms. Turns out in most of the items I wear a small, except for the halter tops, which I had to get in a medium.

Above is the polyvore of the items that I clipped from my Only for Polyvore, Peeps blog. Check out that link if you want to see the items close-up for yourself.

If you click on the polyvore, you will see info on the items, plus if you are a polyvore addict, and DO NOT LIKE the images (they are odd and not easy to use in sets), you can take my clipped images if you would like for future use.

I promise to get to comments in the last few posts, especially for all of you who WANT. TO. KNOW. MORE. ABOUT. MY. HAIR. ;)

I also promise to get photos of me in these items...soon!!! (Just have to wait till the kids take a nap to do so!)


amy kelinda said...

Lucky you!!! I went to BOTH of my Targets yesterday and no luck! I can't wait to see that little jacket on you! EEEE!

Cate said...

Ooooh so lucky! I was at Target yesterday and didn't see the line- I'm planning on waking up early on sunday to hopefully snag a couple things online! Can't wait to see IRL pics!

LT said...

Now I'm going to have to head to Target right after work :) thanks for teh heads up!!

Kristin said...

You are so lucky! I just got back from one Target. They had ladies sundresses, ladies swim, toddler girls swim, and toddler girls outfits. I'm dying to see shirts for me and my older girls. And housewares. I'm hitting another one this afternoon. I will find you Liberty, I will!!

AppGal said...

Excuse me for a moment while I sob:


Okay. I'm uber-jealous. I'm pretty sure I won't get my little hands on any of this stuff since I don't live near a Target. I want to think I can snag it online, but I'm not getting my hopes up. These things are too cute. Did you see the shift dress in the sunflower print? Were there any other dresses or skirts? What about the teapot/mugs? Ahh I want to see them so bad!

Can't wait to see IRL pics :)

Summerilla said...

MEGA SCORE FOR MRS.DINA! When I read this post I thought "I bet I know what Target she went to and I bet I know which Target I'm visiting after work" haha. The clothes are so cute, the dresses are my favorite.

Do you know if they had the homegoods out? I really want the tea pot and tea cups they have on the commercials.

Heather said...

Okay, I just *literally* swooned! ;) I am SO going to Target tonight. Heck, maybe even three Targets tonight. I'm planning a full-on Liberty attack. Thanks for letting us know we may not have to wait for Sunday!

Sweet Tea in Seattle said...

I can't wait for this release! I've also found a few things out early - I bought a dress on Saturday and this morning found a swimsuit that I'm about to run back and buy! I have a post all ready to go for tomorrow :) Thank you for sharing your finds!!

Sweet Tea in Seattle said...

Dina I just went back to buy the swimsuit I saw this morning and all the Liberty of London had been removed from the fixture! I'm guessing they were told to get it off the floor... and the same thing may be happening at other Targets. Looks like they're serious about the launch date and are going to make us wait!

Debye said...

Great loot. I especially love that jacket, can't wait to see if my store has them

dinagideon said...

Hi, everyone. This was such a fun day getting to put up the photos of the new stuff plus being able to try them on for you all. :) I CANNOT WAIT to see what these pieces look like on others!

I am still on the hunt for one dress (maybe two), a couple of bags, and a few little girls' pieces. Wish me luck!

AppGal: What size are you and what are you looking for? Maybe we could work something out?

Summerilla: I wasn't looking for homegoods, but I have seen them in the ads and they are darling. As far as I can tell, I got the first bits of the rollout! (yay!)

Sweet Tea: Between you and me, we will own the entire line I bet! heehee. :)

HeidiG said...

I try on over my tank even when I'm not shopping with my kids - it's my #1 shopping rule - always wear a cami or tank so you can try stuff on! :)

LoL - yay!!!