Monday, March 15, 2010

Liberty of London for Target Decorative Pillow Giveaway!!!

Well, look at that! Sometime over the weekend, I gained my 173rd follower, a certain Whitney and the Preppy Puppy...and I love the #73, so I felt that the time was right to have a giveaway. (Yes, I am sort of weirdly superstitious like that...)

I sort of knew that I was on the brink of getting #173, so I looked all over the Target nearest me for some sort of Liberty of London for Target item that I could give away that also was not dependent on size...

And then I saw it...the pillow. It is colorful, flowery, soft, and sweet...sort of like how I want my blog to be. :)

So, if you want to be entered into this giveaway, you need to do four things...(please):

1. You don't *have* to be a follower, but it sure would be nice to be a little bit closer to 200. ;) So if you have not yet become a follower, but know that it is something you *may* want to do...I won't say "no." (I would most likely go whoo-hoo, which is what I do every time one of you awesome blog friends decides to make our friendship "official.") (I don't cry when I lose a follower, I just sort am like, "huh?")

2. Leave your e-mail...this way I can easily contact you and you don't have to be sitting next to your blog reader waiting with bated breath thinking, "Am I the winner?"

3. PROMISE ME (hand on heart, you all) that you will NOT re-sell this pillow. It is currently sold-out on-line, and I know it could make some money, but come on, that's just wrong and totally not in the spirit of this giveaway! In fact, to show me that you won't re-sell it...mention where you think you would put this pillow (even if it is only for your dog's bed or your car...fine, fine, don't care...just no re-selling).

4. If you are a fan of the Liberty of London for Target line, could you put in your comment which item you LOVED the most? That would be great! If you didn't love the line, then I am not sure why you would want a pillow, but just go ahead and tell me something else from Target that you heart!

Sample Comment:

I am a follower (and have been since day 1), my e-mail is dinagideon AT aim DOT com, I could NEVER re-sell this pillow because my kitty-cat needs it for his cat play place, and my fave item from the Liberty of London for Target line is the turquoise Isis halter top.

You have till Sunday, March 21st, at midnight Eastern Time. Monday, March 22nd will be when I announce the winner! :) Enjoy! (AND THANK YOU FOR keeping on keeping on with me!)


JulieStyles said...

Ok, I'll go first. I already follow and adore your blog, plus I'm a PV pal. Not sure when I started following-I'm kind of new to the blog world, but I have quickly gotten addicted to reading about what my cyber "friends" are up to. The Liberty purchase that worked best for me is the Black and White Floral Tunic/Cover Up and several small picture frames as gifts for clients. The pillow in your contest would match the burgundy couch in my living room or it might go on the couch on our patio. (No cats here.) Email:

Anonymous said...

Dear Dina:
I am already a follower of your blog for a while. I promise that if I happen to be the lucky winner of this fabulous pillow, I would never re-sell it as I am thinking about sleeping in it like the princess I am.
Thank you for such an awesome giveway,

Lola, the chihuahua... (since I do not have an email, I am leaving mommy's carrascora at gmail dot com)

kater said...

I heart this pillow! I am a longtime follower, and would never ever ever resell any LoL. I went to 5 targets yesterday (yes I have a sickness) and although I did well on the clothes front, found NONE of the housewares. So this pillow would help cure my bummed-outedness. It would be a lovely shot of color on my all white bed.

And my fave pieces so far are:
- clothes - the peacock print swimsuit. It is TDF

- housewares - now I haven't seen any of it IRL, but I honestly was in love with this pillow when I saw it online and the small canister in the nearly identical print.

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

kcost17 said...

Hi there-
my email is

My favorite Liberty of London item is the cruiser bike!

Heather said...

My email is and I would put the pillow on my comfy Ikea chair I use for reading. :)

My favorite piece so far is the cotton shift dress in pink but I'm still waiting on a bunch of other clothes to show up so we shall see if that stays my favorite!

Peggy said...

Yeah! A giveaway - fun! And for LOL none-the-less! I am already a follower and I am happy I found your blog - it is lovely! I promise I would not resell this pillow and if I win it, I will save it for the crowning pillow in my remodeled livingroom that will have white/creme slipcovered couches. My email is peghindsATgmailDOTcom. My fav LOL piece is a toss-up: the Isis Tiered Dress and the Sixty Print Ruffle Top and my Poppy Pink practical wallet!

Pamela said...

Oh, I cannot think of just one fav item! I'll say the Isis peacock top only bc it's the first item I'll be wearing out in public. I would never ever resell a giveaway item yet a LoL item! I think I could use this pillow as an accent pillow in my bedroom. Oh, and I'm a loyal follower:-)


ifky12 said...

Hi! I am a follower and love,love,love your blog! This pillow would be absolutely lovely in my sweet little daughter's room. She currently has to share a room with her brother, so I've been trying to find things to "girlify" her side! My favorite Liberty items so far have been the pieced scarf in Jeffs Leaf Blue, and the ruffle neck halter top in PInk Dunclare. My email is


Julie said...

Hi Dina,
I'm not technically a follower but you are on my list of favorite places online! My e-mail is I have bought a few items here and there because of you! My favorite LOL Target purchase is the peacock one-piece swimsuit. I swear I would not resale the pillow. The pillow will be put on my daughter's bed, she too loves the LOL prints! :)

Em said...

Ok so I don't want to be in the giveaway because I already bought everything I want from the Liberty of London line... but after reading your post, I looked on ebay. Wow, I can't believe how many people bought up tons of stuff just to resell it. That really makes me mad!

Jenny K. said...

I am not an official follower, but I drop by every week or so. I would never re-sell this pillow, because it is too pretty and would be perfect on my chocolate brown leather couch that currently has NO pillows on it. :) My favorite Liberty pieces are the Isis print ruffle halter and bathing suit (the two pieces I bought).


starla729 said...

First off Dina, you are too generous!
I am a follower - have been for a little while. I don't always comment but I love reading your posts - so keep it up. I love your use of color! You inspire me to wear more... anyway my email is starla729 at yahoo dot com and I would never resell this pillow because it would be a slash of color my living room needs. My favorite item from the Liberty of London for Target line is the Ruffle Neck Top - Pink Dunclare Print.

misslily said...

(1)Awesome giveaways always bring me out of lurkdom.(2) I'm uncomfortable posting my email address - any way I can get it to you privately or am I disqualified? :-/ (3) i would never re-sell the pillow because setting up a little LoL haven for myself is the only thing keeping me going right now. It's been a tough year - downsized, had to sell my car and move in with a roommate. Said roommate has asked me to leave because I complained too many times about the fact that his girlfriend was at our place 6 nights a week. Had a hateful weekend looking at apartments/roommates, thus missing the Sunday LoL launch date! Mapped out a route (via bus) to hit several inconveniently located target stores today. The first store had a fire!!! I had to leave my full shopping cart unattended and vacate the store! Turned out to be a false alarm and happily, we were all given $5 off coupons. Second store was decent too. Soooooo wanted to buy the chair in the sixty print, but couldn't see myself toting it around the city on the bus. My shopping trip was cut short when my boss called and asked me to come in to the office to put out a fire. Notice a theme here? Dealt with the irrate customer and then had to wait until after work hours to hit my 3rd target store for the day. I'm reading your blog on my BlackBerry while on my 8th bus of the day - finally making my way home - 4 bags and 15 items later...including a lampshade in the sixty print I managed to score and lug home. The lampshade (and hopefully the pillow) will be for my NEW bedroom wherever I end up living... (4) favorite item? Gosh so tough. I REALLY wanted that chair and some housewares...and the adorable wellies I managed to find in my size... but had to pass because I couldn't carry them. Loved the halter maxi dress in the isis print - truly a stunning piece, but my DD girls were overexposed in it. I thought the coat in the yellow dunclare print was the most beautifully constructed piece of the whole line. I was sooooo tempted, but the color did nothing for me. Of what I got, I think I like the ruffle keyhole blouse (got both the sixty and the fairfield prints) and the ruffle halter (got both the sixty and the martha grace print)...but I DO love the cotton chemise (nightie) I plan to wear as a dress...oh! and my adorable wallet. I can't decide :-)

Anonymous said...

I am a follower. My Email is I could never sell this pillow because I could never replace it. My favorite LOL items is the teapot.

green_dino said...

Long time follower through JCA but maybe first time commenting. I stayed up on Sat night until the LOL line hit the Target website then drove to 3 diff targets around me. My favorite is the shift dresses that I ordered online when they restocked! The pillow is super cute.

The Outfit of the day said...

I am an old follower since ....hmmm I think early 2009, my e-mail is, I could NEVER re-sell this pillow because it'll go so well with my new decorations items that I purchased to my new house.

tastymoog said...

oh, my man put his foot down with the decorative pillows, so it would be nice to win one. ;) I absolutely would not resell it!

I'm a follower, my email is listed at the top of my blog. :)

My favorite LOL item has been the garla red tie. The color and pattern is great, and it's going to work with so many items in my wardrobe.

Jerry Gideon said...


If you are looking for numbers maybe I can get your brother to log on as a follower. Your group could use another male. ;)



Summerilla said...

Oh Oh Oh sign me up! I'm a follower, of course and I would NEVER sell it on ebay. I didn't get anything from the collection. The thing I love and wanted the most was the teapot, maybe I'll get lucky and find one in a store soon.

P.S. I love your dads comment! :)

CT Cupcake said...

I am a follower and I loved many things from the liberty of london target line-the peacock top and 2 tier flowered platter most of all. I will not be selling the pillow b/c it perfectly matches my duvet cover(on my bed the dog loves to sleep on)
email is

amy kelinda said...

I'm already a follower and adore your blog! My email is amy.kelinda AT gmail DOT com.

I would use this pillow to decorate my future apartment! I'm planning to move out this fall (finally!!!) and am slowly collecting things that I think I'd love for my new place.

Lauren H said...

Dina, I became a follower today even though I have been reading your blog for what seems like forever. I'm just decidedly lazy and for some reason thought just popping onto your site everyday was easier.

Hmmm....I think my favorite Liberty purchase is the floral on cream background dress I bought (the one with the ruffle on top and halter tie). I also bought a girl's XL dress but the straps look awkward on me. Anywho, I promise not to re-sell the pillow - it will be perfect for redecorating b/c we're moving this summer!

laurenhiggs (at)

Ann said...

I am a follower! I wanted a pillow but my Target didn't have I would not part with this if I should win--it will probably go in my sunroom. My favorite item (that I didn't get): black floral melamine serving tray; I saw it in someone's cart but couldn't find them anywhere in the store. Favorite item that I did get: the ruffle tunic top you got! annfbraham (at) gmail (dot) com

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Dina, I am honored to be follower 173. :-) I would never re-sell this pillow because that's just downright disrespectful. I was shocked to see how much people were listing some of the Target items form. My favorite item I saw at the store was the watering can. I just know my flowers will bloom extra big since they're being watered by a lovely flowerd watering can.
pinkandgreenpup AT gmail DOT com

jcrewphd said...

I'm already a follower and thanks for the RL pics of LoL items!
I'd love to put this pillow to use in our family room couch since it will go perfectly with it.
Though it's hard to choose my favorite piece has been the peacock print halter top and piggy bank. ;-) Oh, and I absolutely adore the toddler girl's dresses and swimsuits... so cute!

jcrewphd at gmail dot com

Suzy said...

Hi Dina!
Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win the LofL pillow from Target. I am bummed that I did not get to check these items out personally, and I am sure they will all be sold out by the time I get back to the USA. The only items I have seen were in your first post, and I thought the two tops, and coat were especially pretty.

I would never ever sell it this if I won, cross my heart!

Take care!
bichonluvr42005 at yahoo dot com

Annie said...

I just became a follower and I am really enjoying your blog! I love love the peacock swimsuit from the Liberty line. If I win this pillow I promise not to resell it and use it as a study break pillow because it's so lovely!

thanks so much!

anniequach25 at yahoo dot com

The Chic Chauffeur said...

Hi Dina.... I don't want to enter, but I do adore your blog. I just don't have a spot for this darling pilow, so I"ll let others have a chance at it! I simply must chime in, however, on the LoL stuff! I have read along with all my favorite blogs, and thought, hmmm, those are cute enough, but not sure if they are for me.....

Oh my goodness. I was nosing around Target tonight, and decided to see what all the fuss was about? Would we even have any products left?? Lo and behold! Kansas is still LoL mecca! And I LOVE everything I tried on. I bought the pink blouse, the ruffle top blouse and a very cute red, white & blue print dress that has a ribbon belt. AND a wallet! I love them all. So glad I drank the Kool-aid!!!

Thanks for all your posts! You definitely converted me (don't tell my priest!!)

Kimber said...

I am a follower of your blog. I promise to never re-sell it because it will look too beautiful in my home.

I have to say I love the peacock onepiece swimsuit.

My email is kosmon12 at yahoo dot com

Isabelle R said...

Dear Dina, you do not need to enter me in the giveaway: I live in Switzerland and I'm sure the import taxes would be just miserable. However, I love your blog and started following today. I am also a mom of two and I am bummed that I cannot buy Liberty at Target.
If you are interested, check out my new blog It is about the magic in every day life, in which I include fashion, especially J Crew. I am just getting going and have one follower (Yay! We have to celebrate these incremental successes). You have been quite inspirational to me.

mom mom J said...

Hi! I am one of the new kids on the block!! I love this pillow and would not ever sell it! Why would I when I need it so desperately to finish off my guest room decor. My favorite Liberty is the fabulous floral key-hole top. My email is Thanks so much for this terrific giveaway! So glad I found your blog! Have a wonderful day!!

christine said...

I just found your blog and started following. I've been stalking my local Target stores for about a week trying to get my hands on some LoL goods. Some of our stores started putting out clothing/accessories on Saturday and when I went back on Sunday morning, I was happy to see the housewares. I bought what my budget allows, but am hoping to get some more goodies before it's all sold out. I wouldn't dream of reselling the pillow! I've got the perfect hand-me-down, bright yellow chair for that pillow!

Picking a favorite from the line is pretty much impossible, but the Sixty print teapot is definitely on the top of my list.

Email is christine(at)maketulsa(dot)com

Cleo said...

Dina, i am already a follower. I won't resell this pillow because then my little guys, Ginger and Pepper, won't have anything to cuddle against on the coach.

I'm such a fan of the Liberty print that i was waiting with baited breath for the site to update at some very early hour then headed over to two stores looking for chairs. My favorite pieces are the floral dress and the men's shirt, which i plan to sleep in. :)

cleo26p at gmail

Desert Flower said...

I am a new follower but your blog has been in my regular daily read list for ages. I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of the Liberty of London yellow shift dress, which I hope will fit perfectly and become my favorite item. The pillow would look perfect on my bed and coordinate with my bedding and I would never ever sell it because I think its bad karma!! My email is

P.S. I am charmed by your dad's comment, very sweet :)

HeidiG said...

I know you've got my email. :)

What do I love the most? Hard to say. I love the tankini I got. I love the candles. I'm loving my clipboard/portfolio. And I can't wait to start burning my candles. But bottom fave is the cute things that I got for E.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am Maggie I am 10,I look at your blog with my mom quite a lot but I was not "Officially" a follower myself then,but now I am.I saw this pillow at Target and I thought it was so soft!! I would never re-sell and I would use it for my room that is being "remodeled". I am so happy that you are doing this give away!! :) I LOVE Liberty of London and My fave thing is the Flip flops. And i was so excited when i got a pair in my size! Thank again for the awesome giveaway!!
(I almost forgot) To contact me email me at Ca Freckle Face @ Gmail dot com.

Dominique said...

I am a follower (but I don't remember when I joined), my e-mail is dominiqueshops AT gmail DOT com, I could NEVER re-sell this pillow because (1) it is fricken adorable (2) I really wanted some pillows from LOL but everything in my local store sold out in 3 seconds basically (3) it would look perfect in my office. My favorite item from the LOL rollout is either the turnlock wallet or the rainboots!

Thanks for the super sweet giveaway & enjoy Las Vegas!