Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pink Times Two plus a Swan Butt Outing...

Hi, all! Quick outfits post today. :)

First up is the outfit we (you'll see what I mean) wore on Friday. I had a meeting at the school where I will be teaching an 8-day course in style to 3rd, 4th, and 5th-graders. :) Yes, you read that right, I have decided to bite the bullet and turn my passion for fashion into a course for little ones. I really feel strongly about teaching kids how to dress well and appropriately (you should see what kids in middle school wear--yowza), and the earlier you can help them discover a sense of self through their clothing (it isn't nearly as vacuous as it sounds), the better off they will be by the time their peers start wearing gang clothing or really short skirts. I can't say that they won't turn to the dark side, but maybe one or two of the kids in this class will keep what they learned! I am super-excited about it, and I have a lot of really neat ideas and teaching tools (including every one's favorite paper doll site, Polyvore) ready to go. Wish me luck. One week from tomorrow I start, so I will keep you updated on how well it goes. :)

Speaking of polyvore, above is the "pretty in pink" set that baby CW and I wore on Friday. Slastena wrote an incredibly moving post on her mother's passing ten years ago from breast cancer, and she asked all of us out in blogland to wear pink. Since I hadn't chosen my outfit yet, and knew that I could very easily find pink in my closet, I said "yes, absolutely!" Well, I picked out the button-down first, and then remembered that I had bought CW the dress in the same pattern and that she *might* just fit into it (size 2 crewcuts). Well, she did, and two outfits were born. :)

Size Petite 8. Love that it doesn't hit too low on my hip. That is why I buy petite that they hit higher on my hips.
Pants: Size 30 Short. Love the brown with the pink, really pretty neutral/bright combo.
Boots: Size 9.5. The metropolitan boots are way more comfortable when you aren't running around a mall for two hours straight. LOL. :)

My goodness, my hair looks dark here. It isn't that dark in real life, but the combo of lighting plus really pale face plus bright shirt makes it look dark. I do like my hair like this, but ladies, I WILL never go dark. It just isn't me. ;)

Okay, on Thursday night (the night before the pretty in pink outfit), we all went to Moe's and to Borders Book Store. I decided the swan butt skirt needed to come out and play...

Top: Size small. I am amazed at how much I wear this top. I think I have worn it four times, which in four months is pretty good. I am definitely getting my money's worth from this one.
Skirt: Size medium. I have it in a large, too, but I am saving that one for summer when I don't wear tights and need a bit more coverage (if you know what I mean).
Tights: Size medium-tall.
Shoes: Size 10.

Jacket: Size 4. The is the J. Crew Collection tweed contessa coat. I think what makes it "collection" worthy is the embellishment at the collar. One of the beads is hanging on by a thread, but considering I got it for over 160 dollars off its original price of 250 dollars, I think I can manage to sew a bead back on...

All right, have a great day. Maybe I can get a review of some of the current button-downs written soon. :)