Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Date Night!!!

Okay, so I covered going out with the gals last night, and today I am going to show an outfit I wore on one of my dates with my husband (there are not many of those anymore)!

Above is the polyvore of this outfit. It turned out to be more comfortable that you would imagine. So, you go, J. Crew...I feel they have been churning out more "dressy" comfortable clothes than not in the past half a year or so...

Size 8. This is the tweed Contessa dress and while shorter, it is still a flattering length on most. I think, though, if you are taller than 5'9" or so, you may have to find a way to take the hem down a bit.
Cardigan: Size Small. This is the trifle cardigan in plum. What an amazing color. I have buttoned it up for this photo. It can be worn opened, but some of you may not like a "unique" feature that this cardigan has (see the next photo for more).
Shoes: Size 9.5. Hey! I have pulled the Alecias out for another run...

Why is CW so somber? Did she want sushi, too?

Belt: Size small. Skinny belt from last year, in silver.

The necklace and the bracelet are the Tangled Treasure and I find that I wear these a lot more than one would think for such "funky" jewelry.

See what I was saying about the Trifle cardigan's uniqueness? The ruffle goes all the way down on the right side, but stops halfway on the left side (or the side that hides under the placket when buttoned). I don't mind it, but I also own the tangled treasure necklace, so I know I have a fancy for the whimsical. :)

And here is the tweed Contessa, without the cardigan. I love that it has pockets. Just a great place for putting your hands (does anyone else have problems finding what to do with wayward limbs?).

It was a great night, btw. Mr. Dina brought me to a yummy sushi restaurant in Ballston Mall (Arlington, VA) and we definitely splurged...I had an amazing Bento box full of goodies and Mr. Dina had one of those crazy rolls with cheese and tuna and salmon and avocados, etc.

Talk with you all soon. Have a great Tuesday!