Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Dream Realized and Two Weekend Outfits...

You all remember this post, right? This was when I officially admitted to my love of things Liberty (of London) and begged and pleaded that someone, anyone out there help me find a blouse that had (sadly) gotten away from me.

Since then, and with multiple posts on the weekly exchange "Looking to Find" on the Mothership, I have had TWO separate success stories with this blouse.

1. I have a saved search on ebay called "J. Crew Liberty." Whenever anything at all with this in the title is put up for auction, I get an e-mail. For a few months, nada, although there are a lot of very nice Liberty blouses and skirts, etc. that people are willing to sell. I also have a saved search called "J. Crew Laura," as this blouse is a "Laura Femme Fit." This is how I scored! The ebay seller knew it was a J. Crew blouse, and knew it was a Laura blouse, but did NOT know that it was Liberty. Only problem? It was a size 0. Eeek! Well, I know I have been losing some weight, and I do like this blouse as an option to wear over tanks, so I thought, "I'm going for it." I e-mailed her and the seller said she would do a buy it now. I ended up being super-excited to get it! YAY! It came in the mail, and I was shocked to see that the shoulders fit PERFECTLY and the waist fit. WOW! Then the kicker came, the bust and hips...nope, no way, no how. That was okay, as I knew I could just do the "over the tank" deal, and it would be all fine.

Then I had an idea. I checked out Ema's blog, and remembered she had worn this way back in March of 2009, and I saw that the blouse fit her a bit big, as it was a 6. I thought, "let's see if Ema wants to trade." Then I saw she would be out of town for her hubby's bday, so I put off asking her about it until this week.

2. Fast forward to the second part of this story. Ema INDEPENDENTLY e-mails me and asks me if I would like to buy the blouse this week. I, of course, said yes, but told her what I had been thinking just. last. week. Yep. Perfect timing much? She was not interested in a trade (totally fine with that, btw), but I just loved how it all came together so very nicely. I love my blog friends.

3. On that note, I now have a GORGEOUS, still NWT (a line through the tag prevents store returns), size 0 (ZERO) Laura Femme Fit Blouse in the beautiful Liberty Print from January 2008. It originally cost nearly 100 dollars, but I will sell it for $72, if anyone is interested. :)

And here we are:
Size 6. See the story above for more on that.
Pants: Size 8. Grey J. Crew Minnies.
Shoes: Size 10.

Wore the entire outfit to church. Very comfy, yet very nicely put together. BTW, baby CW is not crying because she doesn't like the blouse (no, she loves the "fworers"), but rather because i dared to put her down to take the photo. Toddlers! ;)

Okay, onto a much, much more somber outfit.
Size Small. Silk-Linen V-Neck Sweater by J. Crew. Love these as basic staples in a wardrobe. Definitely not my typical colorful tops, etc., but still very necessary, and often I am glad that I have them around.
Pants: Size 8. Super 120s Trouser in black. These fit tight. Very very true to size. I had to wear Spanx. They look good, though, so I'll keep 'em. Weird thing--they were more comfy when I was SITTING!
Shoes: Size 10. These are some Cole Haan lovelies. Again, a very nice, basic nude mid-heel. Definitely a necessity in any closet.

The necklaces are the Crystal Colettos. I am wearing two of them together, a lilac one and a muted green (petrol) color.

This is a somber outfit because my best friend's (from high school) dad passed away last week and tonight was the wake. I took a photo of the outfit because I know that fashion has to extend to our sad moments, too. Please pray for my friend and his family. They are doing incredibly well considering, but I just know there is an incredible amount of pain right now for them.

Talk with you all tomorrow for the next installment of Mommy Style Monday.