Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ruth Barzel Jewelry--My Summer Picks!!!

Yay! I finally have a few spare moments to spend on my blog! :)

And with these few moments, I want to take you back to last week when I introduced you to the awesome Ruth Barzel, who is an AMAZING jewelry designer who lives in this area and I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing through my (other) job as a swim coach.

Her collection is vast and comprehensive, and I do want you to check it all out, but I feel like with summer upon us (90 degrees today here in DC with a dew point hovering in the upper 60s equals HEAT and HUMIDITY), it is best for me to highlight some beautiful pieces from her collection for showing off that (hopefully fake) tan.

Above is a collage I created of my picks for summer from her collection.
From Left to Right and Top to Bottom they are:
1. "Heartbreaker" short gold-filled pendant with cz and charms. What can I say? I am a sucker for all things nautical during the summer and this shorter necklace with a starfish definitely would have me feeling "ship-shape!" ;)
2. "Heartbreaker" long sterling silver pendant with cz and charms. Ditto to the statement I said in number one, except add to that some length (this is a long necklace) and replace the five-armed underwater creature with one that has no arms (a seahorse).
3. "Soulmate" gold-filled 4-strand bracelet. Honestly, this gorgeous bracelet could easily transition to fall and winter, but I see it with a white tank and denim bermudas as a perfect "fun in the sun" accessory.
4. "Trend-setter" silver bracelet with gray mother of pearl. I find this to be utterly stunning. The larger chunks of mother of pearl are really quite spectacular and would be the right counterpart to sun-kissed skin. I would be surprised if Ruth doesn't sell out of these bracelets.
5. "Glamour girl" gold-filled earrings with hot pink jade. This summer, J. Crew has really piled on the brighter shades of lavender and purple, and even though this is called "hot pink" jade, I believe it would do quite well with the hues that are everywhere already in our clothing. (Jaipur skirt or blouse, anyone???)
6. "Glamour girl" gold-filled earrings with blue chalcedony. I picked these as I thought the color of these blue earrings were just perfection for the months of June, July, and August, and it turns out I am in great company. My blog friend, Ginger Girl, had bought these same exact earrings last week (she had told me, but I had forgotten which ones), so when I saw her post this morning where she is wearing them, I *knew* my last choice was a good one. Don't they look just marvelous on her???

Remember, Ruth Barzel has offered all readers of this blog a 15% discount if you use the code "SUPER" during checkout. Shipping is always free. :) Have a great, super-sparkly day!