Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crystal Cardigan IRL (Casual, Easygoing Style)!

Crystal Cardigan and Stripes!Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Crystal Cardigan and Stripes! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Above is the outfit that I wore the day before we went to NYC. This was the same day that I had about a billion things to do, but because I knew I was going to Mint Condition to drop off some of my clothes for resale, I couldn't just show up in yoga pants (LOL). :) I figured this outfit was a nice mix of casual plus a bit of style and a bit of comfort.

If you would like to see any of these pieces closer, click on the polyvore, and then click on the individual items. The sandals are definitely still for sale, but the rest of the items are probably only on a popback basis only.

Size Small. I really don't know how J. Crew could justify trying to sell this (nylon) cardigan for over 100 dollars. Really? It is very pretty and I love the name (Crystal Cardigan) but come on now! That is a lot of money for something that could snag if you are not careful (think of your nylons and you will get an image of how delicate this cardigan is). I saw it at the Clearance center, and *almost* got it for 40, which is far more reasonable, but the two they had already were showing signs of small snags. I waited until the cardigan went on sale on-line and got it whenever they last had an extra20 off. It came in perfect condition, and I must say, it does a nice job of dressing up a fairly casual outfit.
Top: Size Small. This is from last spring and I had to get it altered as the straps are very long and if I were to wear it as it was originally, there would be a lot of decolletage on display (and since I have very little to show off, it would just look kind of sad). :)
Pants: Size 29. These are just crazy. Bought on sale from Anthropologie, the Pilcro Low Rise Slim Straight runs REALLY big. I read that you should size down at least one size, if not two. They weren't kidding. I think I should have sized down to a size 28 because by the end of the day I was hitching up the waistband. Other than it being a bit big, these are crazy comfortable and very nice looking jeans.
Shoes: Size 9.5. These are from Rachel Roy and are called the Sian. They are very edgy for me. I thought well I will give them a try and it turns out that I do like them a lot. This is an example of stepping out of your comfort zone and finding it suits you. (Can't say that for every time I have tried it, but it worked here.) I sized down, but because it has ankle holders, and I must have one ankle that is bigger than the other (weird, right?), I had to place TWO shoe pad thingies into the ankle portion to keep one of my ankles secured. (My right ankle is the skinny one.) After I did that, the shoes were perfect.

By the way, I took this photo of myself. I have found the perfect way of placing my smaller camera (the Olympus, not the huge Nikon) in a bowl (full of toys) and putting the timer on...and voila, perfect self-potraits! No more badly focused mirror shots for this lady!

Sorry for the wait on this outfit (and the many more to come), but I have "themed" posts upcoming--NYC outfits, Mommy Style Monday #6 (going out with the gals edition), and a Summer Dress Extravaganza--so I haven't really had a ton to work with. :)

Have a great day!